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I will be the first one to say if Firmino has been poor but he wasn’t today, some of you are so lazy in your analysis of him.

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Lol incorrect. Analogous situation to when Wijnaldum is bad on the ball, both still have a great impact off it. Wijnaldum with his positioning. staying central to block transitions and Firmino with taking up spaces that drag DM’s and CB’s our of their zone for others to profit..

@6xMilan @Metropoolitano yh theres deffo an agenda against salah tbh firmino gets away with much worse.

@FMLFPL to temper a bit, 6 missed shots one of which a sure goal, he had so many chances that he wasted generally. His hold up play and passing were pretty great though. Firmino was 100% playing behind Mane and Salah as a 10 or playmaker.

Copas America: Firmino: 1 Benzema: 0 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️.

والله من قبل الاحصائيات وانا كنت عارف انه اجسن لاعب فى الماتش دا كفاية الاجوان اللى العلق ضيعها هو اللى بداها كلها او لاعب الثرو واكتر واحد كان بيطلب الكوره واكتر واحد متاح فى العمق وفى الثنائيات #firmino العشق.

The madness of that Salzburg shape. Up the 4-1-3-2 Reds I guess? Think Keita and Firmino can really complement each other in that team; Firmino drops and does all the bits that make him Firmino and Keita can drive into that space #LFC.

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@anathaismatos @GuilhermeCPrado o que Firmino não entrega de gols, ele entrega abrindo espaços, puxando marcação, é um jogador de inteligência tática raríssima.

Marcar sin mirar: Mi idolo Firmino (del cual no he visto ni un partido): sí Benzema (poco pelo): no Firmino >>>>> Benzema.

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@Tactical_Times Do you have Firmino stats? Can only assume his pass accuracy was around 9%!.

@migquintana @DiegoChang8 Te agrego otra cosa: Bajar a Firmino hizo que Mwepu esté más controlado y así quitarles recorrido a Henderson y Wijnaldum que estaban sufriendo el mediocampo. Hizo al local más lento y, como bien dijiste antes, pudo seguir contando con velocidad en ataque gracias a Salah DC..

Firmino’s attacking movement and positioning are only matched by Suarez, no Firmino slander on my TL..

@tommolyneux11 But he’s inconsistent in my opinion, he scored 17 less goals last season than the season before, should’ve had 3 or 4 tonight, Mane is a top player, Firmino improved massively, Salah inconsistent (in my opinion).

I will be the first one to say if Firmino has been poor but he wasn’t today, some of you are so lazy in your analysis of him.

Wow. Klopp, Salah, Mane and Firmino really ain’t gonna be here forever. Fucked up.

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