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DeSean Jackson trying to quote Hitler: —Media silence —Players defend him —NFL silent —No apology Drew Brees stands up for the American Flag: —Media outraged —Players attack him —NFL condemns him —Forced to repeatedly apologize See the double standard here?

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TuttleSZN ()

Drew Brees: I stand for the flag Malcolm Jenkins: F you Drew Brees Desean Jackson: Quotes Hitler Malcolm Jenkins:

Alex ()

@easymoneydrob @PaulTweetz2Much Trump just said Joe Biden was the puppet of a jewish man and weirdly an awful lot of silence from the BLM is anti-semitic what about drew brees people

Pat Keller
Pat Keller ()

@ClayTravis Man I will never be able to forget what @MalcolmJenkins raced to say about Drew Brees. Arguably the best man, father, husband in the NFL. Mr Jenkins is such a soft soft dude!

Nel Dog the God
Nel Dog the God ()

@brackster81 He doesn’t like the new Eminem song where he says fuck Drew Brees, talks about George Floyd and goes off on people not wearing masks. The song is amazing

Complex Music
Complex Music ()

Eminem disses Drew Brees, raps about police brutality and COVID-19 on new Kid Cudi collab.

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Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk ()

DeSean Jackson trying to quote Hitler: —Media silence —Players defend him —NFL silent —No apology Drew Brees stands up for the American Flag: —Media outraged —Players attack him —NFL condemns him —Forced to repeatedly apologize See the double standard here?

izzi marino
Izzi marino ()

every day the nfl gives me another reason to give up. riley cooper, drew brees, antonio brown (x6), and now desean jackson? when can we just clone jj watt and not let anyone else play

Joe Doyle
Joe Doyle ()

@DeSeanJackson10 @AdamSchefter Lol drew brees says stand for the flag and gets cancelled. But desean does this and he’s forgivin right away?

Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner ()

Lastly; I understand the outrage by Brees comments bc it never was ab the flag. It was ab true equality Which I whole heartedly believe in. But for the same ppl to cancel Drew Brees when it’s ab them and accept Jax apology when it’s ab Jews is hypocrisy I cant wrap my head around

david rohrer
David rohrer ()

@tomecurran have any NFL players spoken out against DeSean Jackson like they did against Drew Brees?

Willie ()

@RapSheet Media was more harsh on drew Brees than desean Jackson remember that in November

E M Brody
E M Brody ()

@MichaelGRubin @DeSeanJackson10 That’s such BS. Drew Brees was raked over the coals for saying he “stands for the flag” and you’re taking a pass and rationalizing what were clearly racist, bigoted comments? You’re as much of a fraud as Jackson is.

Evan Heichelbech
Evan Heichelbech ()

Drew Brees’ receiver gets tackled in midair. No flag on the play

Ed Wuncler III
Ed Wuncler III ()

Bitch if that’s the case why she ain’t keep the same energy for drew brees?

Peter ()

@MichaelGRubin @DeSeanJackson10 The silence of NFL players denouncing his comments is deafening. But they quickly came out piling on Drew Brees who never quoted Adolf Hitler or made anti-Semitic remarks. The double standards is unreal. SMH

GeauxTiger ()

@DeSeanJackson10 @AdamSchefter This is complete BS. Why isnt he held to the same standard as drew brees? Drew brees was supporting something that unites us all.

Lucas ()

@ShannonSharpe At what point you guys gonna comment on desean Jackson because I know you have had no problem going after Drew

Michael Miles
Michael Miles ()

Another Player and big supporter of BLM, ENDORSING HITLER on his thoughts on black people being controlled by Jews and whites. Remember when Drew Brees was destroyed for saying kneeling is disrespectful? These idiots get to quote Hitler and nothing?

Patty62R ()

@thehill Apology to late, he needs to be fired. He is only sorry cause he got called on it. He really believes this or he would not have said it. Did I do this right Dems/progressives/liberals? Will he have to apologize 10 times like Drew Brees who actually was defending the US Flag.

Kanan Stark
Kanan Stark ()

@minakimes I can’t imagine you saying “I’d like to hear more from him on this” if it was nick bosa saying what djax said. We’re entering a time where it’s not allowed to even be critical of a brother? Drew brees didn’t even enter this territory I didn’t hear you asking for more from him.

John Doe
John Doe ()

@JuwanDeezNuts Facts Lol arod rwilson Lamar patty mcholmes drew brees dwatson Tom Brady wentz stafford Phillip rivers Matt Ryan cam

Alexledbetter15 ()

DeSean Jackson is facing less backlash for being openly anti-semitic and quoting someone he thought was Hitler than Drew Brees faced for saying he disagreed with people who knelt during the anthem.

Wink Travolta
Wink Travolta ()

@GlanceyTom @greg_price11 Tear down Drew Brees for honoring his grandpa and Mike Gundy for wearing a T-Shirt. Give Jackson a pass. Sounds about right.

Jalaluddin Akbar
Jalaluddin Akbar ()

@ProFootballTalk If this comes from Drew Brees there would have been a big ruckus by now. Sadly the minority card is working everywhere.

NFL da Decepção
NFL da Decepção ()

Existe uma pérola perdida do Big Ben Mil Grau, onde ele dá uma puta pistolada com o Drew Brees, horas antes da treta que tive com ele, quem viu, viu, quem não viu não vê mais

ErnieUCF ()

@minakimes You killed Drew Brees. Just kill everyone double standard here, apparently

President Kanye
President Kanye ()

Crazy how none of the athletes that attacked drew brees for his insensitive and ill informed interview didn’t say a word about what desean Jackson did 🧐

Wink Travolta
Wink Travolta ()

@greg_price11 Yeah this is pretty much on par with Drew Brees saying he won’t kneel for the National Anthem in honor of his WW II hero grandfather. Same bunch defending Jackson canceled Drew.

Greg Price
Greg Price ()

The absolute state of the NFL: Drew Brees is forced to apologize 20 times for not disavowing the American flag DeSean Jackson gets a stern talking to for promoting Louis Farrakhan and quotes that he thought were from Hitler

David Harsanyi
David Harsanyi ()

Drew Brees had to apologize ten times for saying Americans should respect the flag.

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