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The irony that Frimpong gets penalized for a challenge that was softer than the one he got done by in the first half. Classic Scotland refereeing. #CELTIC #PARCEL.

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If Frimpong wasn’t a 6 stane wee lassie he mibbe wouldn’t have folded like a 1960s Blackpool deckchair after a fair challenge from yer man Alan Power.

Celtic fans- Stop crying over Frimpong and just look at the pretty picture.

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Based on Lennon’s post match interview it sounds like Frimpong’s injury might not be as bad as we feared. Apparently heavy bruising but currently no sign of a fracture. Doesn’t excuse the brutal treatment he got all match with zero protection from the ref, but still a relief.

Looks like Frimpong Is Up And Walking About. Apparently Its Only Bad Brusing For The Youngster! 🇮🇪🍀💚.

Here’s to you Jemiere Frimpong, you won’t be football anymore🎶 Well for a while anyway😄! Great tackle imo.

Wait, Lennon said it looks like just bruising on Frimpong and he should be fit for the weekend? 😂😂 imagine how the Celtic fans would react had one of our plays did a Caldwell and not just won the ball like Power #ShittingThemselves.

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Celtic team v Kilmarnock: Forster, Simunovic, Jullien, Ajer, Frimpong, Brown, McGregor, Ntcham, Hayes, Griffiths, Edouard. Subs: Gordon, Taylor, Bayo, Klimala, Bauer, Arzani, Johnston..

Hows that frimpong no been sent off? Firstly should’ve had been carded for that dive first half (morelos has been sent off for less) and only a yellow card for taking down the last man?.

I thought Frimpong’s last ditch tackle was superb. Clearly got the ball and deserves massive credit. Top class imo 💚👍.

@Ger1888Lundie No threat at all from Frimpong tonight mate 👎🏻 Despite been on the ball a lot that first half.

@HarryBradyCU Alan Muir also says that Frimpong should get his other yellow card by 10th February.

@CelticFC tell young Frimpong don’t get too excited,he might still get a red card in 3weeks time 🍀🇮🇪.

@CMcCeltic You don’t realise how good he really was until he’s gone. Light years ahead of any LB/RB we have, Frimpong has serious potential. Elhamed is brilliant but constantly injured.

@Chr1sMcLaughlin @ClydeSSB Kicking out at fellow professionals with his resting bitch face. Can’t believe a man who millions of young kids look up to can possibly defend Frimpong..

So after The Patrick v Celtic game I’m sure we will see Frimpong receive a Red card for being last man and Simunovic also get one for Manhandling the Referee 🤷🏻‍♂️ After all is this not how games get judged now ? After the Event we hold an enquiry unless it’s Celtic 🤷🏻‍♂️.

That’s a penalty? My fucking god. If anything Frimpong is lucky he didn’t sent off for it but never in a million years that’s a penalty..

This. Add in the penalty Frimpong should have had and the penalty given against him..

@chris_derry @CelticGossip Not only was it not a penalty by Frimpong but he should have HAD one for the shove in the first 1/2.

@martino67_ People don’t want to talk about how we played in a shape where there was no natural out-ball in the wide area for our full backs to service. They both struggled tonight I thought, Frimpong included..

@maroonajambo You desperately need an appointment wae specsavers Andy? Frimpong blatant push in the back No penalty you say😯 Frimpong wins ball clearly Penalty you say😕 nothing to do with one eye on own team, simply seeing what the replays clearly show👌.

@cfcdaly If Taylor was shite, Frimpong was worse. The system hindered both players from getting forward into the areas they usually do. I thought they both did ok..

So who was the linesman who didn’t see a blatant push on Frimpong in the box and gave an offside that was 2 yards onside and with not 1 but 2 Thistle players playing him on ! 😂 Huns had Collum banned from officiating them for less. 🧐.

@Craigmc1888 And being denied a penalty earlier in the game! Felt sorry for Frimpong there. Played well but a few key decisions not going his way.

🍀 It finishes 2-1 to Celtic in this @ScottishCup tie ⚽ There was time for a late consolation goal for @PartickThistle though! 👏 The referee penalised Frimpong for taking down Zanatta, and Bannigan made no mistake from the spot.

The irony that Frimpong gets penalized for a challenge that was softer than the one he got done by in the first half. Classic Scotland refereeing. #CELTIC #PARCEL.