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The need for scapegoats has to stop. The only people to blame are Fosun. No point getting on players’ backs (MGW, Dendoncker mainly), we have no other options and slagging them off will do nothing whatsoever. #wwfc.

@MrRyanLeister Bruno said in the press conference ‘Leeds made 4 substitutions and I can’t make any’ Damning and is completely at Fosun’s door!.

Good job Mendes held our hand through the first 3 years of the Fosun era otherwise we’d be in league with Shi and Sellars running the show.

@WolvesFirst @Fosun Agreed mate, the way things are going with China and Taiwan they might have to sell!.

Same. Some just have the wool pulled completely over their eyes. Fosun still managing to live off the good will garnered from the 17/18 and 18/19 transfer windows. It’s been 4 years since we had a good window and that’s acceptable to some. Baffling #wwfc.

If you need a result to spell out to FOSUN that we need more players that was it. We dominated for 20 minutes in second half and had to capitalise. We were crying out for changes and had nothing. I also thought both full backs were poor which is concerning.

@NathanJudah 1 or 2 players at best is all he’ll get if he’s lucky. He needs to grow a pair. Call out Shi and Fosun and quit. #fosunout #clowns.

Feel sorry for Bruno, no options to turn to. Going to be a long season unless Fosun put their hands in their pockets.

Surely toxic Molineux isn’t far away the way things are going, I’m not sure if Fosun have experienced that yet..

Fosun back us or fuck off small squad and 5 subs rule looking like relegation . #wwfc.

Joined in august 2022, 3 followers, no profile picture. Can you believe Fosun are making fake Twitter accounts defending themselves 😂😂😂.

@adwwfc @LJNwwfc Can’t believe Bruno was actually forced to bring on chem Campbell, Fosun out.

The Belotti and Guedes rumours are a psyop by Fosun to get the fanbase temporarily pacified. Do not be fooled! nvv yvv svv….

@Veritas11001896 @MrRyanLeister He certainly won’t walk because the squad situation is completely down to Fosun..

@Happygirl401 I think the fact that apparently Mouthino is injured and missing for a while now won’t help but I hope Bruno goes to Sellars and shows him a video of the fans singing there frustration at Fosun so they can finally pull there finger out..

@WolvesFirst @Fosun They are so close to being the next Leicester… £150M well spent and we could seriously challenge for Europe if not League. They should become minority owner, and remove the geopolitical/communist pressure that is obviously limiting their ambition. #wwfc.

@NathanJudah Fosun are obviously no longer interested in the club, & Jeff Shi/Scott Sellars are equally to blame. I think that if they don’t care anymore then they should sell up now before their mismanagement ends up with us being relegated & the value of the club plummets #fosunout.

@RealKingJen Fosun/Jeff it is damning when your manager says he ‘can’t make any substitutions’. Pull your sodding finger out & sign some bloody players. Back your MANAGER! If not sell to someone who is interested in progressing our club!.

@Stonewolf68 @NathanJudah How is that going to help? I totally agree Fosun need calling out, but it needs to be from a different avenue. Last thing I want is for us to go down, as we will go down again as players leave. Hmmm, haven’t we been here before 🤔.

@NathanJudah It’s not good enough we want Jeff/fosun/sellers out sell to someone who wants to make something of this club and not keep owners who just want money money money enough is enough it’s every window it’s the same shit no players owners got no ambition out out out out out.

@JasDeo1 Those comments are a sad indictment of the way Fosun are running the club or should I say running down the club..

@NathanJudah its not even a big injury list. 4 players and traore might be sold. Fosun need to back this coach to give him a real chance of moulding his team. I think Bruno could be brilliant with the right backing.

Take Boly and Coady out and that’s a League One bench… what are Fosun bloody playing at 😩😩.

@WolvesFirst @Fosun Weather its the 1st game or not we havent got a big enough squad and need to invest and if fosun are not prepared to invest anymore and take us to the next level we am going to be in the shit simples.


Fosun have yet to experience a toxic Molineux. If something isn’t done, they might be experiencing that very soon..

@Fosun_Intl your apathy towards my football club, #wwfc, is disrespectful to the supporters. Brand building tends to go badly if the price continues to go up but the quality of the product goes down. It’s no wonder you are £40 billion in debt..

The defeat was all on the Fosun, Shi and Sellars, picked his strongest team but there was just nothing to change the game from bench, that small squad has cost us #wwfc #fosun.

@jimmywinslow No not at all. You would buy a player like him if he was Portuguese. Who would you play where he’s played? Who says nunes is going to cut it in England? We don’t have enough players as it is. Keep him,and Fosun will have to get their money out..

@LiamKeen_Star Fosun need to sell up whilst we are still in the Prem because on that performance we will not be a viable buy come Christmas!.

@tod1877 Our relegation is just a season later than I had anticipated. Fosun we’re skint 2 seasons ago but lied about FFP. It’s not a well run club anymore. They need to sell now and not when we are championship bound..

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