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Watching Question Time with Mick Lynch. Audience overwhelmingly Tory. And Fiona Bruce is obviously determined that Mick Lynch will not have a fair say.

Fiona Bruce Photo,Fiona Bruce Photo by Diane Abbott MP,Diane Abbott MP on twitter tweets Fiona Bruce Photo

why on earth is fiona bruce interrupting with arguments she expects the tory panelist to be making, to cover for them not managing to? what a thoroughly embarrassing charade this whole format is, easily the most malignant show on television.

Don’t dare be an articulate worker on Question Time or you’ll get cut across, be interrupted and get the snide put downs Mick Lynch got from the get-go, clownishly transparent stuff from Fiona Bruce.

Watching Question Time with Mick Lynch. As usual majority of the audience are Tories. And Fiona Bruce has already interrupted Mick Lynch twice in 10 minutes. She is obviously determined that he will not have a fair hearing. Outrageous..

Fiona Bruce Photo,Fiona Bruce Photo by Diane Abbott MP,Diane Abbott MP on twitter tweets Fiona Bruce Photo

Another W for Lynch here with Fiona Bruce’s intervention sparing Tory blushes.

Fiona Bruce is such a voice piece for the Govt and business entities. It is really shameful. The key word is impartiality and it is sadly lacking..

It seems that Mick Lynch held his own, despite constant interruptions from Fiona Bruce, who has to be the most BIASED presenter ever, and a totally tory audience. Well done Mick Lynch..

@thepipster64 @ukiswitheu Fiona Bruce should be removed from that show after the way she just dismissed that most valid question. She is ment to be neutral in these debates but she clearly showed what side of the fence she sits on!!!.

@MelodyG23316922 Loads of Tories on this show tonight. Fiona Bruce is definitely biased as.

@bbcquestiontime @RMTunion the audience were 50/50 in applause at the start, yet virtually every question is anti-union. Sorry but what is happening here is an outrage. Fiona Bruce is 100% responsible..

Please can Fiona Bruce strike next week. My word, how can a mediator be so unbelievably biased… #bbcqt.

Fiona Bruce just asked Mick Lynch to let some audience member talk when she has not let Mick finish any point? I’ve not watched this programme for months but see it still lacks impartiality. Let Mick speak for gods sake #questiontime #aupportRMT.

It’s a shame some key questions appeared to be ignored or disregarded tonight by Fiona Bruce and therefore were left unanswered. Frustrating at times to watch. #bbcqt.

@TropicClaire44 @annakerr_ Good point. The audience on question time is mainly Tory. Fiona Bruce even admitted this..

@DebbieWalker22 Agreed, Fiona Bruce is just a Tory enabler, as illustrated in the last #bbcqt She needs replacing with a truly neutral host, she has lost an semblance of professional neutrality now..

@CourierBoyUK I’ve just don’t watch it anymore as it’s always been predominantly Tory since Fiona Bruce took over. But the BBC is very right wing too #BBCQuestionTime #BBC.

@davemacladd Yon Fiona Bruce is struggling to control both the panelists and the narrative..

Plenty of Tory plants on @bbcquestiontime and Fiona Bruce is doing a good job of picking them out…#BBCBIAS.

@bbcquestiontime Why is Fiona Bruce now answering for the Tory party? Also cutting off Mick Lynch was so rude & would never do that to a Tory MP.

@JohnEdwards33 Why does Fiona Bruce accept wages? She has loadsa money and COULD work for NOTHING. She knows little about what LOW paid folk go through BECAUSE she has NO EXPERIENCE OF having NO MONEY..

@BBCFLauraKT I thought quite the opposite. Fiona Bruce was firm but fair! Mick Lynch was put in his place by members of the audience..

@timmckane Fiona Bruce admonishing the Tory Minister for not saying anything to rebuke Michael Lynch was another stand out moment..

@Thelma_DWalker @bbcquestiontime Me too Thelma. Fiona Bruce is like a cobra ready to strike at any left leaning panellist. The audience has been dragged from some foetid Tory swamp and the Labour panellist was useless..

Television lynch mob leader Fiona Bruce is on £405 000 a year? What was that about pay restraint? #bbcqt #RailStrikes.

@ukiswitheu A disgrace that Fiona Bruce does not allow the panel to answer but immediately cuts to another audience member..

@annakerr_ It was dreadful. Personally I feel Fiona Bruce doesn’t help either as she continually comes across as a Tory- oh hang on….

@Lauretz5 @JimmyG2 Some people have principles. I don’t know Fiona Bruce or what her political views are. I don’t even watch Newsnight. I object to people attributing views to people they don’t know and then criticising them for their supposed views..

@KristShallcross @bbcquestiontime I’m sure Fiona Bruce is employed by the Tory party #bbcqt totally biased bring back David Dimbleby. Fiona Bruce stick to #antiquesroadshow.

@helenmallam Fiona Bruce is a terrible ‘host’ of Question time another audience of tories, Mick Lynch is calm and trying to answer questions,.

@bbcquestiontime @RMTunion Time to get a new chair for this. Fiona Bruce is bye her sell by date. Let Mick Lynch answer a question FFS!.

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