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What @SuellaBraverman is really saying is that the electorate are “dishonest” for voting tactically (in FPTP electoral system) in an election in an attempt to oust dishonest Johnson from office? 2/3.

The only two developed countries that use FPTP instead of PR (Proportional Representation) are the UK and the USA. They are the two worst democracies. Coincidence? I think not..

I’m so not here for the lefties today. This is because FPTP systems! This is because perfection is the enemy of good and while you were chasing rainbows, purity testing the abortion rights party, the anti abortion folks ate your lunch, knowing you’d fracture in opposition..

I agree with @GavinBarwell. What ought to worry my party is the electorate getting more familiar & comfortable with tactical voting against @Conservatives. And voters in devolved nations, London, English metro mayoralties now have experience of voting systems other than FPTP.

Interesting piece on the recent Senedd reforms and closed list PR in @NationCymru. Always worth bearing in mind though that FPTP is a closed list of one candidate!.

And that’s how our FPTP Democracy “works” kids. We elect MPs, most peoples votes don’t count, the some of those MPs elect a subset in a committee with secret rules, fight amongst themselves, and 18 people get to decide if the PM is to stay. Never say EU is undemocratic again..

@LBC Because he hasn’t got anything right! He’s only done stuff for his mates! He’s a Corrupt, lying, racist who’s unfit for office & the only reason I want him to stay is so he creates so much damage to the Tories they get wrecked at the next GE & we can move to PR from FPTP!.

@SimonPease1 Tories are terrified when voters use the only weapon available with FPTP. Vote ABC!.

@DPJHodges @MFeijota Then ditch FPTP and the UK won’t need any more pacts, everyone can vote for the party they support..

最高法院推翻Roe v. Wade,投赞成票的六位大法官中有三位是川普任命的,两位是小布什,然而众所周知在2000年和2016年总统选举中小布什和川普都落后于其对手,只是选举人团+FPTP制度让他们成为总统。五位大法官由少数支持的总统任命,他们却在九位大法官中形成了绝对多数,最高法院需要改革。.

If we manage to bury this ghoulish party at the next GE, hopefully the opposition parties will do the right thing and replace FPTP with some form of PR. Then we might never have to face the threat of @Conservatives malignancy again..

@DPJHodges Good, fair play. That’s what the FPTP system allows and suited the Tories / Brexit party back in the day.

Good. Farage stood down in Tory seats in 2019, and it got him what he wanted. This is unfortunately the game you have to play under FPTP..

@SimonPease1 They can just Eff right off. FPTP gave them a ridiculous 80 seat majority when more than half the country despise them. Welcome to the new democracy..

@grahambsi The irony here of course is the Tories have benefitted massively from FPTP and the left/centre left splitting the vote between Lab and Lib. They know this too well, as nothing was said when the Brexit Party stood down over 300 candidates in 2019..

@theneilrichards @danz_68 What Neil said. In a FPTP system we care about who has the largest vote share - only looking at places where one candidate gets a majority would be a bit odd..

@___Mezzala It does. It’s a fab example of - in our FPTP system - the people organising to make their message heard. The Tory meltdown about it is funny..

@BladeoftheS The only FPTP in Europe other than the UK is Belarus, which we are starting to resemble. Crazy dictatorship is what the populist right want. #ProportionalRepresentation.

@grahambsi Perfectly fair in a FPTP electoral system. Vote for change, get proportional representation, then we can have some proper debates about where this country is headed..

Will Gore
Will Gore

@RobBurl In a fptp system, it’s always inevitable to a degree. Maybe the Tories don’t want fptp any more….

@campbellclaret You can fool people for some time but eventually we realise that with our stupid FPTP system voting ABC is the only way to get reform. Time for Braverman to polish her CV and get job hunting..

One day we will look back at FPTP in the same way that we now think of Rotten Boroughs.

@SimonPease1 Get rid of first pass the post then. Stick to FPTP people will vote accordingly..

@guardian Missing the point I favours Tory party. 2015- they feared UKIP would take votes away so Cameron caved in on a Brexit ref. 2019 Farage pulled his candidates from Tory seats. During coalition there was an AVP ref but lost. Now tactical voting is AVP and FPTP in action..

@DPJHodges So what? As long as we have a FPTP system that means that 75% of votes and more are ‘wasted’ and most constituencies return MPs who were not the choices of a majority of voters, this kind of collaborations entirely reasonable. In fact it’s a logical response to FPTP.

@DPJHodges And? D’you think that’s a bad thing? Did you think it was bad when Farage stood down his fash in Conservative seats in 2019? If FPTP means the opposition has to organise to win Tory seats, isn’t that democracy? The will of the people?.

@exRAF_Al This is how FPTP works, if you want your vote to matter. Proportional Representation is the only way to give everyone a say #makevotesmatter.

@DPJHodges @LiamThorpECHO If the voting system wasn’t rigged to maintain the Tories grip on power it wouldn’t be necessary. FPTP is not democracy..

Yes - kick Suella out at the next GE. Remove her putrid party from government & break their strangle hold by ending FPTP..

@DPJHodges Sounds brilliant to me in order to defeat FPTP discredited electoral systemwhich delivers huge majorities to the Tories on a minority of the vote and under represents opposition parties..

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