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When I was young and about to lose in Ken Griffey Junior Baseball on N64, I would quickly turn the system off so I could replay the game. It is my opinion that this did not really affect the outcome of the game. I was already very good at the game.


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Big Apple Bears ()

@dhr1dhr1 @Beatthatbeat Yes David, we will show the game. kick off here in NYC

Hampton & Richmond Borough FC ()

💨 The game has kicked off. Before we go any further huge credit to Richard Curtis our groundsman for his efforts in ensuring the pitch is playable at kick-off. Also massive respect to all the visiting Weymouth fans who have made the journey in these difficult conditions.


Kate dunbar ()

Something not adding up game off today water logged pitch rain forecast all day 2 day but game to be played 2morro strange one

Matt Burton ()

Another game off due to the relentless rain, but the lads still working hard to make sure we finish the league strong @alportfc 💪🏻


Claret and Blue ()

Well game off 🙈 could be worse, I could have to drive back North. Gutted for those that have travelled from Scunny and afar. Safe trip back folks. London here I come 😳 #UTI oh the hotel is full of families from The Greatest Dancer so guess that will be on tv later. Can’t wait!!

Daria #MVM #FreeEUropean 🇬🇧🇪🇺⭐️ ()

Anyone know who this anonymous account is? Keep on calling you? I just said you were anonymous. I am not here to play to your tune. I am not here to play your game. Now off you f*ck little puppet.

Holywood Rugby Club ()

🏉 Saturday 15th February 🏉 Gordon West Cup 1/4 final Holywood RFC v Civil Service Game on! Kick off at Kerr Park See you there! ⚫️🔴🟢

Stephen Gleeson ()

@RyanerJohn No word yet, if storm is as strong as predicted would imagine a load of games will be off. Harty game only called off last minute today though which must be very frustrating for all those on the road to it

Dan ()

Alfreton and Ilkeston both off. Will our game survive #StormDennis ???

Razzrollo ()

I would have done better the last game but some guy literally followed me across the map just to kill me. Then he showed off his edits 🤧


Alisha henry ()

Game off is trending but @GatesheadFC is on, so get yourself down to the international stadium later today ⚽️👊🏻

Fetho ()

@BohsUnofficial Dragging the bollox out of it just let fans know. My nephews under 13s are travelling to Cork for a game and it’s on. Team I manage is away in Kildare today and that’s on along with loads of other LSL games. Top league in our country shouldn’t be off over rain.

Chloe Osborn🍂Open for Commissions🎨 ()

@msblife_ These ones! I got a £10 off code for pre-ordering the game too


Stockport Georgians AFC ()

GAME OFF!! Our first team game away at Hindsford has been postponed 💦 💨

Stevo😎🍀🇮🇪 ()

@RadioClydeNews Wednesday yet it’s took until Saturday to come out! Next someone will get attacked off a lion at the game today. 🦁

Melbourne Dynamo FC ()

We don’t lose many to the weather but today’s 1st team cup game v @LittleEatonFC is off due to a waterlogged pitch


Cilfynydd RFC ()

Today’s game against @TrePhoenixSnrs is off due to a waterlogged pitch and the upcoming weather.

XitzJordziX ()

@LeedsUnitedYEP is the game likely to be cancelled from storm Dennis or can I set off?🤣

Whitehaven Rugby League ()

We’re aware of reports in local papers reporting that our fixture has been called off tomorrow vs @roughyeds At this time no decision has needed to be made and all preparations are continuing for tomorrow evenings game!


Harry barham ()

My game is off so going to watch @DorkingWDRS vs @OfficialClarets come on Dorking🔵⚪️🔴

Zookster ()

Taking the weekend off from Salt and Sanctuary to grind out some achievements. Starting out with Bastion and the 1m points Score Attack Mode Last Achievement, basicly playing the game for a 3rd time

Trebor63 ()

@forgottengoals @KingKennyStand Was this thee best game between the two sides. Yes i was disappointed with the result but both sets of fans applauded the teams off. Magnificent game 👏👏👏

St Francis Rangers⚫️⚪️ ()

As expected, today’s first team cup game vs @RottingdeanFC is OFF due to the effects of the adverse weather leaving the pitch in an unplayable condition. New date and kick off time TBA

Mr Moses Okafor ()

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND READY TO MAKE PAYMENT FOR OUR EARLY KICK OFF GAME IS VERY AFFORDABLE AND RELIABLE. CHAT ME UP NOW PRIVATE KICK OFF: 13:00PM Try us today and be convinced. Wining is our goal. Follow one of our subscribers that will give testimony. #ManCity #Liverpool


Riley Julian ()

Why the man playing the game works hard to get the key, thus pulling off a chunk of face skin, AFTER the woman has frozen to AN ICE SCULPTURE, I will never know. I guess he needed the key to get out of the room. But why try to help her then?

Keyser Soze ()

Ahahahahhhaha no way this guy tryna eat off a group stage game, and a performance home to Barca where Willian was clearly the best player on the pitch. Delusional

Swallownest FC ()

Unfortunately as expected today’s game has been called OFF due to a waterlogged pitch. @NCEL @RMFC1919


Mark Sapsford ()

@RookeryMike @mrjamesob As ever trump showing the way. Build a fanatical base - watch the opposition everything else is fake backed by an alliance of billionaires authoritarians and white supreacists, politicise the over

Darren Rovell ()

30 Years Ago Today: Michael Jordan’s Jersey is stolen from a locker room in Orlando hours before game. MJ attempts to wear jersey off a fan’s back. Doesn’t fit. Plays with No. 12. The jersey has still not surfaced in the collectible world.


Ty Kelly ()

When I was young and about to lose in Ken Griffey Junior Baseball on N64, I would quickly turn the system off so I could replay the game. It is my opinion that this did not really affect the outcome of the game. I was already very good at the game.

☚ Deeney #BeMoreNicole ☛
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