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Sometimes no words are needed to say how you feel. @BenoitBlin_MCA #GBBO

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Deborah ()

#GBBO does anyone else think Benoit Blin looks like a Bond Villain?! #gbbotheprofessionals

Neil Davis ()

@tomallencomedy mounting many pistes had me GUFFAWING!!!! #GBBO #BakeOffProfessionals

Rhianydd Webb ()

No spoilers! Time to play catch up with #gbbo I LOVE teaching, but would I have scheduled classes I’d I knew bake off was on? ........... I will leave you decide

Allie Renison ()

A whole year I waited for Bake Off: The Professionals to return (an actual year, not a TV year). Experts at work, honing their craft -sorry amateurs. Cherish is my spirit animal #GBBO

Lu Maven (she/her) ()

If only the north east was home to a gorgeous badass Geordie chef who can knock up any baking delight #gbbo are missing out by not having you @anthonyshock x x

🌹Sarah 🎭 ()

Damnnnnn Benoit looking very handsome!! Look at that suit! Swooooon 😍🔥 #GBBO @BritishBakeOff

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David Patterson ()

Absolutely love @BenoitBlin_MCA who tells it like it is everytime. What more could you want from a judge? 🇨🇵 @BritishBakeOff #GBBO

Joel Lambert ()

@anthonyshock Well the soaps are returning to filming from the 9th June so fingers crossed they manage to work something out for GBBO.

Blackadders ()

Who knew that #TeamBlackadders “kneaded” cakes on their Tuesdays? Some amazing bakes 🍰 on display tonight. Until next week chefs 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳 #GBBO

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Alika Innocent ()

How the Manc boys got through is beyond me lol they were terrible last week too #GBBO

ToeKneeP ()

I thought OFSTED inspectors were harsh! I wouldn’t want to be observed and judged by these two. #gbbo

🌸 D A N I 🌸 ()

OMG my nerves can’t handle this 😬😬😬 So tense just waiting for them to collapse 😂 #GBBO

Vanessa ❤ ()

I wonder what they do with all the leftovers when they have to make 24 of each #GBBO

Dave ()

This is so bloody hard as it is, the fact that kitchen will be roasting with so many people in there but the TV lights etc etc #gbbo

Emma ()

OMG- everything’s falling down - didn’t think the judges had asked for towering inferno #gbbo

Kathryn ()

I want to make Mille feuille quite glad that @cherish_finden won’t be near them with her ruler though @BritishBakeOff #GBBO

ً ()

noel describing the desserts on gbbo always makes me laugh bc u just KNOW he has no clue what any of it means

British Bake Off ()

Sometimes no words are needed to say how you feel. @BenoitBlin_MCA #GBBO

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