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Pound plunges below $, FTSE 100 slides and UK bonds tumble as mini-budget spooks markets – enough said this is the economics of the madhouse.

This is already Grey Friday it may well turn out to be Black Friday …$ ftse 100 down ftse 250 down markets don’t like drunk drivers being in charge of the economy as I warned on jul 22 reckless.

Pound drops to 37-year low against dollar ahead of Bank of England interest rate decision – business live.

I did warn the big three would collapse foreign exchange bond and stock Mkts UK stocks fell in response to Kwarteng’s plans. The FTSE 100 was down points, or per cent, to 7, The FTSE 250, London’s second tier, fell 351 points, or per cent, at 17,.

Pound drops to 37-year low against dollar; Bank of England prepares to raise interest rates – business live.

FTSE and pound in free fall. Markets react negatively to #MiniBudget - shows lack of confidence In economy under Liz Truss and the Conservatives..

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UK Stocks for the Long Run FTSE 100 Total Return Index (USD) 2% per annum for 23 years.

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Get to know our new Head of UK Public Affairs @JamesNason! James joins @apcoworldwide with more than two decades’ experience in government relations and public affairs strategy, and has advised a range of FTSE 100, Fortune 500 companies and foreign governments..


Abrdn is in the middle of an overhaul that some staffers at the UK fund company are struggling to get their heads around.

The FTSE is crashing, the pound’s in the toilet, Kwarteng is rewarding his banker pals and the @BBCNews home page is all about boosting growth. Welcome to Pyongyang.

@LordAshcroft You mean one that crashes the economy? Pound in free fall and FTSE ⬇️.

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There is currently a run on the £ and the ftse is crashing 🤦‍♂️🤒 it’s going down like a bucket of sick #Budget2023.

So the FTSE is down , sterling is down , and presumably champagne sales to posh boys in the City are up 300%?.

FTSE100 down 5% on the day in USD terms. Conservative Government. LOL. FTSE100 is down 2%, GBP is down 3%. Most earnings in FTSE100 are in USD - so usually: £ down, FTSE up..

Abrdn is in the middle of an overhaul that many inside and outside the company are struggling to get their heads around. It kinda wants to keep being an asset manager without completely being an asset manager. New from me: via @wealth.

Bundesbank advises BoE to intervene as Sterling and FTSE collapse. So much for New Era Economics USD = £1 FTSE plummets under 70000.

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On the announcement of the budget the market didn’t react well; GBP/USD down 2% FTSE100 down FTSE250 down FTSE all-share down Property stocks sold off AIM down GBP/EUR down Gilts sold off Everything fell from Sterling to FTSE to stocks #minibudget2022.

@KwasiKwarteng Are you or your mates shorting the £? Or do the markets not have any faith in what you said hence the FTSE crash and the £ sinking..

So great budget and FTSE loses 2% immediately so that’s really done wonders for the economy? Done the Tories no good at all!.

FTSE down, sterling down, rich getting richer whilst the rest of us continue to struggle and rack up debt. Total boltwaddle from funeral joker Kwarteng today 😠.

@annabotting The German stock exchange (DAX) has fallen by precisely the same amount as the FTSE. The US stock exchange has fallen further - over 2%. How is Kwasi Kwarteng responsible for Germany & the USA? 🤔.

To put this in context, the average worker in Bishop Auckland will get about £392 a year (), the Tory MP will get an estimated £1982 on her MP, ministerial and GB News Salaries (), while a FTSE 100 boss gets about £205,000 (6%) in unfunded tax cuts Blatant unfairness 2/2.

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@torydom £ worth $ and falling FTSE down 2% bonds shifting as the £ is being shorted and our debt is being traded as concerns we collapsing! the worlds economists and financial sectors don’t think this is a good idea!.

@LordAshcroft @marknew33597947 The pound asnd FTSE have tanked as fuel is sold in dollars expect further rises.

Trussonomics -- Giltsmageddon -- FTSE sterling slumporama -- read all about it:.

Several UK equity sectors got a brief boost Friday as Kwasi Kwarteng announced sweeping tax cuts, though the FTSE 250 later slumped to a near two-year low.

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@IsabelOakeshott @drummerrich1 with bonds and the ftse both tanking, only a fool would put their money in the UK right now. Dollar assets all the way, please..

@MahyarTousi How have the financial markets & FTSE reacted since? Leftists, huh?.

Been busy today so just caught up with the news…. so gbp/usd down to and FTSE drops 2%….. so who does think this budget is a good idea?! 😳😱🤷‍♀️.

@KemiBadenoch So, tanking the sterling against all other currencies, the bottom falling out of the FTSE is @conservatives answer, hardly sound economics.

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