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  • #fourinabed bloody Arthur and those Scouse gits are enough to make me wanna smash me head against a wall.

  • #fourinabed shoukry & waguih & Hero lads are crackin, the rest are as likeable a the president of the USA.

  • Loved the place! The guys came across as genuinely nice and I thought the glasses were a lovely touch, the ‘hobby’ comment was unfortunate as it gave the moaning Minnie’s a reason to mark low 😡. In my eyes they win this week don’t care about tomorrow #fourinabed

  • I have a very bad feeling " arfur " or Nigel lithgoe will win sadly #fourinabed

  • The two guys and Shoukry and his mate are the best on #fourinabed this week, the other 4 are as appealing as a dose of the flu. Absolute morons.

  • Arthur is a first class twat and drives a bmw #smug #cantcookbacon #fourinabed

  • Shoukry & the young lads are lovely. The other 4 are as likeable as genital warts. #fourinabed

  • We knew them four would give low scores, roll on tomorrow.#fourinabed

  • The comments during #FourInABed have me 😂😂😂. The only time the c word is used in full force Monday to Friday. These viewers go hard!!

  • Why say its fine, then complain after... #fourinabed

  • Hope Arthur and Debbie find out they are long lost brother and sister #fourinabed

  • All the couples on #fourinabed are just taking the piss - I feel sorry for Shourky and Waguih - shocking!!!! 😖

  • Arthur is a vile petty man. I wouldn’t stay at his shithole if he paid me to #fourinabed

  • Hope Arthur and Debbie’s place goes bust 😂 I cannot stand them. #fourinabed

  • Sometimes Arfur a guest deserves being insulted #fourinabed

  • Just found this photo of arthur and their b&b “i dont believvvvve it” #fourinabed https://t.co/ZrjILFp5uj

  • Arthur is a fucking arsehole #fourinabed

  • Arthur and Debbie - you are not coming across well at all, don’t go on a programme where you are judged if you cannot handle criticism #fourinabed

  • You got to learn how to take comments if your going to dish it out #fourinabed

  • Never seen an old man having a tantrum before over breakfast #fourinabed

  • Arthur needs to grow a pair .. poor excuse as a human #fourinabed

  • Top arseholes with this scoring. #fourinabed https://t.co/nAm0q3UNxj

  • Omg #fourinabed INFURIATES me! They’re all so petty... ”we’re sorry for using the word hobby describing your BnB” “That’s fine we know you didn’t mean it” Two minutes later “We’re insulted and the apology was wrong we won’t stay here again” Pricks!

  • #fourinabed the lads are great. The other two are pathetic childish immature and trying to find fault with them. Arthur said he didn’t have an issue with the comment and of course he’s thrown it back in their faces silly stupid man grow up get a life muppet. Disgusting man🥊🥊🥊

  • Helen “Well Suzanne I think we have been the nastiest pair of moaning rude biddies this week” Arthur and Debbie “hold our beer” #fourinabed

  • “You offended me” “Im sorry” “Your apology offends me” #fourinabed getting 2018 in a nutshell.

  • Clean your nails, Dr Myocardial Infarction. Please. #fourinabed

  • Like these two Egyptian fellas and the young lads The other couples are just plain nasty Anything to win #fourinabed

  • Arthur is one miserable old git ! #fourinabed

  • Lazy twonks, can’t move 6ft to get their arse up and get their own #fourinabed