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Outdated rail rules mean nine men to change a plug and 12 minutes walking time to walk…….. one minute. This is what the RMT are defending..

#Boris enquired whether a highly qualified person, his wife Carrie, could be Chief of Staff at the FCDO as she had held a similar post elsewhere. He was told No. So she wasn’t appointed. Errrrrr. That’s it..

The 2 by-election results are awful for the Conservatives, but not surprising. My constituency was lost in a by-election to Labour during a serious strike and Government unpopularity - but I won it back in the General Election 2 years later.👇 1/3.

I see Fabricant is trending. He’s one of the Labour Party’s greatest assets right now..

@Mike_Fabricant fantastic input from you in Tiverton, keep it up. Your misreading of the public mood is so out of touch it really helped deliver the worst by-election result in history. Swallow that you complete and utter bellend 👍 #fabricant #ToriesUnfitToGovern.

@BritishAlba @Mike_Fabricant Excellent news that the British Alba/Tufton Street team and Michael Fabricant remain in denial..

To be fair, Fabricant would endorse anything Johnson did, in Johnson, he sees how far a lying crook can go and it gives him hope..

@Mike_Fabricant She wasn’t his wife, she was his mistress - and how was she highly qualified conflated with other applicants? Oh wait, no-one else was being considered..

Thank god for Michael Fabricant. His sole purpose is to serves as a constant reminder of just how hard and far the Conservative Party have fallen. #carriejohnson.

@Mike_Fabricant Michael fella take off the fucking wig! Flog of seagulls finished years ago 👍.

People voted for for they thought it was worth leaving the house to go vote for these empty bread.

@AtkinsonRichard @Mike_Fabricant I do wish people would stop saying that. I like toast..

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@Mike_Fabricant Tory voters protested against various policy issue by not turning to vote. They didn’t turn to another party. Government need to win them back..

Of course this has happened many times before mid election & the seat is then Taken back at the next GE. Look at Michael Fabricant’s seat. I wouldn’t get too excited..

@Mike_Fabricant More interested in #Carriegate tbh Wiggy, how morally corrupt do you have to be to try and get your mistress a top job while your wife is having chemo? And how spineless are the Times for pulling that story?.

@Mike_Fabricant Take his bulb out of your mouth for one second Michael. You might be able to talk some sense then..

Wiggy Fabricant so full of shit……...

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@Mike_Fabricant So he was trying to get his mistress a job whilst his wife battled cancer? #NeverVoteConservative #NeverTrustATory.

@Mike_Fabricant @DurhamPolice For filing after 28 days not for raiding the coffers of taxpayers in Olson sight - charging to heat their stables - doling out tax payers cash to donors and pals with zero procurement..

@Mike_Fabricant Please continue to believe your own BS Mr Fabricate..

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@Mike_Fabricant Scrotum sac, get your lies fact checked before making a bell end of yourself. Johnson was married to his previous wife while Carrie was his bit of squeeze or mistress in Tory speak!.

@Mike_Fabricant Why are you focussing on Labour they are not in power? The question is what are your party of law breaking liars doing about it?.

@Mike_Fabricant I’m asked what I see in Michael Fabricant .. the man who made a prick of himself when he accused teachers and NHS staff of drinking at work .. and now?? I still say I see that same prick of a bin the wig it does nothing for you.

@Mike_Fabricant Hi Michael, In what way is she highly qualified? Prostate examinations?.

@Mike_Fabricant Meanwhile, the Tories are utterly failing to resolve the.

@Mike_Fabricant I really hope I never need you to defend me. You are as believable as your hair..

@RhonddaBryant @Mike_Fabricant So why block the story? She was inexperienced. Nor was she his wife..

@Mike_Fabricant Absolute state of you! And no, she isn’t qualified for that kind of position!.

@Mike_Fabricant as she had held a similar post elsewhere. Which should lead you to question how she got that post, whether the requirements of that post are diligent enough, and whether the two posts are actually comparable. The mere act of enquiring would be improper in many fields..

@Mike_Fabricant Wallpapergate failed. Cummings failed. Partygate failed. Carriegate failed. Next is:.

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