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S C E N E S. Odsonne loves a last minute winner! 😅 #DUNCEL #SPFL.

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UNBOWED AND UNBROKEN. “We got back what is ours 🇮🇪” #DUNCEL.

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S C E N E S. Odsonne loves a last minute winner! 😅 #DUNCEL #SPFL.


@NinjoidUK Suns out so I might take him for a run out once this non league game is finished #duncel.

This is more infuriating than the most infuriating thing you can think of. @CelticFC #DUNCEL #SPFL.

Ollie Burke a mainstay and playing great, clamour to sign him now not even on as a sub. What’s going on? #CelticFC #DUNCEL.

Do ye think celtic could sneak oan Burke for Sinclair and anybody would notice? #DUNCEL.

This is seriously worrying stuff by #CelticFC. We need to up the tempo and go forward with more urgency. #DUNCEL.

Game getting into the final stages, Dundee defence bound to be tiring. Still 0-0. Celtic have Burke and Weah on the bench. Lennon yet to make a move. Is he still the man to take the club forward? #DUNCEL.

Mon tae fuck celtic. We cd a had the league sown up the last 2 wks n then went n strolled the rotten mob n hd another beautiful sunday instead a that wer giving them something still tae play for. This is a sore watch.#DUNCEL.

70’; Close from KT from outside the box. Former Dundee United man Craig Curran comes on for Kenny Miller, who’s been very quiet today despite his 11 goals in 28 previous appearances against his former club, Celtic. Still goalless. #DUNCEL.

Pace of this game is far too slow, its looking like a 0-0 again, not enough urgency. #CelticFC #DUNCEL.

If this game eh football doesn’t put ye to sleep then fuckin Andy Walkers’ commentary certainly will!! Walking sleeping pill!! #DUNCEL ⚽️🍀.

37’; Celtic continue to put on the pressure with corner after corner, but still 0-0. #DUNCEL.

More chance of Celtic pinpointing the Ponderosa Ranch on the map of Bonanza, than finding the back of the net at this rate ... spectacularly safe, pedestrian and dull. Where has the spark gone? #DUNCEL #Cartwrightfamily.

20’; Bain makes a great save from a Kenny Miller cross. First real scare for the Hoops. #DUNCEL.

19’; A Brown long shot & 3 close range shots saved. HOW HAVE WE NOT SCORED. #DUNCEL.

Two hands dragging Sinclair down in the box. Two bookings ignored already. Brother Madden doing his level best to beat us today. Again. #DUNCEL #CEL.

Madhun at it already - lets Dundee thug off with a warning when a yellow minimum - then no pen when Sinclair pulled back! #DUNCEL @ScotlandSky.

In a week where a terrorist murders people because of their religion @CelticFC fans sings songs about terrorists that murdered people because of their religion. #DUNCEL.

17’; Should’ve been a pen there as Sinclair is pulled down in the box. Madden sees nothing in it. He never does. #DUNCEL.

#duncel is now trending in United Kingdom.


Seeing Kenny Miller there reminds me how much i miss the Alien Nation TV series he used to be in. #DUNCEL.

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