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@deputygrocott Morning all. Drinking from my mug of inspiration today! Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay safe 🌈🤗 #FFBWednesday

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Mrs H ()

@deputygrocott Good evening, I am new to #FFBWednesday but it sounds great! Currently HOD but will be a AHT in September. Would be lovely to connect with people. I have a particular interest in T&L. ☺️

Miss Hodgkinson ()

@deputygrocott Hello! I’m a Primary PGCE student looking for an NQT position in the Birmingham/Worcestershire area ☀️ #FFBWednesday

Miss Carson🌸 ()

@deputygrocott Hello everyone! I have just completed my final year as a student teacher😁 I am looking to build my network as a newly qualified teacher, in order to gain confidence and new ideas to use in the classroom!👩🏼‍🏫 #FFBWednesday

Miss McG ()

@deputygrocott Morning!!! I have just joined Twitter I am a Primary PGCE student and hopefully soon to be NQT😆 Have an amazing Wednesday ☀️ #FFBWednesday

NickMelson ()

@deputygrocott Morning. @deputygrocott You seriously need to sleep more! Vice Principal Academic in Sheffield. Liking climbing once more. #FFBWednesday

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Claire ()

@deputygrocott #FFBWednesday #FFFB Secondary History teacher in N West England. Formerly in leadership but taking a step back to pursue other ventures too, such as writing. Been teaching for 15 years.

Angie Shatford ()

@deputygrocott Good morning everyone ☀️ I’m an education writer and PR looking to connect with teachers everywhere and share your amazing stories! #FFBWednesday

Miss Johns ✨ ()

Good Morning 💓! #FFBWednesday remember to take a break, looking after yourself is important too 🧚🏻

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Donna Langley🙋‍♀️ ()

@deputygrocott Morning everyone - looking to make more primary connections, especially in the world of maths or AHT. Please add @GraciaSian to your team too. Cheers everyone #FFBWednesday

Miss McMaster ()

@deputygrocott Good Morning #FFBWednesday! Scottish teacher here excited to be going back into class next session after a year out on development! Hope you’re all well 🌈

Charlotte Burnley ()

@deputygrocott Good morning! #FFBWednesday ❤️ I’m new too all this 😂 looking to connect with other teachers, trainees, HTs ect. I’m a 2nd year trainee teacher working full time as a TA. Next placement is October so looking for some amazing lesson ideas! Socially distanced ofc 🙄😫

PGEducation ()

@deputygrocott Hey #FFBwednesday. Assistant head teacher trying to make connections to share great ideas for what will be a challenging year ahead.

Bristol University-Helen Aberdeen ()

@deputygrocott Happy #FFBWednesday. Trying to connect to educators as I seek out news and reports to summarise.

Ruth Swailes #FFF ()

@deputygrocott @Headteacherchat Morning. I’m a School improvement advisor, consultant, #VirtualStaffroomer . Have a lovely Wednesday everyone. #FFBWednesday

Paul Tullock ()

@deputygrocott Morning, hope everyone is well and looking after themselves. Sun is out, hoping for some new connections today. Remember to be kind to yourself #ffbwednesday

Mrs Fordham ()

Trust Consultant for English and Staff Wellbeing Champion. Looking to make wider connections with like minded people. Absolutely love CPD, reading books within the field of Education and developing pedagogy. Everyday is a wellbeing day. #FFBWednesday

PrimaryteachYr6 ()

@deputygrocott Year 6 teacher in the North. Currently teaching in a unsatisfactory manner #FFBWednesday

Tiffany Prescott 🙋‍♀️#TVTTagTeam ()

Wednesday, bin day and time to connect with others! #FFBWednesday

Kerry Jordan-Daus FFCT ()

@richreadalot @deputygrocott #FFBWednesday If it gives you joy and pleasure buy it? I bought some beetroot seeds BUT can’t find them now!!!!

Vinny Turner ()

Good morning all. Head Teacher of a primary school in Newcastle. Interested in connecting with like-minded people in education. Today I’ve got a virtual meeting with governors to discuss risk assessments! Exercise will also be on today’s agenda at some point. #FFBWednesday 😬

Alice Hackett ()

@deputygrocott Good morning #FFBWednesday enjoying the most of family time during half term before returning to school. Year 2 teacher NQT mentor and school direct mentor.

OwenLewis ()

@deputygrocott Hello all! Diversity + Inclusion facilator here for schools and businesses - primarilly working with young people to help create inclusive communities through dialouge, collaboration and play. Would be lovely to connect with other #FFBWednesday people!

Nathan Walker ()

@deputygrocott #FFBWednesday - Hi all! Looking to expand my network. Feel free to check out some of my resources on my website at: Looking forward to making more connections! #EduPE

Miss C ()

@deputygrocott Good morning and happy #FFBWednesday! Heading into school today armed with lots of activity ideas thanks to this wonderful edutwitter community 🥰 have a great day ☀️🌈

Joanne Butterworth MCCT ()

@deputygrocott Morning Headteacher doing her best, just like all educationalists at this time. Sun ☀ is shining on this fine #FFBWednesday

Simon Johnson 🙋‍♂️ ()

@deputygrocott Morning all. Drinking from my mug of inspiration today! Hope you have a wonderful day. Stay safe 🌈🤗 #FFBWednesday

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Use your imagination ()

@deputygrocott Hey fellow educators, year 6 teacher and phase leader, let’s connect. Currently working on these for every subject. #FFBWednesday

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Thomas Procter-Legg ()

@deputygrocott Morning! HT of a special school currently collaborating on #FFBWednesday

Tubatsi Moloi ()

@deputygrocott Happy #FFBWednesday to all teachers and mathematicians!

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Stephen Fallon ()

#FFBWednesday someone remind me, what’s teaching and learning again? Now risk assessment, I think I’ve moved from intermediate to advanced in the last few

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