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Thanks to @corriepodcast here’s 32 seconds of Fred Elliott from Coronation Street making noises..

Two fumbles at the goal A missed FG at the end of A $56K dream, dead just like that 😢 (IG: @fdsportsbook).

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Visita al embajador del Reino Unido en España, Hugh Elliott, para mostrar nuestro pésame tras el fallecimiento de la Reina Isabel II y firmar en el libro de condolencias..

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Thiago: MOTM Jota: Outstanding Firmino-like game Salah: Defending, creating and scoring Elliott & Trent: Can’t have both on the right Fab: Spread too thin (see point above) Diaz: Not his best game, but kept trying good & bad things Kostas: We need a Kostas for the right side.

Digging Quincy Elliott. That outfit reminded me of Mabel. #WWENXT.

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I needed shutting down ASAP according to this lad because i could see an issue with Elliott and Trent playing together😂is it true this lad has been on Redmen TV🤣.

Ei Harvey Elliott, gostaria de dizer que jogando assim, você seria reserva até do Gabriel Pec no Vasco..

Elliott is a fantastic young player but he leaves Trent exposed most of the time. Game changed when he came off..

Player ratings Alisson - 9 Trent - 4 VVD - Matip - 9 Tsimikas - 5 Thiago - 10 (MOTM) Fabinho - Elliott - Diaz - Jota - 7 Salah - Nunez - 0 Milner - -10 Fuck you old man Firmino - 2 leave for your own sake.


Absolutely stupid! They’ll been building for super diva Quincy Elliott and they book him… with a jobber on #WWENXT someone has to do the job to take this guy seriously. Von Wagner, Tony D or Joe Gacy to give him real credibility.

Merrill Kelly has to be mistaken for Chris Elliott everyday 🤣they’re friggin twins.

@PremLeaguePanel Exactly like Liverpool in its prime. Jota dropping back, wingers inverting, Kostas on the overlap, Trent underlapping as Elliott and Thiago find space in bw the Just Brilliant👏.

We are thrilled to welcome Elliott Charles (@EliteCE0) to Valpo as Executive Associate Athletic Director! Elliott will oversee all aspects of external operations & lead our development, donor cultivation and revenue generation efforts. #GoValpo 📝 ⬇️.

PLAYER RATINGS: Alisson - 7 Trent - 7 Matip - 9 Van Dijk - 8 Tsimikas - 9 Fabinho - 7 Elliott - 7 Thiago - 9 Salah - 9 Jota - 8 Diaz - 7 Subs: Nunez - 6 Firmino - 6.

The super diva Quincy Elliott kinda looking like man on a mission #WWENXT #wwenxt20.

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Quincy Elliott running it up with the victory in his debut. He has the Orlando crowd getting behind him. #WWENXT.

@OZI_elliott 面白いのは番組単位だと仰る様な警鐘を鳴らす番組もあるんですよ。 つまり制作者によってイデオロギーに違いがある。 編成はそこら辺をどんな風に捉えているのやら。 何ていうか居るんですよ…。(笑) 放送局の中にも、僕らみたいなのが。.

@fabhcun14 確かに忘れさられていますね。 例えばNHK。 過去の戦争を振り返る番組を作っている場合ではありません。 今、正に繰り返されている事。それに全力で警鐘を鳴らす事をせぬのが、最早“忘れ去って”いるのですよね。.

@Jeremy91473739 @TheRedmenTV Ah stop talking shit. Christ he’s doing ok, ignoring the glaring problem with senior players and blaming the Elliott..


@jordvnemanuel I agree bro if i saw salah trent elliott, im licking my lips. Even more when gomez was starting.

Elliott has a ceiling like Sistine Chapel, all the ingredients there to be a real star.

@_Ngore Exactly, Elliott is a very good player but cant provide proper cover to Trent when he goes forward when Hendo is on form he is the perfect Trent cover!.

@LFCEspanol 1- Hasta la polla del pasotismo de Alexander-Arnold y la pasividad de Van Dijk. Ambos merecen banquillazo. 2- Salah mucho mejor, muy proactivo. 3- La bromita de Elliott de volante se tiene que acabar..

There has been the equivalent of mm of precipitation since Tue 11:00 at MONTREAL/PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU INTL.

@yousef_sy7 why doesn’t Klopp play Thiago at RCM and move elliott to tsimis side man we can play more efficiently like that.

@SarahShine88 Trent & Elliott are dog shit defensively. Exposing the whole defence. Saying that we should be 2/3 up and comfortable here anyway..

@emptyMINDZ Carvalho could do well there and have Elliott more on the left side. Wonder if Gomez would be a better fit at RB too..

Races 21-24, Pocono to Richmond The point in the season where Chase Elliott began to entirely stretch away from the rest of the field.

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also, Elliott often takes too many touches and tends to be a bit slow in making decisions. trajectory to being a good player, at best.


Maldini and Massara work hard on finding gems and Elliott cheapness cause them to lose their targets to other clubs.

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