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#dontbuythesun why not back @StopFundingHate instead - 100 backers on day 1 - @crowdfunderuk.

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@simonkidwell @GrahamFrost1 Rumours of Liverpool but I think BJ will avoid that if he can. #dontbuythesun.

I am way too invested in this #WagathaChristie story. It has everything. Also, #DontBuyTheSun.

#dontbuythesun why not back @StopFundingHate instead - 100 backers on day 1 - @crowdfunderuk.

Coleen Rooney has taken on the invasive reporting of The Sun. What she did was just brilliant. But it also showed exactly what we are up against with the UK establishment media now Boris Johnson is Prime Minister #DontBuyTheSun.

Must be strange for @TheSun to come into contact with something close to investigative #vardygate #DontBuyTheSun.

Never heard a media outlet chat so much shit like the Sun does 😭🤣 #dontbuythesun.

#dontbuythesun Fuck off,If you didn’t stop buying it after the Hillsborough disaster and now want a campaign against it due to 2 footballers wives,your as bad as they are!!!.

Im surprised people still Child hacking, life hacking, phone hacking, royal hacking absolute RAG of a paper. Gutter trash. #dontbuythesun.

Hope ITV bite the bullet and commission a new detective series titled Wagnet starring Coleen Rooney. #dontbuythesun.

i saw all these #dontbuythesun tags and it took me a solid 10 minutes to realise that there wasnt some sorta battle for who has the rights to solar powar or something.

😆😆 Just seen this, vardy seems to be a wee rat, even worse, a wee rat that supplies the sun with its shite #dontbuythesun.

Their lies in Hillsborough, their hypocrisy of different headlines for different places, and their owner Mr Murdoch are all the reason why you #dontbuythesun.

Now why would #DontBuyTheSun be We agree, it is Tory butt-licking nothing but.

The Sun is online everywhere, dont click on it, its just as bad as buying it #dontbuythesun.

Middle class lefties outraged (again) on twitter (again) getting #dontbuythesun trending (again) how original. The thing is The Sun is the best selling working class newspapers in the Uk. #DoBuyTheSun 👍 @TheSun.

One of those 🍿🍿🍿Twitter #dontbuythesun Coleen Rooney accuses Rebekah Vardy of leaking stories about her to The Sun.

If you needed to learn #dontbuythesun from Colleen Rooney you need your head felt.

@jonesgarethp #dontbuythesun has been a thing for a while - it gets highlighted by things like those though..

@hackinginquiry @FunSoph Or a huge lawsuit from the Royals, one which will be big enough break them #dontbuythesun.

@LA_YNWA Wirral completely agree with our Scouse cousins. #dontbuythesun #jft96.

Twitter moment of 2019 this🤣🤣 #WagathaChristie #dontbuythesun.

This is one hashtag I will happily retweet👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼scummy newspaper #dontbuythesun.

Looking for tips on keeping warm this winter? Option 1: #dontbuythesun take out one of our boiler & central heating plans. Option 2: #buythesun - burn it and keep yourself warm. Oh and a £50 voucher in your back pocket using this link:.

I hope whoever is next in power will bring #leveson2 in. And, as always, #dontbuythesun.

Following the Rebekah v Coleen #dontbuythesun is trending, do people really still read it? #neverboughtthesun , come on people, just stop it.

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