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Official: Erling Haaland, Phil Foden, and Kevin De Bruyne have been nominated for #ManCity’s September Player of the Month award..


No idea why City fans blame Mount for Foden stinking for England but they’re just going to have to hold that.

England team news to play Italy: Pope, Maguire, Dier, Walker, James, Rice, Bellingham, Saka, Foden, Sterling, Kane.


🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England XI to face Germany: Pope; James, Stones, Dier, Maguire, Shaw; Rice, Bellingham; Kane, Sterling, Foden. What do you make of this line up? 🤔.

Matt Law
Matt Law

As written by most national newspapers today, Saka could play left wing-back tonight with a front 3 of Foden, Kane and Sterling.

456 minutes England have gone without scoring from open play, with Saka, Grealish, Foden, Sancho, Sterling & Kane this is criminal! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

despues d Messi ya no hay nada, a quien carajo vamos a idolatrar por ser ese DISTINTO?, A Halaand? solo me sirve q es d Boca, Mbappe? q se le bajen los humos y vemos, Vinicius? puede ser, Foden? le falta un poco mas. NO HAY NADIE. Solo nos queda disfrutar por los proximos 4 años..

Phil Foden is quality but he’s a bit of an enigma for England. Southgate is invested in starting him, but for the last 4 years we’ve always looked our best when we’ve had speedy wingers like Sterling/Rashford/Saka either side of Kane to run in behind when he drops deep.

Foden Photo,Foden Photo by England Extra,England Extra on twitter tweets Foden Photo

Bonucci and Acerbi look more threatened by random North Macedonians and Serie A relegation players than they do against Foden, Grealish, and Sterling. All 3 are overrated..

Imaginem que massa o intercâmbio entre os times do grupo com Jacaré no City e, sei lá, falando por baixo mesmo, um Foden da vida no Bahia. Vá lá que é desproporcional essa analogia, pois Jacaré > abismo > Foden, mas vocês entenderam que seria interessante a ideia, né isso?.

You’ve got Kane Foden Saka Sterling Grealish Mount And you restrict yourself to a 2 man midfield not allowing Foden or Mount to really play in probable desirable position And leaving your 3 isolated with wingbacks looking to lash it in the box for Kane.

🌍 𝐂𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐍𝐀𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐀𝐋 🌍 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇩🇪 Gundogan mencetak gol untuk Jerman dan Foden, Stones juga Walker tampil untuk Inggris dalam hasil imbang 3-3 yang mendebarkan di Wembley. John Stones harus ditarik kelear karena cedera. Lekas pulih bang John. 💪.

Saka should be ahead of Foden in the pecking order for a starting place in the World Cup..

Acerbi Bonucci Toloi Vs Kane Foden Sterling…cosa potrà mai andare storto #ItaliaInghilterra.

Foden and Bellinghams link up one of the only positives so far. Bellingham’s making brilliant runs forward that’s giving Foden an opportunity to make forward passes. Very impressive #ITAENG #NationsLeague.


Foden would be battling with Marquinhos for the 2nd RW spot and a “rookie” in Arteta got Gabby Jesus back to his 2017 level while Pep tried his best to turn him into pre ACL Walcott.

Phill Foden is going to get the same story as Trent, he needs to occupy on his best position and accomplishing his responsibilities easily..

@UnitedStandMUFC @bethTmufc Remove foden and put rashford , he’s got more goals and assists than him this season, remove dias and out Martinez, Dias hasn’t done anything at all this season especially that he’s not played much , he’s been on bench for 3-4 games out of 7.

@yusufmirza3132 @muzlab31 bernardo silvanin nesi kanat olm oynamıstır monaco 442 oynuyodu cünkü ama 10 numara yani foden da bak altyas katgorilerinde falan full 10 numara.

@BenHuntley2000 Exactly, we have pure threat in Sterling and foden but can’t even get it to them securely, Walker has been ultra poor for me so far as well.

@sociedadboy @England Either the wingbacks need to tuck in or Phil Foden and Raheem Sterling need to drop deeper, because Italy are out numbering us in there.

Phil foden is so overrated man, he ghosts every time i watch him play, How he avoids critisicm ?.

@adamcarrara1 @curtiswoodhous8 Kane, Sterling, Foden, Grealish, Maddison, Toney, Sancho, Mount…..


Its quite noticeable that Bellingham makes good runs when he sees the ball going to Foden knowing he is capable of finding the pass, decent chem so far.

Take Bellingham, Foden and Kane out of this side and it’s no better than Stoke City circa 2015 #engita.


Jude’s been our best player by an absolute mile here. Only other above average players have been Foden and Dier #ITAENG.

@DUCKmagstoke We won’t produce many like him mate, he’s quality. Foden the same but he’s had the risk taken out of his game, by Pep and Southgate..

Both wing back so so poor so far . Bellingham , Dier both looked decent. Attacking wise we’ve been non existent. Believe 2 fast wingers each side of Kane is needed. Love Foden but just doesn’t fit this system.

In this Italy v England match: Foden & Bellingham > Kane & Sterling #UEFANationsLeague.

@Mikeysanchez27 Nah the entire team is having a stinker foden is still the best player on the pitch.

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