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Vice President Leni Robredo urged the government to end 3 years of inaction and neglect in Marawi which continues to be in ruins since terrorists laid siege on the city on May 23, 2017. FULL STORY:

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Bella ()

i just watched madi’s instagram videos on mental health about telling her story and i think u should too :) it was super inspiring and if u stick to the end she plays some of her new music 👀

Kenny C. ()

@podpeopledoom @Im_gr8nss This is a non convo of made Pac and at least 20 other fighters more money losing than they ever made is undefeated Pac has 6 losses 3 of which were ,again end of shouldnt even be In the same conversation

Tony ()

@MattBorths How did you like it? I liked it mostly from a cultural point of view - seeing the Chinese culture come through the translation. I found the story lost me at the end with all the stuff about sophons.

The Displaced_Southerner 🐝🏳️‍🌈 ()

@ParZevil @ImSoConfused225 Then you know what it’s like. I-10, Alligator Point, etc. It’s devastating to see it that way. Hurricane Michael destroyed my hometown, plus the gulf coast. End of story. I like oysters. They’re tasty

Nathalie ()

There is only one way to stop all the hysterical non-stories about “not understanding the rules” and “who broke the rules” : end the lockdown now. So we can get back to what *really* matters: get the economy moving again. End of story.

Stefy ()

@OliverDowden Dom Cummings followed the guidelines - he looked after his family - end of story - very, very wrong!

Rachel Morgan ()

@OliverDowden He blatantly broke the guidelines and you are all covering his arse. End of story.

RB KING🤴😎🤣 ()

It is a big mistake not to try to turn the page of life for fear of returning the character If the characters are strong, they will end the story by themselves or they will have a chance to learn a lesson.

Alex Harrington ()

Absolutely hilarious that this wasn’t the end of the story #sackcummings

Andrew Wallace ()

@OliverDowden Your words are an insult to the *millions* of people who did follow the guidelines to stay at home and hence have missed contact with their loved ones. Shame on you. End of story.

Richard Brooks ()

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much. End of story.

Dave Waddell ()

@OliverDowden I think you should see the Mirror’s latest story. As we told you, NOT the end of the story. You need to locate your spine now

Jerry #freenazanin #fbpe ()

@OliverDowden End of story. The final words of someone with an empty argument that brooks no dissent

Chris ()

@OliverDowden Will also note that anyone ending a sentence end of story is a large bellend so well done sir


Wrong, Cumface committed an offence and you look like Jake Tucker. End of story.

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Swang Sumn🚗💨 ()

The bitch on the right act older than what she is The bitch on the left act younger than what she is. End of story

Joan Hoggan ()

@OliverDowden By no means the end of the story - lies a hypocrisy carry their own price.

🦊 Trickster 🦊 ()

@OliverDowden He should be sacked and so should anyone defending him. He deliberately endangered lives. End of story.

Matthew C Hart ()

Also wanted to rave about Kurosawa High & Low. Moral questions are A+, but I’m obsessed with how we leave protagonist for a large chunk of the story, see him in the bg briefly & then come back to him at the end. You don’t see that today! And what an

Gaming In The Wild ()

@dei_sophia @Zedukxud Maybe that’s it. It’s just a violence-based term that doesn’t sit well with me when we’re talking about bopping Bowser on the head or reaching the end of a complex story. It’s a bit too “Yeaahhhhh bro!!!” for me, to be the default term.

Karin ()

@OliverDowden your leader, Chairman Johnson, stated that if you suspect you have Covid, you should avoid older people who would be susceptible to catching it. That was a Government guideline as read out by your leader. End of Story

M Reyaz, PhD || محمد ریاض ()

@s__wajahat @ShoaibDaniyal I wrote on this in 2018. Why the confusion over sighting of the moon to celebrate Eid must end

Ben Williams ()

Leatherface followed the guidelines and looked after his family. End of story.

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Have A long hard look in the mirror: and think are you in a position disgruntled people (like me) who have a right to be. I predict With Comments YOU may well take up one of our valuable hospital beds, from someone who may quite rightly iron you out. = END OF YOUR STORY

Sarah murphy ()

@mrjamesob ‘End of story.’ Is that an order? We suspected that the whole edifice of govt was rotten. Today, those suspicions were proved 100% correct. They’d rather publicly disgrace themselves to wrongfully protect their own, than do anything close to the right thing by the country.

Presidente tic ()

But I can tell u all tools are same VWAP, Profile, DOM, Cumulative Delta, Foot 🦶 Print Charts all tell the same story in different words At end of day I am most comfortable w DOM so I use it But any other of above tools 🧰 is same trip No need to spend money or time

Haley ()

Hey!!! Stop going out and hanging with friends without wearing masks and social distancing, it’s selfish. If you HAVE to meet up with friends, at least wear a mask and keep your distance. If you’re touching each other and not wearing masks, you’re being selfish, end of story.


She is wrong. Are you so addicted to soccer that you will suffer withdrawal if you miss a match. No, if course not. This is her business plan for Edward Zuma`s illicit trade. End of story

FPL Partridge ()

@OliverDowden Stand down everyone, he said ‘end of story’. Unfortunately there are no legal grounds to continue the debate once someone has invoked the ‘end of story’ rule.

Rappler ()

Vice President Leni Robredo urged the government to end 3 years of inaction and neglect in Marawi which continues to be in ruins since terrorists laid siege on the city on May 23, 2017. FULL STORY:

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