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Updated: October 14th, 2021 09:39 PM IST

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Farry obsessing over whether I have a mandate. No issue however with nationalist commentators. As ever, unionist commentators need a mandate (apparently) whilst nationalist commentators do not. Welcome to the ‘peace process’.

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Stephen Farry has 18,358 votes, Jamie Bryson has 167 and came behind a man in a gorilla suit, a twitter following is not a mandate

@JamieBrysonCPNI You are so funny 😂 . Did you have a wobble when Stephen Farry told you you don’t represent anyone?

@JamieBrysonCPNI Are you able to sit/sh_t today after Mr Farry ripped your ars_ last night?

@arleneseesit I respect that peoples positions don’t have to be black or white on that or on any issue, but hard to hold any feeling other than Farry treats the Union and unionists with utter sneering contempt.

@BelfastSpurs No big fan of Mr Farry. Listening to him tying himself in knots at times is laughable.

I’m no fan of either of these Knobs but I can tell you now Farry if he hadn’t allready has lost the unionist vote in North Down after that wee confession 🤷‍♂️

@davidbogle1 @McKinleyAn The EU’s Ambassador to the Unionist Community Stephen Farry

@dup_online Farry handled Osama Bin Bryson well. However, I have to say, Farry does have a big honest-to-god 14th century head on him, like.

@allianceparty @StephenFarryMP Farry will fine out at the ballet box what unionist think of his anti unionist views.

@RobbieButlerMLA @StephenFarryMP Completely out of touch on this one Robbie. Stephen Farry is 💯 right here. Jamie Bryson has a mandate from nobody - he got 169 votes in North Down so he’s not a ‘representative’ or a ‘political unionist’.


@allianceparty @StephenFarryMP No fan of Jamie Bryson but the chocolate fireguard Stephen Farry absolutely rattled here.

@JamieBrysonCPNI Farry has obviously touched a nerve mo chara, could be a big vote winner for Alliance 😊

@JamieBrysonCPNI Jes wee man farry beatin you bum has really upset u, go and play with some action men take ur mind af it.

@JamieBrysonCPNI Jamie, are you running in the up and coming elections, I hope farry hasn’t put you

@JamieBrysonCPNI Me, me, me and me. Farry verbally blattered you on television. Get over yourself.

@aidanmullan @StephenFarryMP Not at all. I expect nothing less from Farry & his ilk. I await his rant against commentators from nationalist community- but of course no such rant will come, because those are his own political allies.

@JamieBrysonCPNI really Mr farry got votes from unionists how many did you get ? there is no shame in saying you lost last night you showed how small-minded you are

@JamieBrysonCPNI they say you learn more in defeat you were destroyed last night Stephen farry got more votes from unionists than you did you were rejected by your own people you speak for no one

@RobbieButlerMLA @StephenFarryMP All Farry is doing is calling out Bryson as somebody who doesn’t represent Unionism or at least any significant % of unionism.

@JimAllister @JamieBrysonCPNI Shameus your analogy with anything to do with the protocol,EU,UK or any aspect of life here in the north has been blown out of the water by Stephen Farry. In one fell swoop he cut the ground from under you and you were sat there looking like a scolded child. An Absolute DONUT.

@margaret19500 @timmckane Unfortunately since seeing Farry get elected in Bangor the value I attached to him has dwindled dramatically. Alex Easton, now an independent having realised the DUP are flailing, is working 10x harder than Farry for the area

@RobbieButlerMLA @StephenFarryMP Bryson isn’t an elected representative. Farry is criticising Bryson, not unionism as a whole. As he makes clear in the clip.

Thanks to Rodney Farry of Westmeath Examiner for highlighting this issue.

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The clip in question is Stephen Farry saying Jamie Bryson is representative of a sliver of unionism. Can someone explain how that is taking a pop at political unionism?

@RobbieButlerMLA @StephenFarryMP I think this was a completely valid point by Stephen Farry. Why shouldn’t someone who is claiming to represent a large, heterogeneous, political group be challenged to put their money where their mouth is and actually run in an election?

@CllrMichaelLong Do you really think now before you answer that Stephen Farry is. Remotely showing a shared future in his rhetoric towards unionists

@JamieBrysonCPNI @StephenNolan Jamie, I nearly choked last night when Nolan had you on again , a man that represent one particular grouping in East Belfast trying to come across as if you were speaking for unionists, As Stephen Farry said put your money where your mouth is and stand for election.

Farry now on @StephenNolan informing us that unionist concerns about an E/W border is “nonsense” & its not about identity. This is what he said in relation to nationalist concerns about a N/S border….

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In 2001 the Alliance party ‘gamed’ the system to advance their political objectives, yet now Farry & Co pontificate to unionists.

Farry obsessing over whether I have a mandate. No issue however with nationalist commentators. As ever, unionist commentators need a mandate (apparently) whilst nationalist commentators do not. Welcome to the ‘peace process’.

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