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@EFC_Wolfstein I won’t believe it until I see him laying in a pool of his own sweat and piss with a dyson hoover breathing for him, the lying cunt.

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Gemma Dyson ()

@SuMatin4 8 years on, I can see the funny side. Poor girl is mortified this is all over Twitter 😂🙈 I think everybody needs a laugh at the moment, happy to help! x

Yumi ゆみ ()

コロナウイルス:政府がダイソンに10,000台の人工呼吸器を発注 BBC News - Coronavirus: Government orders 10,000 ventilators from Dyson

Ian Slater 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇩🇪 ()

Tories ask donor Dyson to develop something almost as good in 10, 9,

Mary Heywood #rejoin #bethenoise ()

@mikegalsworthy In other words, playing Russian Roulette with the nation’s health. If he really cared about us, he jump at the chance of buying home-grown ventilators which are proven to work,rather than asking Dyson etc who haven’t even got theirs up& running! Dereliction of duty, I call it.

Viv Croot ()

@GayleStephen2 He does really good workouts for crones like me so if you can’t keep up just change categories. Andhe is giving the advertising revenue to NHS. He is being helpful generous constructive and inclusive . Compare to Branson, Dyson, Martin, Ramsey, Stein. Stop stupid knocking.

Seb Brown ()

So they have trialed the new Dyson ventilators on two people affected with covid 19. Great news as both patients are reported as picking up well.

Russell Martin #FBPE ()

@MaximilianJans2 Leaving the door open for their Brexitgobshite pal James Dyson, that well known manufacturer of overpriced tacky crap?

James Bradley ()

@bimblyno1 I’ve got two Dyson fans and a cordless vacuum which are all excellent. I also had an upright vacuum which was great too. You should ask your butler/chauffeur why they’ve struggled with yours.

EGC ()

Coronavirus: Government orders 10,000 ventilators from Dyson - BBC News ダイソン速い!👍

🌸🍒のんママ🍒🌸 ()

@Qoo10_Shopping dysonでしかもコードレス😍😍😍✨ めちゃ魅力です✨✨ 50000RT超えてーっ!(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)💕 ご縁がありますように🍀🍀🍀

KCO#NotMyBrexit#RejoinEU ()

@Shamils18 @mikegalsworthy All over the world, engineers are developing much cheaper options. WHY such fancy/expensive Dyson’s which wouldn’t be available soon?

ただのユジェン ()


Yurita ()

@CorvoMecanique ¿Ford tiene experiencia haciendo ventiladores? Es delicado. Es como dyson haciéndolos para el Reino Unido.

Maggi Robo ()

@Sobroski1982 @nibbler11 Add GTech and Dyson to this list. Dyson,s has been tested but to meet with NHS Clinical standards it needs minor modification. No doubt will be ready very soon.

掃除犬だいそん⁻¹⁵ᵏᵍ ()

@nankan1009 今僕は 全力で嫌いなところ思い出してます いや、体験してます

Couldasaid ()

@indiaknight @RevStu The same reason the ‘British media’ isn’t calling out Johnston over Dyson getting a contract for ventilators whilst existing manufacturers e-mails are being ignored. What are you doing to stop this?

Samuele Marcora ()

@MarcoCantamessa Prima promuove Brexit e poi trasferisce il business a Singapore

High Planes Drifter ()

@cogskeepturning @TedUrchin Oh, but was Johnson tested? We only have his word for it and we all know his reputation for lying. Dyson expecting some return from the Govt from his investment in Brexit?

Danny ()

@Tattooed_Mummy @musicvstheworld Yes but it is the perfect excuse not to. Especially with the news about them not accepting EU help and giving ventilator orders to their friend, Dyson.

Steph. Brexshit: Told you so. ()

@HPSarcastic Just like Dyson fans and hand dryers both be proven to do in the

Joan R ()

@StormIsUponUs The Hero We Need Right Now: Dyson Designs New Ventilator In Just 10 Days

Celia Stanley Esq #girlyswot 🕷Hard Remainer #FBPE ()

@MrsAitchBee A realist sadly. What is enraging me atm is the EU equipment sharing scheme & our ‘lost’ email. Maybe it went to James Dyson?

John B ()

@EFC_Wolfstein I won’t believe it until I see him laying in a pool of his own sweat and piss with a dyson hoover breathing for him, the lying cunt.

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