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Duncan Ferguson: I tHiNk EvErToN qUiTe CoMfOrTaBlY bEaT cHeLsEa ToDaY. 2-0. 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 COMFORTABLY 😂😂😂😂😂.

I’m sorry, I like Duncan Ferguson but @SkyFootball shouldn’t have in on in future if he’s allowed to be this biased and, frankly, stupid. And no, I wouldn’t say that to his face..

Whats the score Duncan Ferguson?? 🤫🤫 Saying prematch Everton will comfortably win today….

Jamie Redknapp talking to Duncan Ferguson like a man would talk to a lion that looked like it was about to bite his head off: very politely..

@Altgthr @Cantona_Collars They made a mistake not appointing Duncan Ferguson For all the money they’ve spent they have a dreadful squad The sooner they appoint Dyche and reinvent the dogs of war philosophy the better the chance they’ll avoid relegation.

How can Duncan Ferguson say Everton were comfortable during the game when they lost? 😂 #EVECHE.

Duncan Ferguson slap it up ye. Koulibaly and Silva were class. You don’t have a clue..

Worst ground oat remember when duncan ferguson was their interim manager for 1 game and piped us for 4.

Did Duncan Ferguson just say that Everton are comfortable and Chelsea don’t look like scoring. Ok Dunc, you’d thin Everton we’re still in it a 5-0. #EveChe.

Duncan Ferguson Photo,Duncan Ferguson Photo by James Perkins,James Perkins on twitter tweets Duncan Ferguson Photo

That’s what Duncan Ferguson gets for running his mouth, what an idiot 😂😂😂 #EveChe #chelsea.

@BarbatoSalv It was a difficult Chelsea in cruise control. I’m not sure what planet Duncan Ferguson is on?.

#EVECHE I think Duncan Ferguson’s managerial approach, based on his punditry, might have been, “We’re gawnae do these cunts, cos we’re Everton, ya ken?”.

@Ang3lR4t @SkySports Awful ..and they didn’t even correct him! Just sat there nodding! Why Duncan Ferguson but no Chelsea back up! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

@ChelsLad66 @SkySports The entire sky sports show today stank. Such a pro-Everton and anti-Chelsea feel about it, literally had Duncan Ferguson on with no Chelsea presence to balance it out.

But hold on, big Duncan Ferguson said Everton would win 2-0 and it wouldn’t even be a challenge? Wow, guess Chelsea never read that script! #EveChe.

Duncan Ferguson after predicting a win for Everton tonight #EveChe.

Duncan ferguson comments on @SkySports just highlights why he will never be a successful manager in the Premier league absolutely clueless @SkySports pundits and especially presenters getting worse every season.

Is Duncan Ferguson still involved at Everton? 🤔 I notice he’s in the Sky Studio tonight!.

That little wheezel Redknapp scared shitless saying anything negative about Everton with Duncan Ferguson sitting beside him 🤣.

Jamie Redknapp with his compliments on Everton’s 1st half (ok display) is clearly bricking himself beside Duncan Ferguson #EveChe.

Cmon now. I want Everton win but Duncan Ferguson is having a laugh. Everton have had chances. Not been troubled at all. They’ll come back 2nd half. I can’t stand Chelsea but be honest, they’ve had 200 corners and all the ball..

Duncan Ferguson thinking Chelseas defence is ‘too old’ and Everton will win 3-0 as if experience isn’t a crucial quality for a good defender, Lampard trying to play Kanté at the base of a 3 man midfield in a possession system, it’s baffling how these lot have a career in coaching.

@SkySportsPL Can we have Duncan Ferguson on every week? Just love his measured insight and complete impartiality. 🤡.

Duncan Ferguson just said be can see Everton getting back in the back 2nd half on the counter attack 🤣🤣 at home 1 nil down👍 Robbie Fowler punditry that.

Stfu Duncan Ferguson, why is he even talking. Sky need to choice their un bias pundits better..

Duncan Ferguson hasn’t taken to punditry yet. Still talking like a media trained manager. If Everton lose 10-0 I still reckon he’d come out with standard lines ‘It’s early days’ ‘They can take some positives’ ‘Once new players bed in’.


David Beckham, Ally McCoist, Eric Cantona & Duncan Ferguson in action at Ibrox 28 years ago today..

Duncan Ferguson Photo,Duncan Ferguson Photo by CJ,CJ on twitter tweets Duncan Ferguson Photo

Duncan Ferguson was actually doubting Koulibaly because he’s never played in the Prem before 🤣 🤣.

@SkySports need to get Duncan Ferguson, Graeme Souness and Roy Keane on together for the football punditry - they’d be great together.

Give me a bit of what Duncan Ferguson is on. Comfortable game for Everton he says. You lost you wank biscuit..

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