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Tayhlor Coleman is a seventh generation Texan living full time in her van named Barb to help register voters across the Lone Star State. You will want to read this.👇.

All Blacks couldn’t catch a cold tonight. Hands are utter garbage. What is wrong with them? Worst All Blacks performance I’ve ever seen. Willie Le Roux seizes his opportunity! FULL TIME 🇿🇦 26-10 🇳🇿 The fourth largest defeat in the history of the All Blacks! #RSAvsNZL.

Weekends are so tough for you…no responsibilities…no distractions…just you and your thoughts of relapse. Scrolling through Twitter, getting worse. And that full bank account doesn’t make it any easier. For you, this is the hardest time in your life. For me, it’s fun. ❤️.

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I second this lol 😂 the new and improved dream team!!! Also add Sheree and Kathy back as full time housewives.


@pienuthome @michaeljburry 😂Personally I wouldn’t follow someone cause I think they are full of crap. Seems like a waste and just a way to get yourself upset. You could use that extra time to do things you enjoy. Have a good one. I like the dog in your profile picture..

Full time here at Spratleys Meadow and it’s @AmershamTownFC 3-2 @Rugbyboroughfc goals scorers : Nick Kerley x2 Lewis Putman.

My Moon Your Earth Waning away bit-by-bit Then appearing again here The beautiful blue full Moon Transcending time This is a love that finally arrived after so long No matter how far away we are from each.

@Legend32Real Plans to let Teddi go had been in the works since her last SE; she was supposed to be a Friend that yr, which is why she barely had any personal scenes featured, but bc they didn’t have another full replacement at the time they kept her. It was what she contributed, not fans..

@KaidensCareKits @CTVNews It’s a review, politics, of the police investigation. A full investigation was done at the time and no charges. Police policy is to lay charges if reasonable grounds exist. The victim is taken as truthful unless there’s evidence to the contrary or the victim declines charges..

@dzoolander85 Ask your niece about the attendance of full-time nurses. They work 2 shifts then book off sick the third shift. Administrators stopped hiring full-time. Need to do some union busting before nurses can be treated as professionals. The unions & agencies treat them as commodities..

Keck Medicine of USC is hiring in Las Vegas, NV! Read about our latest #healthcare #healthcarejobs job opening via the link in our bio: Internist Staff Physician - Durango Health Center Las Vegas - Full Time 8 Hour Days (Exempt) (Non-Union).

@Bier_Automata @ninaturner I don’t even know my parents opinions and neither of them went to university. My dad is a skilled tradesman and my mother has always been a full time mon which is still very much a job. My mom also isn’t political in the slightest and my dad hasn’t discussed this with me ever..

@ThullyeNkosi @pallnandi You really need a patient woman coz you can’t just have a quickie unless you fingering or muffing. If she wants full penetration you gotta get the injection on time and wait for the rise. Kids think it’s a joke when mom says “Letha injection kababakho!” They know the lingo!😛.

@StarryEyedCap The abrupt grab at the same time as being achingly full sends two intensely conflicting signals to his brain. The want to purr at Steve and the flood of bad memories of the last alpha he had been paired with. He growls instead, shoving at Steve. Let go..

Athabasca has been key in creating pathways for learners to access online post sec & grad programs across Canada- especially for those working full time..

Promising news, for the first time all camp #Saints WR Michael Thomas was a full participant. The Saints have been very cautious with bud usage and was easing him into practice as well as giving him vet rest days..

@cjaythecreator Great question. After my business became fully passive I spent a few years not working and living in the Caribbean. As great as it sounds and was… I am now working full time again and loving it. There is such thing as too much free time.

a little further than this time but moms getting mad at me for not sleeping so i guess i cant stay for a full 24h dr yg kemaren aku tidurnya jam hampir 1 which was the last time i heard you. goodnight dad. ❤️‍🩹🤍❤️🕊️ everyone loves you!.

@jakepaul jake ur gonna make way more money if you wait. months of promo and a full press tour. more time for virality. id definitely like to see footage from the two training camps..

@StagecoachEScot no notification on your App of cancelled buses out of Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy. Single decker buses during the fringe time ALL full. Why not double deckers?.

@BernieSanders I work full time and Im still afraid to get a place because my girlfriend only gets 20 hours a week. A job and a half isnt enough..

Fast forward to 2022, Russia became a full-blown fascist state which invaded Ukraine. At the same time, the majority decided to believe that the war was inevitable and all the horrifying pieces of evidence are faked by Ukrainian propaganda. (3/6).


@Jothites We’re very sorry to hear that, and we want to follow up with you. Please send us a DM with your contact info (full name/email/phone number), the date/time of your visit, and the store address, so we can look into this. Thank you..

@PastorOnTheFly @jfile76 I work at a church in a town of 300 with a total of 4 Master’s degrees on staff all full-time. We’re a regional pulling from other towns within a 30 minute radius. Our church grew to what it is because 1. It’s invested in kids/youth 2. It pays staff well, so that turnover is low.

Not every band plays to a house full at Wacken. Sometimes you play at 12pm between Sodom and Arch Enemy with your set time overlapping 🤣🤣.

So we come to Whitstable for the first time ever and turns out it’s the towns 125th anniversary carnival! Floats, drum circles, jump around playing full pelt Top atmosphere, drinks are being consumed, the smell of ganj is heavy in the air Party!!! 🤣😍.

Pre season result The reserves & some new signings ran out today against @Nethertonfc & showed grit and determination after a first half collapse. 4-0 down at half time 5-3 at full time, we won the second half 🙌🏻 Always look for the positives in pre season #StrongerTogether.

So I have a big announcement. I am going to be switching around my working life to study my PhD full-time and edit part-time. I am really excited to be taking this step to prioritise my writing and research for a bit, although I will be sad not to attend the word mine every day.


@KeithMcCullough Anyone who listens to you discuss your upbringing, your family, the loyalty you show to those around you understands you are a fantastic guy. The world is full of people that try to discredit others. Time will demonstrate who’s a winner in the end..

This is going to be beautiful. Much love to all the full time shit talkers. We are here until the end. $ape $amc.

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