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Updated: September 16th, 2021 12:39 AM IST

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Bourbons ahead of fig rolls? Party rings ahead of ginger nuts? Some major biscuit crimes taking place here.

Fig Rolls Twitter

@MattProvostHR This is all wrong! Pink wafers go way up there. Fig rolls need to come down. Madeleines are cakes - what are they doing on there?! And where the bloody hell is the king of all biscuits, the chocolate hobnob?!

@danapond42 Woah hang on,no way are custard creams bottom and who the hell eats fig it was only folks who need a good clear out that eat them.

@bottomforbeals Fig rolls before custard creams 🤮 Who put this together an intern who put the wrong tag lines

@MerryMichaelW @TheStarryBones I love fig rolls if the outer biscuit is crunchy, too many varieties get that wrong.

Weetabix above custard creams?? Bourbons are nasty lol. Fig rolls 🤢. Wtf is madeleines??

@venomsdoII they really put FIG ROLLS above pink wafers and custard creams?? this is so sick

@samfrowe Maybe they mistook Weetabix for hobnobs?! But fig rolls are ace tbh, custard creams suck. Ginger nuts should be higher and party rings in the bin!

Pink wafers at the bottom and fig rolls anywhere other than the bin? Imma throw hands with a cancer charity, a new low for me indeed.

@fuckinfabul0us I wanna try garibaldis and fig rolls. Never seen anything like those in any store 😭


Frigging (Fig) Rolls? Whey the hell is Weetabix on a biscuit and a bit like Brexit it is mainly old people that like them and vote for them #figroll

1) Pink Wafers and Custard Creams do not belong there 2) Who the heck is eating Weetabix? 3) Garibaldis and Fig Rolls are trash Fight me!

@Jim936 And Ginger Nuts, the only biscuit with the robustness to be repeatedly dunked into tea too. The people who made that diagram should be locked up. (also: nobody likes fig rolls, except my dad)

Respect pink wafers and why is shortbread and fig rolls up so high?

@macmillancancer Fig rolls are an abomination they are hateful in the sight of The Lord

@DrKorgi exactly!!! i’m shook that fig rolls made it to first class tier?? and party rings tbh, they’re not exactly ur every day biscuit are they

@StephenMangan I bet she’s celebrating with a glass of Lambrusco a packet of fig rolls and a Word search puzzle book.

Fig Rolls trending. I assume Johnson has made a packet of them Minister for Overseas Development. #reshuffle

Bourbons ahead of fig rolls? Party rings ahead of ginger nuts? Some major biscuit crimes taking place here.

Can everyone just stop moaning about fig rolls, I bloody love them, your spoiling biscuit day!!

@LouiseLacy I could never get enthusiastic about Garibaldi biscuits, and fig rolls were also a bit meh for me too 🤔 One glaring omission there though surely is Peek Freans lemon puffs, a staple of any respectable biscuit selection when I was a young lad 😛

@AVagabond_ Who compiled this travesty of a biscuit selection?? Party rings? Fig rolls??

Fig rolls as first class but custard creams as bottom of the barrel?? Get a grip. Also Weetabix is NOT a biscuit

sorry but what absolute WASTER is putting weetabix as biscuits, party rings THAT HIGH, disrespecting jammy dodgers and even considering fig rolls?!?!?!?!

Fig rolls! How can anyone eat a biscuit that bears an uncanny resemblance to a dogs bum hole.

@arghkid What the hell are these lot smoking? Ginger nuts bottom of the barrel? Who the fuck eats fig rolls?! Not having this

@macmillancancer I like fig rolls and garibaldis. There are too many biscuit heathens in this thread!

mans really put fig rolls over custard creams, pink panthers and ginger nuts

@porcelainpisces Fig rolls 😋😋😋 yummy in my tummy but I do like custard creams and bourbons yum!

@PerthshireMags Fig rolls are an abomination, and I still refuse to believe my Dad liked them. They were just safe from us weans.

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