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Alabama State Rep resigns as pastor after giving the invocation at a birthday party for Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forrest in Selma, Alabama and then posting about it on Facebook. He’s still in the Alabama House. His name is @DismukesWill.

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Forrest(阿甘,禮尚往來) ()

@XijinLi 舍得一身剐,直接搞个无比自由的无政府主义样板。让我们也见识见识什么叫自由!

Celtic FC News
Celtic FC News ()

Celtic At The Summit After A Five Star Performance Where Edouard Steals The Show. James Forrest

Anthony Quicci
Anthony Quicci ()

12 hours yesterday, 4 hours so far today, no weekend this time around. Need to get this house paid off so I can do a career change and mow lawns like Forrest Gump.

Doodles ☕
Doodles ☕ ()

@AnothermillennR Gary Oldman Ian McKellen Meryl Streep Morgan Freeman Leonardo DiCaprio Tom Hanks Tim Allen (At me I love him) Sandra Bullock Keanu Reeves (personal opinion I just adore him) Benedict Cumberbatch Chadwick Boseman Forrest Whitaker For consistent but may not be great: Nicholas Cage

stuart mckay
Stuart mckay ()

@jamesgogs5 @AgentScotland Our weak point is Forrest another very average performance time to upgrade wide right

عمود مُنْصِف
عمود مُنْصِف ()

با این تفاوت که من برای جمع کردن فقط یه شارژر اندروید داشتم و یه ماسک 2 لایه با کش تنگ و یه خودکار کیان.

Sam Wickliffe
Sam Wickliffe ()

@SHREKRAP If you include mixtapes I’m going to go with J Cole. But without I’m not sure, Forrest Hills Drive and Take Care are both classics but after that it’s difficult. I’d probably still say Cole but it’s so close.

Bibi ()

Filmes preferidos? — estrelas além do tempo, como eu era antes de vc, forrest tem vários

Stupid Aritz
Stupid Aritz ()

Lo siento pero si veis Forrest Gump y no lloráis es que no tenéis corazón y no quiero tener nada que ver con vosotros.

Dáithí Mhic
Dáithí Mhic ()

Sgoinneil! Is toil leam sin gu mòr! Thought Celtic looked stronger and stronger as the game went on; Eddie, Taylor and Frilmpong in particular. Forrest had some really incisive play too. 🍀

عمود مُنْصِف
عمود مُنْصِف ()

امروز والتر بودم، اونجا که بدون آمادگی قبلی فهمید باید هرچی جمع کرده برداره فرار کنه و نمی‌تونست هندل کنه چه گوهی باید بخوره.

Kaden ()

@Nohrian_Trap “Thank ya! It’s good to be appreciated by a cutie like you!” He gave Forrest a smile.

Rog R
Rog R ()

@ClauArrazola Sal!!! No te Corre! Corre por tu vida!!! Run Forrest, run!!! 😂

Ian Scobie
Ian Scobie ()

@LouiseCeltic I wouldnt bother with another striker,id concentrate on steadying defence,maybe another CB,if Karamoko is gonna be used as backup then play him,if not we need a winger,Christie is ineffectual on the right when Forrest gets switched left

Aymeric ()

@AlexandreTalker Oula alors déjà Interstellar la première fois , la ligne verte même encore récemment , gran torino million dollar baby , le cercle des poètes disparu Forrest Gump plein d’émotions aussi et en animation la haut quand j’étais petit

Haunted Getaways
Haunted Getaways ()

Sci Fi author & atheist Forrest Ackerman died in 2008. Has he sent messages from beyond?

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𝗦𝗮𝗺 𝗠𝘂𝘀𝗴𝗿𝗮𝘃𝗲𝘀
𝗦𝗮𝗺 𝗠𝘂𝘀𝗴𝗿𝗮𝘃𝗲𝘀 ()

@WayfaringWxlf and moss like. Like a forrest after the rain. « I looked for you everywhere. I thought you left without saying goodbye. »

carolina is veryyy 𝑣𝑖𝑟𝑔𝑖𝑛
Carolina is veryyy 𝑣𝑖𝑟𝑔𝑖𝑛 ()

Grease, Forrest Gump, mean girls, toy story, ratatouille, Just go with it y son como niños

РусьКиїв Україна 🇷🇴🇧🇬🇷🇸🇭🇷🇹🇯🇸🇰🇱🇻🇮🇹
РусьКиїв Україна 🇷🇴🇧🇬🇷🇸🇭🇷🇹🇯🇸🇰🇱🇻🇮🇹 ()

@forrest_dt перепутали не повесился, а выпрыгнул, а тот пьяный стал популярным

Participation Trophy Wife
Participation Trophy Wife ()

@ArtistIzzy Anything brighter pink! But I might be biased bc I just dyed my hair bright pink

Jon Dopeless Dogan
Jon Dopeless Dogan ()

@ali Next they’ll take away the gum drop Forrest! And all the other fair tale nonsense! Oh no!

John Inge
John Inge ()

When insults had style: He loves nature, in spite of what it did to him. Forrest Tucker

Forrest Russell
Forrest Russell ()

@AdamCrigler In the early hours of the morning. The phone rings and Hillary Clinton quietly shuffles out of bed past her husband and three 14 yo girls. Answers the phone, with surprise, “I told you I was retired.” The response, “but ma’am we need you one last time.”

Ryan (Smith) Zickgraf
Ryan (Smith) Zickgraf ()

This disturbing memorial to Nathan Bedford Forrest in Selma, AL built by neo-Confederates is less than 20 years old. Doesn’t mention a word about slavery or the KKK.

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Kethelen ()

Forrest Gump é um filme maravilhoso e deveria ser obrigatório as pessoas assistirem pelo menos uma vez na vida


La mamá de Forrest Gump decía son tontos los que dicen tonterías ...pues eso

apple brown katie
Apple brown katie ()

While You Were Sleeping The Pruitt-Igoe Myth Imitation of Life Eve’s Bayou Forrest Gump (a host of others)

*clever & forgettable name here*
*clever & forgettable name here* ()

@gpgomez @jacquiestern1 How do you hate Forrest Gump? I didn’t *love* it, but it didn’t suck 🤷‍♀️

Sergio M
Sergio M ()

@interrupcion Revisé como ejemplo el libro sobre cine “Misterios de la sala oscura”, de Fernanda Solórzano. Aquí habla de Forrest Gump y llega a mencionar que es de Zemeckis. Con otras menciona el director o el año de la obra. En bibiliografía sólo cita libros. Espero te sirva.

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Franklin Leonard
Franklin Leonard ()

Alabama State Rep resigns as pastor after giving the invocation at a birthday party for Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forrest in Selma, Alabama and then posting about it on Facebook. He’s still in the Alabama House. His name is @DismukesWill.

☚ john kirkup #Farm24 ☛
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