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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 11:39 PM IST

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I’m gender critical. That means I believe feminine boys/masculine girls should feel comfortable exactly as they are. They shouldn’t be told this makes them different or told they need extra labels. I celebrate gender nonconformity. I don’t accept the rigid framing of gender.

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@anomieatg @DavidPaisley ‘gender critical’ is not used in that sense. It is a term used by people who want to be unpleasant about trans people.

This is such misogynistic bs! This is just beyond words. How is this feminism?! Seriously. Gender Critical of stereotypes but enforcing every single one of them.

What pisses me off about “gender critical” people most of all is that I and most trans people in my own circles are also “critical of gender” - it’s a harmful system that has been oppressing people for generations! But what we’re not critical about is people’s own identities

@AliceAnneFaith @PhilipPullman It means what it says: being critical if gender. Second wave feminism was critical of gender stereotypes long before men saw embracing them as a way of rolling back women’s rights.

Gender Critical is trending 🤤🤤🤤see you in the bathrooms xx

Gender Critical Photo,Gender Critical Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Gender Critical is what transphobic people call themselves in the same way as Antisemites sometimes claim to merely to be anti-Zionist. You can critique gender (many LGBTQ+ people do) & not be transphobic the same way you can critique the Israeli state & not be Antisemitic.✡️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

Someone please explain to me what Gender Critical is. I nee to learn about things like this.

@jameskirkup Gender Critical intellectual transphobia literally recycles every right wing racist, sexist and homophobic trope there is.

Reminder: words like Gender Critical and TERF gives Transphobes too much credit. They reinforce old-gender views un-critically and purposefully want to make a group of women not have rights :)

@GoonerProf I bet this person hasn’t shrilled about Tolkien or any other fantasy author referencing goblins as ugly fantasy creatures that wealth hoard in a similar manner. It’s such a transparent statement based around & to discredit Rowling’s Gender Critical views Fails miserably

Proud to see the ongoing work throughout Latin America and the Caribbean by @MastercardLAC to close the digital gender gap. For millions of women today, #digitalinclusion is a critical step in strengthening their economic potential.

@PhilipPullman Gender Critical is the slightly newer term trans exclusionary people have taken, after they decided that the acronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (that was coined by a radical feminist) was a slur.

Can u guys help me find some more followers? I have a few questions I wanna ask that I don’t have enough engagement for. I’m a bonafide gender critical American, I want healthcare, I like dialectical materialism, CBT/DBT, thc, history, science, animals, cats, Buffy & Marvel…

@PhilipPullman An attempt of putting the dignity and identity of trans people at public issue without attracting the type of negative attention open transphobia tends to garner. Trans-exclusionary feminist thought is less critical of the construct of gender than of those who would challenge it.

Doing some research, came across this graphic. Seems to sum-up the situation as I see it.

I’m gender critical. That means I believe feminine boys/masculine girls should feel comfortable exactly as they are. They shouldn’t be told this makes them different or told they need extra labels. I celebrate gender nonconformity. I don’t accept the rigid framing of gender.

@WhitefieldJenny @PhilipPullman Then why stand by the “gender critical” movement? Cause if anything, I’ve been harassed by them more than any bargain bin misogynist, and I’m not even trans.

@vexwerewolf @AlexisuwuAlexis they are critical of critics of the western gender model

@TheCatFromMars @PhilipPullman That’s not what gender critical is (precisely because the concept of gender challenges gender stereotypes which gender criticals reify) but sure, keep misrepresenting it

@InclusiveLucie @PhilipPullman How can being critical of gender possibly be the same as having a conservative view of gender? They are diametrically opposed!

I was Gender Critical before I even knew transsexual/transgender was a thing. Me being GC has actually nothing to do with trans.

Gender Critical??? What rubbish have the asleep come up with this time? 🤦‍♂️

@PhilipPullman Gender Critical George Cross General Classification (in TdF) Three different things with three very different meanings

@PhilipPullman Critical of gender. Sex male/female = neutral objective descriptor. Gender = subjective prescriber of restrictive socially constructed behaviours & roles.

@PhilipPullman I’d expect a writer to know what “gender” is. The only meaningful sense of “gender critical” is when a French speaker corrects your misuse of a masculine pronoun for a table. Beyond that, it’s a feeble, if convenient, way to deny that, in this world, humans come in 2 sexes.

That this article isn’t attributed to a specific journalist, indicates that it’s been written by some ‘gender critical’ bigot and included as an ‘op ed’ by a transphobic DM editor. This is not ‘news’ it is a vomit of uncritical, inaccurate and deeply harmful transphobia! 😞

@PhilipPullman ‘Gender critical’ or ‘gender conservative’ but has nothing to do with feminism.

@AliceAnneFaith @PhilipPullman How is misrepresenting gender critical views as aligned with conservative views of gender neutral?

@PhilipPullman Some people who think themselves feminists use GC as shorthand for Gender Critical, which boils down to not liking trans people / believing that accepting and accomodating us would lead to nebulous danger for TeH pOoR cHiLdReN. Homophobia

@Ticklecustomers @PhilipPullman How strange! I often see your lot shaming cis women for dying their hair certain colours or having piercings and slut hair you seem to have a real problem with. And all of the gender critical men who tone police women and say they’re unlady like. Again, how strange

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