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#extinctionrebelion is trending. Come on people this is serious! We have only 18 months left to learn how to fucking spell rebellion!!!😩.

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take your pathetic virtue signalling to the real polluters. Changing our little country will not save the world. #ExtinctionRebelion.

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Hypocrite rebellion 🤔diesel junkies to pull their green boat #ExtinctionRebelion.

I completely agree with the aims of Extinction Rebellion. I just think that pissing people off isn’t the cleverest way of building support. #ExtinctionRebelion.

please avoid driving into the city centre if possible and consider using public transport, or walking or cycling for shorter journeys Sound advice for *every* day, #ExtinctionRebelion #cardifc.

@kirstie646 The people you are attacking in your tweet are the ones you need to help force change. Not very bright are you? #ExtinctionRebelion.

Fuck me, #ExtinctionRebelion has got a boat on the White House lawn. #GoExtinctionRebelionGo Next stop Tiananmen Square ⁦@ExtinctionR⁩.

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While Silicon Valley is debating about 10x engineers, people in the UK are starting a non violent civic disobedience revolution for the climate and our future. Those are the real 10x citizens. #ClimateEmergency #ExtinctionRebelion.

you know what i love me? being preached to by middle class left wing hypocrites with double barrelled names #ExtinctionRebelion.

What the police should do is grab all the weed from storage & chuck it at the hippies late at night so by morning they can all be pushed off the streets with a plough truck #ExtinctionRebelion.

# bone idle trailer trash! Pick your rubbish up aswell, you slobs!.

Late home thanks to being stuck in a #Cardiff traffic jam and all thanks to #ExtinctionRebelion protest. Sat there for ages in my car polluting the planet. Cheers - great idea.

Some countries are already working towards carbon Neutrality by 2050 #ExtinctionRebelion.

#extinctionrebelion is trending. Come on people this is serious! We have only 18 months left to learn how to fucking spell rebellion!!!😩.


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We must all reduce our plastic consumption. Sadly #extinctionrebelion think they need to tell us by using a huge plastic banner. And how much fossil fuel was used getting that boat to the protest?.

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Swarming today #SummerUprising @XRBristol #ExtinctionRebelion.

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@SkyNews @ExtinctionR At last, people doing some good in the world. Fight climate change and fight against racism #GlobalWarming #ExtinctionRebelion.

Do those #ExtinctionRebelion folk realise that by blocking London’s road networks with their demonstrations they’re causing congestion that allows cars to sit longer stationary in traffic causing more pollution..

The Invisible Circus on Bristol Bridge. #SummerUprising #ExtinctionRebelion.

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Great to see #ExtinctionRebelion and a traffic-free #Cardiff.

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You know what immediately kills people now and not in the distant future? Blocking traffic to prevent EMS vehicles from saving lives. #ExtinctionRebelion.

@XRBristol Fresh is always Best Homegrown Peas & Broad beans! you can make little Changes yourself buy growing veg and reducing food miles! you don’t have to Park a big Pink Boat middle of a city centre and disrupt hard working class People to take a stand. #ExtinctionRebelion.

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If I had access to a boat, especially one which wasn’t quite as efficient as it could be, I think I’d spend the next five days just pootling up and down the Aire under the Neville Street #ExtinctionRebelion #Leeds.

A mix of comments here following today’s #ExtinctionRebelion protests in #Bristol. If there’s one thing worth doing this week (if you can): stay out of the car in the city centre 🚗 🚙 🚘 🚗 💨 💨.

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