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Good morning! Our usual hedonic breakfast is currently being served on @BBC6Music. Join us and power up with fabulous music before Tuesday does its thing to what’s would you like to hear #FirstIn?.

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@6MusicStudio Hello Lauren &PROD Crew 📻🎙️📡 Lauren I am so happy you are back on the airwaves<3 For Hump Day #FirstIN can I ask for Everything but The Girl-Missing(Todd Terry Mix) I just finished reading book Bedsit Disco Queen and this tune will cover soundtrack for today:).

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Sabre Dance by Love Sculpture? #firstin.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music What a difference a day makes - Esther Philips #firstin.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music #firstin the kitchen making the packed lunch for my daughter. Would love to hear The Rat by The Walkmen aimed at the sun for doing a runner and leaving us with grey.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Morning Lauren it’s the same #firstin request from me CHILDREN- EMF please please let me hear it 😂 I’m a mess on the floor until you do! 🙌🏳️‍🌈.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music My niece was #FirstIn to my bed this morning to waken me-loving spending some quality time with my big sister and her family over the holidays. 🌸🐇❤️☘️ Could you play us anything by please? 🙏🏼.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Good morning Lauren, my #Firstin request is Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharaos.

#Firstin but not first in if you get me @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music Still in a chilly campsite on the Norfolk coast with Katie but if I can get a tune in, it would be Major Lazar and Get Free please before we pack up our tent and head home? x.

Good morning! Our usual hedonic breakfast is currently being served on @BBC6Music. Join us and power up with fabulous music before Tuesday does its thing to what’s would you like to hear #FirstIn?.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne The Boat That I Row by Lulu? She still rocks! #firstin.

@BBC6Music @laurenlaverne The Rain, The Park & Other Things by The Cowsills (aka The Flower Girl) #firstin.

@6MusicStudio @huwstephens Morning Huw, I am definitely #firstin because I slept at work! So I would love to hear Le Freak by Chic. There’s a party going on but it’s only in my head! #BBC6Music.

It’s on the nose with #NotreDame in the background, but since I’m #FirstIn could I please request Got Til It’s Gone by Janet Jackson + Q-Tip? Important message. @BBC6Music @huwstephens.

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Murata bak sen zerrinden midesi bulanıyormuş hiç ayna da kendine bakma fırstın oluyor mu acaba #Avlu.

Things like this, JAIS and JAKIM will be firstin line to act. Single mothers, the poor, husbands not providing nafkah? You can hear the cricket singa the songs of the nature calling bullsit on you..

Morning! On @BBC6Music today, What TUNE shall we play as #FirstIn today? And your #Cloubusting tunes would be awesome! 📻.

@6MusicStudio @huwstephens Bore da, Huw & team! I’m #firstin the kitchen this morning, making coffee, I’d like to hear a bit of 2 Bears, ‘Bearhug’, play it for our friend Lisa, in Yorkshire, who’s been a bit under the weather recently. Diolch!.

#Firstin again @huwstephens @BBC6Music and even though I’ve got a 3 day working week I still need some motivation as it’s a busy few days so would love to hear The Beastie Boys and Sure Shot if that’s cool? Cheers.

@laurenlaverne @BBC6Music #Firstin for Monday morning. U2, ‘The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)’ I have it as the alarm tone on my alarm clock. It definitely wakes me up ⏰⏰.

@Education4Libs #racistcnt Cleary you dont get it. [email protected] had yiur family been tortured enslaved raped and prevented from owning propertyyiud be firstin line for a check. 🖕🏼.

As previously stated, off to see @sleafordmods @O2AcadLeicester so would like BHS #FirstIn.

@huwstephens @BBC6Music I’m #FirstIn the office this morning and would love to hear Houses in Motion by Talking Heads - great Friday tune to dance round the office on my own to!.

@BBC6Music @huwstephens #firstin I’m feeling retro rock this morning. Try No Time to Lose by Rainbow for a first in track to wake everyone up - it blows cobwebs away.

@huwstephens I believe I am #FirstIn with a #FirstIn request If so, would love to hear Galang by @BBC6Music A kitchen dance is required here before facing a full-on Friday in work..

Absolutely no need for #FirstIn requests when @huwstephens is playing Tame Impala, The Ramones and M83!!!! Great way to break in the new headphones for the daily commute @BBC6Music.

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