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Solskjaer still trying to bring in players before deadline day vs Ed Woodward desperate for the window to 😂

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Sangeethsivan Sivakumar
Sangeethsivan Sivakumar ()

I real feel sorry for this man! Ed Woodward do your fucking job #MUNCRY

R ()

Dont understand how any United fan can take aim at Ole before Ed Woodward and the owners. Ole will inevitably go but its clear who are the ones holding United back #MUFC

Danny Van De Beek 🇾🇪💛💚
Danny Van De Beek 🇾🇪💛💚 ()

My thoughts on the game: - CB is the most important area to address, even before Sancho. - Ole didn’t get it right tonight but he hasn’t been backed anywhere near enough. Our manager ❤️ - Ed Woodward is a cunt. - I fancy our Donny. - Drinking games when losing is not cool.

Oluwa Flacko 🍆🪓⚰️⚔️🗡🔫🧨🔨🔧🛠
Oluwa Flacko 🍆🪓⚰️⚔️🗡🔫🧨🔨🔧🛠 ()

@ManUtd Feel sorry for him because at the end of it all he is going to be sacked and Ed Woodward will still remain


Ed Woodward upon seeing this tweet 🤣🤣🤣 @ManUtd

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Juan ()

Yet another manager that will fall to the sword of the mob up in the hierarchy. The Glazers & Ed Woodward have single handedly destructed Manchester United.

Zarak Aman
Zarak Aman ()

@laraibmufc Ed Woodward ne kahin ka nai chora. Players we get linked strongly with then move to other clubs. Tareekh pe tareekh nikalti ja rai hai Lekin Ed bhai insaf nai de rae

Kwaku Antwi-Boasiako
Kwaku Antwi-Boasiako ()

Everybody in the world of football knows @ManUtd need a centre back, except Ed Woodward of course. I guess he’s a happy man this evening after watching Lindelof ship in 3 goals! This team is crying new signings & Woodward sits there moaning about COVID-19! #MUNCRY #MUFC

Jonathan Simons
Jonathan Simons ()

Ed Woodward shows off all the world class signings United have made

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Mark Dalton
Mark Dalton ()

Club is rotten at the top. If this season goes tits up the man who should be told to walk will be Ed Woodward.

Damien Murphy
Damien Murphy ()

@TelegraphDucker If you were sancho would you want to even touch that club with a barge pole. Ed Woodward thinking he’s so shrewd playing hard ball when the only one everyone is laughing at his him and Man Utd😂

Jordan Clarke
Jordan Clarke ()

We’re trailing to the title contenders by three points already, having played one game. Thirty-three point gap to make up on Liverpool, yet they’ve had a much better summer. Ed Woodward does not fear god.

Toheeb Azeez
Toheeb Azeez ()

@ManUnitedZone_ Ed Woodward and The Glazers are the f*cking parasite sucking our club dry with no usefulness they add to the Great club. His house needs to be visited again but this time more aggressiveness. #WoodwardGlazersout

Shiraz ()

the fact that I’ve made Ed Woodward a few apple crumbles when I used to work at red cafe in united and I didn’t put any poison in it boils my blood

Umark20 ()

#GlazersOutWoodwardOut. Embarrassing ffs this is how the glazers and Ed Woodward want our club to be run, we’re done out here man 😭

Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman ()

@GilberthTibam @unitedarmyfc Jangan cuma unfollow bro kalo perlu jangan ada yg beli merchandise mu biar tau rasa tuh owner dan si kampret Ed Woodward

True Football Fan 🇾🇪
True Football Fan 🇾🇪 ()

@utdarena Shaw wasn’t bad for someone who’s been out injured for a while. But I dread to think that Ed Woodward’s read your tweet and is now cancelling a possible deal for a new LB 😉

Cameron De-Souza
Cameron De-Souza ()

Ed Woodward is a terminal illness for Manchester United. So are the glazers. Top to fucking bottom.

Whiskey 🥃
Whiskey 🥃 ()

@EdmundOris Should have signed players while we still had the momentum of last season, and just secured Ucl But Ed Woodward my God 🤦🏽‍♂️

Ryan England
Ryan England ()

@danialjoness @ManUtd Ed woodward is a banker not a sporting director. And solskjaer was a great super sub but a dreadul manager

Mariana ⚽️
Mariana ⚽️ ()

Antigamente, o Man United era um clube de futebol, hoje é uma doença que está matando seus torcedores. Todo mundo sabe quem são as pragas por trás disso, Ed Woodward e Glazers.

Paddy Power
Paddy Power ()

Man Utd are worried that the negativity on social media around their transfer dealings is going to affect the team on the pitch. Ed Woodward is confident that his patented tactic of lowballing until the final hours of the window and then paying over the odds will resolve this.

SPORTbible ()

Solskjaer still trying to bring in players before deadline day vs Ed Woodward desperate for the window to 😂

RMT ()

If Ed Woodward ends up sacking ole and he is not sacked that will be a mistake and we should make it be known that he should not be at man utd #EdWoodwardOut

Max ()

Ed Woodward’s going to have bods wearing balaclavas turning up at his gaff again😭

Mkhokheli Dube
Mkhokheli Dube ()

Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, Put the Glazers on the top, Put Ed Woodward in the middle, And then burn the fucking lot. #MUFC

Mike interiors
Mike interiors ()

Plain curtains 800 per meter, sheer 550 per meter, call:0758509067. #BadiMustGo Ed Woodward Nairobi Anita DStv

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Ricky Paul
Ricky Paul ()

usually works like that if you show the selling club the money they want. something Ed Woodward is not familiar with.

Apostle Dangbana Shoko
Apostle Dangbana Shoko ()

This is why Ed Woodward wants someone like Ole in-charge; No manager would accept finishing in UCL, watching his rival adding qualities in numbers and strength and keep calm & not drag that man looking like pregnant frog.

Varunrajsinh Jadeja
Varunrajsinh Jadeja ()

Glazer’s and Ed Woodward to Ole after getting Brooks and Josh King instead of Sancho and Thiago.

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