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Top 9 Glue Guys, according to @TheAndyKatz! 1. Alex Lomax 2. Dwayne Sutton 3. Luke Frampton 4. Theo John 5. Mike McGuirl 6. Andres Feliz 7. Romello White 8. Immanuel Quickley 9. Corey Kispert 👉.

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@dcarbs23 Play Tex, Fog and Frampton with Stengle, McHenry and maybe McAdam ? With Jones and Gallucci spending a little bit of time there. Play Lynch on a wing? Frampton plays 80 fwd 20 ruck?.

Greenwood, Cameron, Frampton, Jacobs, Patton, Howard, Ryder - it was a big day in #AFLTrade How do these guys fit into their new side and world of #SuperCoach next year? FIND OUT HERE:.

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ピーターフランプトンが使用したとされる、リベラがモディファイしたBOSS CE-1。 これは特別クソ高いが、ペダルのCE-1でも彼がモディファイしたやつは10万前後と、オリジナルのヴィンテージ価格を軽く超える。 Peter Frampton Rivera modded Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and Philpott Octavia.

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Peter Frampton chiude il tour d’addio con un pezzo dei Beatles.

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DONE DEAL: Frampton joins cross-town rivals #AFL: The ruckman has decided to join cross-town rivals, Adelaide. The post DONE DEAL: Frampton joins cross-town rivals appeared first on Zero.

Compare the pair: Himmelberg (21yo) SANFL stats: 16 games, 21 goals, avg marks and 66 DT points. Frampton (22yo) SANFL stats: 14 games, 34 goals, avg marks and 84 DT points. Look forward to the battle of who will become the dominant tall forward/back up ruck..

Former skipper Taylor Walker rated Frampton highly during his commentary of the SANFL grand final for Triple M. Frampton can clunk a grab and gives the Crows a strong marking presence in attack. Good pick-up.

There seems to be a fire sale on South Australian based players. Jacobs, Betts, Frampton, Ryder, Howard, Greenwood, Ellis yolman, and I don’t think it’s finished yet..

@PAFC logic. Frampton moulds into a forward. Dougs into a defender. Tell Dougs he must play forward. End up losing both. Billy through lack of opportunity when he should have been played and Dougs due to stupidity..

Peter Frampton wrapped up his Finale: The Farewell Tour on Saturday in Concord, Calif.:.

Watch Peter Frampton Close Out Final Tour With a Beatles Cover:.

@owenjjackson @BTSportBoxing Like he didn’t maul Frampton, and Selby. I love Frampton more than any fighter in the world but you’re fucking delusional if you don’t think Warrington is the best in the division. Best of this decade in fact..

Remember when the Twitter boxing experts said Josh Warrington couldn’t live with the likes of Selby and Frampton and he’d get schooled by both of them. You were wrong, Warrington is the real deal..

@HellMonkey88 @CelticNotorious Santa Cruz and Valdez have both moved up to super featherweight though and Quiggs injured so probably explains why Takoucht got the title shot. Rematch with Frampton hopefully.

@HellMonkey88 @CelticNotorious After Selby and Frampton he deserved an easy night lol.

@DazJBarker @stejroberts He saw the guy was rocked and their for the taking. Saw the chance to finish it and was throwing fists. That’s what most do in that situation. Frampton fight proved he’s got the minerals.

@Ak202102 @BTSportBoxing After Frampton and Selby he was due a fruitcake to slap. Which he did easily. Pipe down southerner..

@pwhiteley41 Warrington earned his credit and respect beating Selby and Frampton back to back but I still think Shakur beats him..

@LiamGillhespy @that_timweaver Never heard something so stupid. Frampton and Shelby..

@DirtyLeedsLeo I would back him against anyone, he wasnt given a chance versus Selby and Frampton.

Frampton Comes Loved the album. Love this !!!.

@DrPoplawski Completely oblivious to the fact Frampton has been using it for almost 10 years 😭.

@BallBielsa TBF Josh can give it the verbals. His dad is even better. He’s on record as saying he expected a Vegas fight after beating Frampton. The lad deserves it.

One of the best world title fights on British soil, ever! 🔥 Throwback to when Josh Warrington and Carl Frampton had an old school dust The atmosphere in the Manchester Arena was special that night 🙌.

Top 9 Glue Guys, according to @TheAndyKatz! 1. Alex Lomax 2. Dwayne Sutton 3. Luke Frampton 4. Theo John 5. Mike McGuirl 6. Andres Feliz 7. Romello White 8. Immanuel Quickley 9. Corey Kispert 👉.

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