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So sah die #ExtinctionRebelion-Besetzung der Oberbaumbrücke aus #XRBerlin.

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Jährlich sterben bis zu Tierarten aus. Aus diesem Grund wird es diesen Freitag () einen Trauermarsch für das massenhafte Artensterben zusammen mit #ExtinctionRebelion geben. Wir erwarten euch um 12:30 Uhr schwarz gekleidet in der Uhlandstraße!.

More than 200 arrested during London climate change protests | Newshub #ExtinctionRebelion.

With all due respect, seeing gardens planted on roads, people dancing in hope rather than despair, and brave pensioners hauled off by the police on #WaterlooBridge because they want a safe climate future for their grandchildren is pretty damned powerful too. #ExtinctionRebelion.

Drums are here folks. Come on down! @ScotlandXr #ExtinctionRebelion #NorthBridge.

#ExtinctionRebelion 大音響のスピーカーで人々を動かす、というのは、ナチスの開発した方法。それを太陽電池や自転車こぐ自家発電でやるというのは、不気味。.

Destruction of human habitable environments and death of wildlife diversity VS people being inconvenienced. Do the math. Take a deep breath and realise that this is more important than all of us. We need change now. Please @ShelaghFogarty #ExtinctionRebelion #ClimateChange.

@ExtinctionR holding up ambulances and other vital services in central London- shame there wasn’t enough room in the cells for the people who claim to care about human kind. There are more civilised means of protest that won’t extinguish cause! #ExtinctionRebelion #terrorism.

Impressed to see #ExtinctionRebelion still occupying Oxford Circus - lots of tents, sound system on a boat & passers by seem interested & friendly.

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Peaceful protest is required to create sweeping change. #ClimateEmergency #ExtinctionRebelion.

Currently 55 bus routes and 500,000 people affected as a result of the Extinction Rebelion. It’s a surefire way to win over #ExtinctionRebelion.

#ExtinctionRebelion Yesterday, Parliament Square, today heading to Piccadilly Circus to add my voice and stand with those who care. Climate change is real, let us act today to save tomorrow🌍💚.

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In London? Get down to Waterloo bridge ASAP. Arrests happening and we need as many people as possible. #ExtinctionRebelion.

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So basically these protesters at the #ExtinctionRebelion protest have; Littered the streets Vandalised roads and properties Caused thousands of pounds in damages so far Disrupting main roads causing vehicles to go the long way causing more pollution Fucking idiots 😂😂.

😂😂😂 Good on you, mate. Spent good time down there today on my lunch break. Good spirits all around, even Police handling themselves rather well and laughing with protestors. They’ve got a job to do, but how they do it is important. @ShelaghFogarty #ExtinctionRebelion.

Putting ‘FACT’ at the beginning & end of your tweet does not actually stop it being complete & utter bollocks. #ExtinctionRebelion.

How many of the #ExtinctionRebelion streets could permanently become pedestrian-bike-bus-emergency only? @TfL @carfreedayLDN.

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LATEST on #ExtinctionRebelion protests: Arrests top 120.

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Waterloo Bridge is looking much nicer than usual today #ExtinctionRebelion.

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Thank you #ExtinctionRebelion for bringing awareness to illegal levels of pollution in Central London affecting everyone’s health. There has not been a meaningful and effective initiative to bring the air we breath to legal levels..

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Just read a tweet describing #ExtinctionRebelion as terrorists and calling for force to be used against Those selfish fuckers, ignoring our God-given right to perish in a Mad Max landscape while the sun beats down mercilessly on our glorious oligarch overlords!.

I bet #ExtinctionRebelion were gutted that their protest didnt make it on to the news. #NotreDame was being covered instead. The protesters should just give up and go home. Not achieving anything.

The lack of cars in #ExtinctionRebelion protests is wonderful! Reclaiming once polluted city spaces for people, conversations and a real festival style atmosphere #ParliamentSquare.

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#ExtinctionRebelion Chicago #XRChicago what’s going to happen today?.

On Oxford Street this morning I can hear the sound of people chatting, a dog barking, even some birds chirping, the music from a shop, the wheels of a bike going round. #ExtinctionRebelion @ExtinctionR.

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So sah die #ExtinctionRebelion-Besetzung der Oberbaumbrücke aus #XRBerlin.

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