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Archive video: israeli minister Chanamel Dorfman dancing with knives at his wedding pretending to stab Palestinian people #EmergencyAlerts.


#EmergencyAlerts After everything that has happened over the last 3 years does anyone actually think this is to protect them?.

#EmergencyAlerts Photo,#EmergencyAlerts Photo by UNN,UNN on twitter tweets #EmergencyAlerts Photo

Just leave us alone you bunch of Bad enough with all the scare tactics during the lockdowns now this, have you thought about all the people that suffer with anxiety and panic attacks this will effect? #EmergencyAlerts.


If you’re a survivor of #DomesticAbuse with a secret or secondary phone, the government’s new #EmergencyAlerts could reveal your phone, even if it’s on silent. Our tech team have created an easy guide on how to turn them off >>.

📱 Samsung Galaxy S21/ Android v13 Settings > Notifications > Advanced Settings > Wireless Emergency Alerts > Emergency Alerts >>> toggle Off #EmergencyAlerts.

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So the government are becoming so concerned that they have now come up with #EmergencyAlerts to signal floods, fires and other devastating 🤔 Just admit it’s a 4 minute warning for when Putin nukes us!!!.

When I was a young kid I was scared of the idea of having a smoke detector because I felt like it signalled an invitation for a disaster to happen. Anyway, swivel-eyed loons mad about the testing of an #EmergencyAlerts system have just reached about that level of maturity lol.

@MaizyDaizyZzzz If it’s nuclear ☢️ I don’t want to know. If it’s Covid 🦠 , I’ll by a box of Kleenex. If it’s to tell me I’ve won the Lotto, I’ll respond. #EmergencyAlerts.

There’s not a whole lot of positive reception of #EmergencyAlerts on the bird app this morning. But here’s something (something!).

If you don’t want the #EmergencyAlerts just turn the god damned things off and stop bitching about them. People saying we don’t have disasters here? Tell that to the people who lived in Boscastle in 2004.

What’s all the fuss over the Government #EmergencyAlerts texts? I’d be more concerned if Governments didn’t warn us of immediate dangers.

ur all paranoid about the #emergencyalerts if u have a mf phone they can track u anyways losers.

Oliver Dowden explains #EmergencyAlerts right now on ⁦@bbclaurak⁩ 🚨.

#EmergencyAlerts Photo,#EmergencyAlerts Photo by Professor Lucy Easthope,Professor Lucy Easthope on twitter tweets #EmergencyAlerts Photo

This is what #EmergencyAlerts sound like around the world. Based on this, I’d give the UK noise 4/10!.

Going on the accuracy of UK weather will go on my common sense rather than #EmergencyAlerts #MichaelFish.

And if you’re unfamiliar with what happened, here you go… #EmergencyAlerts.

So many people over in #EmergencyAlerts speaking on something they do not understand..

I did not see the #EmergencyAlerts to warn us our Government was vomiting propaganda & killing us with vaccines for a fake pandemic? Why did we not receive that one?.

@banthebbc Search Emergency Alerts in Android Settings and turn off 🙂 #EmergencyAlerts.

#EmergencyAlerts an honest the UK Govt’s test of an emergency msg will ‘temporarily’ disable aspects of people’s mobile phones unless/until they respond. Surely this means a cookie, or ‘backdoor’ facilitating thing will be downloaded. Is this a ‘big brother’ moment?.

Everyone complaining about the emergency alerts are just worried their affairs will be discovered when a burner phone goes off 😂 #EmergencyAlerts.

#EmergencyAlerts Floods and wild fires? Nothing to do with a nuclear warhead heading this way then?.

#BBCLauraK #EmergencyAlerts The siren will be accompanied by a notification on your home you will have to acknowledge before you can use other features… The system goes live on Sunday 23 April,.

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@ValForsyth1 A useless right wing Government’s desperate attempt to sow panic amongst the population. All they’ve got left is Braverman’s obscene attitude towards refugees and this rubbish. Being launched on St George’s Day to appeal to the Mail, Express and Sun readers #EmergencyAlerts.

Government #EmergencyAlerts - to disable/enable that is the question --??.

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i really dont understand why people are turning off the #emergencyalerts . why turn off something that could potentially save yours and your families life? no information is stored or gathered and they use information that your mobile provider already holds and gathers on you.

If Emergency Alerts had been available sooner, they might have saved lives at Grenfell Tower. They have bugger all to do with control and a lot to do with saving lives and reducing harm. #EmergencyAlerts.

#EmergencyAlerts @BWallaceMP @Conservatives Ben Wallace & Boris placed the UK in UK deep involvement with Ukraine even the EU said the UK have given a billion pounds & tanks. Zekesnsky wants this, he is a greedy war monger Ben said who cares about the cost of living.

And many of the people ranting about the #EmergencyAlerts system being a tool by the government to track people are either tweeting their nonsense from iPhones or have Twitter Blue which requires you to verify your exact location.

The people claiming that the #EmergencyAlerts system is a plot by the WEF/Great Reset to control people is making me lose faith I have left in humanity This system is designed to save your life and to help find missing/abducted people and your response is to try shut it down FFS.

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