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The laughter from Tory MPs as Ed Davey talks about cost of living will chill the spine of people struggling to get by right now. #PMQs.

Lib Dem leader Ed Davey having time of his life down in Tiverton & Honiton: “It’s time to show Boris Johnson the door”. Lib Dems overturned a massive 25,000 Tory majority, on a 30% swing, in third stunning by-election victory in row. Will leave Southern Tory MPs very jittery..

If Conservative MPs do not do the right thing and sack this law-breaking, lying Prime Minister then we will come for them, seat-by-seat..

Conservative MPs should make no mistake: If you do not fight for a country where families can live free from fear of soaring bills, we will. If you do not get rid of this lying, law-breaking Prime Minister, we will get rid of you..

Today, voters in Tiverton and Honiton have a chance to tell Boris Johnson that enough is enough by voting for @RichardFoordLD before 10pm..

People are doing their bit – working hard, playing by the rules and raising their families. They deserve a fair deal. But they feel let down by a government that has neglected them and their communities for far too long. @EdwardJDavey.

I think Ed Davey ought to be careful about celebrating a victory, it was hardcore tactical voting mixed with a protest vote..

Sky News
Sky News

Sir Ed Davey says people do not trust the prime minister and will vote out the Tories at the next election unless they change. Latest:.

Why is Sophie Rayworth banging on at Ed Davey about the LDs and their desire to rejoin the EU? Is it because rejoining is the way to go? We will have to wait a while and build up trust with the EU nations; Johnson et al have really destroyed that element..

Ed Davey’s useless prop budget becomes latest victim of the cost-of-living crisis:.

Ed Davey Photo,Ed Davey Photo by Have I Got News For You,Have I Got News For You on twitter tweets Ed Davey Photo
Sky News
Sky News

Sir Ed Davey MP revealed a door which read time to show Boris Johnson the door to the town of Tiverton, as he welcomed their new Lib Dem MP. Latest:.

Listening to Ed Davey on BBC. Lib Dems are devoid of ideas. All they can offer is pavement politics and nibyism. No solutions to tackle the tax burden or inflation. This only makes it even more concerning the people Tiverton and Honiton voted for them..

Busy morning, missed everything. Let me Has Ed Davey been utterly unbearable?.

Ed Davey just said ‘I may have a surprise for you later’ to Kay Burley with a real glint in his eye, but I hadn’t been listening. So maybe he’s buying her a box of After Eights, or maybe someone is crossing the floor. I’m going to wear a nappy all day just in case it’s the latter.

Ed Davey on BBC says the EU don’t trust us anymore because of Johnson. It’s worse than that. It’s most of the conservative party which is dominated by the fascist minded ERG. Johnson may be the festering tip of the boil, but the infection is widespread and toxic..

@Doris09732931 They were born with no cringe mechanism. It’s a sad and debilitating condition. Many people suffer from it without knowing. for example; centrist dads and Ed Davey 😞.

@hoffman_noa My pitch: giant blue wall, Ed Davey fired out of a cannon to knock it down.

Ed Davey has said he has a surprise for us later today at Lib Dem victory rally 😀 😄 😎.

@DPJHodges why Keir Starmer and Ed Davey should be worried about their wins in Wakefield and Tiverton by Dan Hodges.

I love this I hope they do this for every seat they win in a GE, Ed Davey doing a tour of Britain to do endless weird stunts.

Burley really is beyond arrogant at times. She has some chip on her shoulder! Her attitude towards Ed Davey is #skynews #KayBurley.

Coming up shortly… the trad Lib Dem stunt to celebrate historic by-elxn win. We’ve previously had Ed Davey wield a hammer to simulate Blue Wall demolition… A pin bursting Boris’s bubble (well a balloon)… Davey talking today of a ‘shockwave’. Wetsuit & surf board coming.

Ed Davey joins Lib Dem activists for victory rally in Tiverton.

Ed Davey Photo,Ed Davey Photo by Nick Eardley,Nick Eardley on twitter tweets Ed Davey Photo

Hearing Ed Davey has gone big on the celebrations today with a full-length one-man performance of this.

Ed Davey Photo,Ed Davey Photo by James Harris,James Harris on twitter tweets Ed Davey Photo

🔥BREAKING⎜ ‘Industrial-scale’ tactical voting sparks calls for Labour-Lib Dem electoral pact: ‘Don’t rest on your laurels’: Keir Starmer and Ed Davey urged to work together after by-election wins VIA @Independent.

Ed Davey should sing mule train while hitting himself on the head with a tray if he is serious about winning votes.

14 seats in parliament and Ed Davey thinks he’s going to win the next election! Jo Swinson Clone.

In addition, the government should finance a mosque in each town readying them for the new arrivals. The Lib Dems are very pro-Islam. Remember Ed Davey and his Ramadan stunt? We must give people the things they vote for. Tiverton and Honiton will be as nice as Luton and Bradford..

BREAKING: Ed Davey does not deny that his victory in Tiverton may have been attributable to a rounding error.

This Lib Dem win is a message to Tory cowards propping up Johnson – get rid of him or we will | Ed Davey.

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