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500 migrants broke into Britain today. In a few days time a UK small boats unit is set to be launched, taking back control from our Armed Forces in the Channel. They call it a small boats unit, I call it a taxi service with new branding. This won’t end until we leave the ECHR..

@darrengrimes_ Darren: I’m pro free speech. Also Darren: I think the UK should leave the ECHR and its protections of the right to free speech..

ECHR rules cases brought by Ukraine, Netherlands against Russia are admissible Ukraine cites alleged rights violations in Donetsk, Lugansk regions while Dutch government filed complaint over downing of flight MH17.

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@darrengrimes_ I can only conclude Darren wants to commit atrocities against migrants. I can’t think of any other reason he’d want us to leave the ECHR..

@ClarkeMicah @mailplus Our ancient freedoms were the basis of the human rights in rhe ECHR and the UN Charter - as any true Brit should know. As such they are pretty much indivisible..

@thenova2023 What can you do to bring the Romanian courts to account for them not conducting a fair trial? Is therrany jurisdiction in this regard in light of the ECHR? What can we do other than petitions and contacting parliament to bring the Romanian authorities to account due to corruption.

@darrengrimes_ What has the ECHR got to do with the price of fish? Why are you unable to post anything that makes sense?.

@darrengrimes_ Can you connect the dots between leaving the ECHR and boats with refugees not being about to cross the channel please?.

The ECHR have proved themselves to be totally driven by ‘particular’ political interests & motives Credibility = zero.

@darrengrimes_ You need to explain to your dense supporters how leaving the ECHR, which the UK set up, will stop boat crossings, especially as they have not made any verdicts in relation to boat crossings..

@ECHR_CEDH 20 years on, how can this injustice and cover-up be allowed to continue without a full and proper investigation into what is clearly an unsafe conviction?.

@darrengrimes_ Unless you want to begin committing crimes against humanity at sea then leaving the ECHR won’t make a difference. Just as leaving the EU didn’t (which was promised by brexit proponents)..


@darrengrimes_ It has nothing to do with ECHR you dimwit… open up a processing centre for asylum claims in Calais and small boats stop….

@AdPunchPuppet @darrengrimes_ Examples of EU countries taking a much tougher stance and breaking ECHR law every day..

@darrengrimes_ So leaving the ECHR will solve our problems just like Brexit solved our problems on migrants. Then when that fails abolish the justice system as it is to lenient on foreigners. you never mention Tory corruption just migrant labour probably been sent to work on landed estates..

@ECHR_CEDH hi, who do I talk to about EU and UN permanent member states weaponising schizophrenia against their own citizens? Thank you in anticipation..

@CarlaDrayford @ZXretroXX FYI! The United Kingdom was one of the States that drafted the ECHR and was one of the first States to ratify it in 1951.

@darrengrimes_ No one broke in and the international treaties we signed on immigration go well beyond the ECHR. All that leaving that would achieve is a stripping of workers rights, which as we know, the right wing desperately want..

@darrengrimes_ Keep the ECHR. But scrap all the case law. Make British Judges apply the law, and its original meanings of those laws..

@pritipatel Priti, with the deepest respect, you know full well the act will not be worth the paper it’s written on, until we withdraw from the ECHR and the UN migration pact . It sickens me that you weren’t allowed to do your job, thwarted at every turn by the establishment. Best wishes🙏.

@darrengrimes_ So we leave the ECHR then would do we do with the dinghies coming our way? Come on speak up!.

ECHR accepts lawsuit of the Netherlands against Russia on shooting down passenger flight MH17.

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