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1st national teachers strike in 40+ years. Proud of my mum for being on the picket line in Shetland today - power, solidarity & victory to the teachers and workers saying #EnoughIsEnough ✊.

#EnoughIsEnough Photo,#EnoughIsEnough Photo by kate 𓆏,kate 𓆏 on twitter tweets #EnoughIsEnough Photo

@Conservatives - true enemies of the people. #EnoughIsEnough Fight back #JoinAUnion.

Excellent turnout on the University of Huddersfield picket lines this morning #UCURising #EnoughIsEnough @ucu @UCUYorksHumber.

@SkyNews @BorisJohnson bought shame on the office of PM and the UK, he should be facing a judge and jury let alone an inquiry, he is a liar and law #EnoughIsEnough #ToriesOut.

@UCUPostgrads Low stipends (only recently lifted above minimum wage) and erosion of postdoctoral starting pay is moving early career researchers away from academia #EnoughIsEnough #ucuRISING.

Net immigration of half a million people in a year. NHS on its knees, roads gridlocked, southeast being concreted over. #EnoughIsEnough.

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