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Dowden claiming here that the govt cares so much about young children they are sending them to Rwanda..

There is a high risk on government phones, in respect of TikTok, there is then a further risk Cabinet Minister Oliver Dowden says the immediate ban of the Chinese-owned app from government phones was done on the balance of risks #BBCLauraK.

GB News
GB News

Grant Shapps use of TikTok defended by Cabinet Office minister despite Government ban.

Is this the same Oliver Dowden who once assured us that the Eton Mess would not be receiving a fine for attending illegal No 10 parties?.

@RhonddaBryant Liars liar is dowden a preening schoolboy caught with cigs in his blazer,the one you forget straightaway..

@RhonddaBryant DOWDEN - ANOTHER TORY LIAR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

Dowden Photo,Dowden Photo by Lord Parity-Warrior,Lord Parity-Warrior on twitter tweets Dowden Photo

@JohnFromAlba @OliverDowden Dowden is one of the worst. I remember him waffling on to Tim Devie about how many flags were on the page of the BBC Annual Report. Total wanker. And then then he read a speech from an Ironing board with a US flag visible in the window. Mick Lynch nailed him as a liar..

Home Secretary Suella Braverman visited Rwanda on the weekend.

Dowden: I Don’t Relish Rwanda Policy on a Personal Level.

Dowden Photo,Dowden Photo by Guido Fawkes,Guido Fawkes on twitter tweets Dowden Photo

📰 Boris Johnson Will Offer ‘Robust Defence’ as He Fights Partygate Claims Powered by.

@brokenbottleboy Dowden was the shithouse who hid behind the bigger lads exhorting them to put the boot in harder at school..

“Determined to stop this evil trafficking continuing” by continuing to evilly traffic desperate people to Rwanda. What a horrible little prick Dowden is. One of far, far too many..

@Haggis_UK The smug and obsequious Oliver Dowden. Bereft of any intelligent answers. @RishiSunak is accountable for this nonsense.

@Haggis_UK Oliver Dowden the only known human placenta to keep on living after it’s usefulness has passed..

@SaulStaniforth Imagine Dowden being right there ...... come this way, you can have a lovely shower whilst this little orchestra plays for .

@Haggis_UK Dowden does not grasp the context that a nurse who “works hard” will never get a million pound pension pot. Only high earners work hard on Planet Tory..

@andrewrawnsley The one bit of your article that troubles me, Andrew is that the commons need to ratify the findings & punishment of the committee. Surely the Tories will close ranks and dismiss it? Dowden says they’re not being whipped, but I don’t believe that for a second..

@Haggis_UK No matter how hard they work most people will NEVER have £1million in their pension pot. Dowden is suggesting Tory donors who are bankers, city traders etc work harder than welders or nurses etc. Dowden is terminally dense..

They are not Qualifications to be a Tory Not recognise the truth and spout dowden bile.

@bluemac1975 Spot on mate. A lot of NHS staff eat from food banks after a double shift. They have done on site. The Tories are detached from reality. Ask Dowden to do a week as a porter in Fazackerley Hospital or as an Ambulance driver. He wouldn’t last five mins..

hello @OliverDowden have you not heard @SuellaBraverman speak so eloquently about her dreams of sending migrants to #Rwanda or seen the relish on her face in media reports yesterday🤔.

@brokenbottleboy If you look up the definition of chinless wonder it fits Dowden quite well.

@ccc2252 Very poor journalism by #bbclaurak you have nailed Dowden if you had done the research into how many public sector employees had exceeded the LTA . Sloppy unprofessional and useless..

This simplistic, erroneous argument posited by #Dowden that working hard allows you to save for your retirement merely exemplifies that #Tories are for the wealthy. If only by working hard, it brought riches!.

#NHS #Industrialaction NHS pay rise may have to come from existing budget, says minister: Oliver Dowden says it will ‘won’t be easy’ to fund estimated £ offer for nurses and ambulance staff A breakthrough pay rise offer for nurses and ambulance….

@steketeh Apartheid: made in Britain: Richard Dowden explains how Churchill,.

@RhonddaBryant If you look very carefully, you can spot the telltale sign that Dowden is lying. His lips are moving..

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