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You CANNOT beat a bit of bully on a Saturday night. Epic! #epicgameshow @LittleRichard

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Andy Watt
Andy Watt ()

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every revamped classic #epicgameshow of the @chattyman series, even tonight’s #Bullseye which I wasn’t that keen on originally. Would like to see an updated Generation Game and Blankety Blank if it’s renewed for another series.

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Ian Gadsby
Ian Gadsby ()

#epicgameshow what a crock of shit why mess with bullseye? But none of the others? 😡😡

Liam Calland
Liam Calland ()

All the way back on July 17th 2019 when I took my Brother to see Bullseye 🎯 over at @dock10. Was a great night & probably the last time I will get to be in an audience for some time. #EpicGameShow #BullsEye

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chris lawrance 🐕
Chris lawrance 🐕 ()

@ITV I don’t suppose you’ll lend me that bully mascot costume for my sons birthday would you? #bullseye #epicgameshow if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Byron Lewis
Byron Lewis ()

What the hell happened to #Bullseye #EpicGameShow utter rubbish. Ruined the best game show ever. Spinning boards my arse. 101 or more in 6 darts. Always was, always will be 🐂👁

Denise Harding
Denise Harding ()

I don’t know whether I’m enjoying watching Bullseye or seeing my Dad’s reaction to Bullseye being back on the telly more - bring it back for good! 🎯 #cantbeatabitofbully #EpicGameshow

Noel Rainey
Noel Rainey ()

Have really enjoyed watching #EpicGameshow over last few weeks. Thanks to @ITV and Alan Carr for bringing the old shows back with the family. Hope there is another season next year. 🙂 #epicgameshow

Cllr. Nicolas Barlow #StayAlertSaveLives
Cllr. Nicolas Barlow #StayAlertSaveLives ()

Blimey, #Bullseye #EpicGameShow was truly awful on every level. The original series was simple, without hype

Mark Labbett
Mark Labbett ()

You CANNOT beat a bit of bully on a Saturday night. Epic! #epicgameshow @LittleRichard

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