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@TalkTHFC__ @pokeefe1 Hahahaha of course he was 😉 these players haven’t been here for 20 years. The enic propaganda machine is in full operation.


@marc_bernard77 The fact the poll winning is Conte out says what we are about. It should be ENIC out as they are the core of the problem.

@fullback03 Nah. Loser club until enic and levy go. 23 years, 11 managers. 1 trophy including a 15 year drought which is the longest in the clubs history since WW2. Nothing changes until they go!.

@scorpionhorse19 It puts more pressure on the board. Obviously at the end of the day it’s ENIC/Levy decision as to whether they want to sell the club but I guarantee you if the stadium was hostile and more energy was directed towards them, itlll make it a lot harder for them to want fo stay.

@SchoolboyOwn @RodrigoRoadMan Look at our trophies average per decade pre ENIC vs after and come back to me.

@lilyonthesofa @SpursOfficial He has left himself out totally & he needs to be accountable HOWEVER What he has said was happening long before Conte and will happen long after Conte whilst the owners are in control Antonio Conte is a small slice of the pie In the Levy and ENIC bullshit production #LevyOut.

@XWizardClint @essextricky Arsenal were 5 trophies ahead of Spurs pre enic days. It’s now 28, soon to be 29.

Yes, it was clearly a pop at the players, I’m not sure why this is a debate. I know there’s a narrative against Levy/ENIC but to suggest Conte was slating the owners was far fetched..

Levy and Enic really stuck gold with this fanbase. I bet even he can’t believe it. Choc a bloc full of losers and they’ll thank you for it..

@thespursweb @AlasdairGold Let’s be clear, Conte is not wrong, but his attitude and delivery were. Until Levy lets someone else run the club we will not win a trophy. I’d sell that means ENIC doesn’t need to sell but let’s be real, Levy isn’t giving up his position until they do..

@Desig_Hotspur Yeah sorry you’re correct, the correct decision is to sack the manager yet again and repeat what’s been done since ENIC took over. #GroundHogDay No wonder we never win anything with fans like you. You keep drinking the levy cool aid my friend.

@KPoveyNUFC @solaidback69 I personally think it’s hilarious. Really hope he stays on at the club, along with Levy/Enic and that we can all enjoy the civil war that ensues..

@Mrjamieohara1 @Sjopinion10 Damaged the club? We have needed someone to be honest and say it how it is for years. He is leaving at the end of the season anyway and his words hopefully will see a difference for future managers. Beyoncé concerts won’t win us anything while Levy/ENIC accept 4th as the aim..

@eurofootcom @SpursOfficial sell club let Tottenham breath without you (enic) quarter of century 1 trophy fuck offff!!!!.

@TeddyFella @MirrorDarren I think Levy & ENIC should go but most of the players have regressed this year - that’s all on Conte & as far as I’m concerned he’s done. He’s a track record of winning when he can outspend like Jose - but coach your team, we’re never going to outspend Chelsea, Utd, City…..

@Belgian_Hotspur Let’s be honest the club is in a complete mess. From board downwards. The owners and board are scared of success it seems. They care about their investment. The club need a overhaul. Levy and ENIC if not selling need to step aside for a football minded chairman.

@stevebaldie @JimJones1425 that the standards have always been on the floor as long as they give ENIC more money.

@IndoSpurs @SpursOfficial Siapapun managernya ya bakal sama aja kalo gak dikasi kewenangan untuk transfer pemain. Dari jaman Poch juga dia bilang sendiri kalo bukan dia yg nentuin beli siapa, katanya itu kewenangan klub. Enic n levy only think about the business side of the club.

The bottom 2 are ENIC puppets who cover every game & won’t upset the owners. If they do the transfer information stops. The top 2 don’t cover us so they’re not afraid of upsetting anyone..

@MrCracknell We all know Putin is guilty we all know Enic are guilty can we have some more arrest warrants issued please for crimes against my football club..

I’ve thought long&hard about it. We should let conte go for many all though he could keep us in top 4, Doing so keeps Enic from investing His football is 1 dimension and we don’t have the players for it. Spurs always thrived as the underdog and I feel we’ve lost that.

@NathanAClark If you knew as a player that your team and Levy’s goal was top 4 and not cups then that attitude is transmitted to you as a player. Conte is justifiably angry because eveyone from Levy down has bought into the “good enough for fourth” model that ENIC desires..

@emmastorey81 I think ENIC have done a brilliant job from a business perspective, but that’s about it. Conte is spot on, it needed to be said. The players need to take responsibility, but so does he, he’s never going to do that though is he. Same as the club. Total shambles of a club.

Lots of people agreeing with what Conte has said about the club and the owners etc. Its true under Enic the club has only won one trophy it’s also lost out in 7 semi finals and lost 6 cup finals. Is that a mark of instituted failure or just bad luck on the day? #COYS.

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