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I can promise that as Florida Attorney General, I will never sign onto a brief to overturn a free and fair election..

Trump told acting Deputy Attorney General Donoghue: “Just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.” Watch the Jan 6 hearings live:.

I’m sure we all agree that the only way Boris Johnson can get out of this mess is by holding a snap General Election.

disappointing results indeed @peterdevineManc but not unexpected. Interesting the Labour candidate lost his deposit in Honiton & the Lib Dem lost theirs in Wakefield.😀By-election results with tactical voting, not the General Election. A lie by you, Carrie was never offered a job.

@Stuart4WolvesSW @BorisJohnson Looking forward to the smashing of the Conservatives in the next General Election and for the Trials to begin for the egregious law breaking of this criminal Tory Government..

@JasonGroves1 @weaniejeanie53 They should take the step of holding a general election..

The Tories lose Wakefield, the Tories lose Tiverton, Dowden resigns and @DailyMailUK demand that @UKLabour call a general election..

@grannygermalee The forthcoming leadership election and next May’s General election will be crucial. We do need a Tory Party which isn’t just a front for the fascists; we can’t allow people who are marginally right of centre to be driven to the extreme right. That said I want the Tories to lose!.

To be brutal, Labour’s win in Wakefield by-election was not good enough to put Keir Starmer on course to win next general election.

Professor John Curtice says Labour’s Wakefield win is more about Tory vote drop (-17%points) then Labour’s vote rise (+8%points) He adds, cautiously, that Ed Miliband oversaw 10 by-elections where Labour vote share rose 8%points+. Then he lost a general election.

@DPJHodges Such a grotty little secret deal may work for by elections, it will be less effective at a general election Conservative voters may be prepared to vote lib dem in a by election, and many may not turn out to vote. But at a general theres a real risk of a labour govt. It wont work.

@GNev2 @OliverDowden When the time comes a General Election will decide who’s in No 10 In the meantime the PM lives.

Labour win the Wakefield by-election in West Yorkshire, having lost the seat to the Conservatives at the 2019 general election.

The argument here is that the by-elections were due to differential turnout, more than direct vote-switching. The inference is that that is less significant for the next General Election. Landslides excepted, every General Election result is determined by differential turnout..

Catastrophic night fot the Torys loosing both Walefield & Tiverton and Honiton. The Torys getting a pasting is always a good thing. But a word of caution. Turnout was low especially in Wakefield. Con voters sat on their hands, question is will they do that in a general election?.

@blackintheempir @fleurevemst I don’t put it past them, but there’s no evidence of it in the case of 2020 general election either. Sure Democrats are corrupt but there’s no proof they did it, and who cares what neoliberals and neofascists do to one another anyways.

O Panneerselvam and Edappadi K Palaniswami have ceased to be #AIADMK coordinator & co-coordinator since the amended bylaw that facilitated their election last December was not approved by the general council, says C Ve Shanmugam..

@benrileysmith But fact 20,000 voters just stayed at home will give hope if it was general election yesterday they would have come out and voted conservative.

The highlight of the next general election will be at about 8am, when Boris makes tentative enquiries about joining the Labour Party so he can continue to be Prime Minister..

@SWA4Sure In fact, I pray he yield to their calls. The disgrace that he is going to face will make him go on exile after the general election..

@BBCPolitics @lewis_goodall Please Tories - keep backing Boris Johnson. I can’t wait to see your party implode at the next general election..

@LizJarvisUK @LibDems Let us hope that by-election tactics can be translated into general election tactics..

Con➝Lab swing 13%, same as that in Corby, 2012, last time Lab gained a seat in a by-election; lost seat and general election in 2015.

@TrueBrit100 Alot of Tories stayed away just to teach Boris a lesson apparently. They will be back come the General election.

@standardnews Except the national polls don’t say that and the Lib-Lab pact which achieved this victory would need to be explicit in a General Election..

@g_m_hodgson 6 years on, and still pretending everyone was misled. How strange after 3+ years of talks, and absolute clarity that the Withdrawal Agreement meant no SM or CU membership, this was voted for in a general election, as indeed it was in 2017 when it was equally clear..


@catherinerusse2 More to follow hopefully🤞im hoping Boris throws his teddy out of the cot and instead of resigning, calls a general election!🤞.

@SiRandelly I wonder if people are properly getting the hang of tactical voting? It definitely happened last night. Many more will now vote anyone but Tory. Even in a general election. They do though stand a chance if the appalling PM goes..

@DPJHodges @lmharpin Hmm, are you calling John Curtice daft as well?.

@Elainepotter16 @grantshapps Quite right and well done Elaine for speaking out! I’m French but despite visiting #UK not once but TWICE in 2018 I wasn’t eligible to vote in the UK’s general election‼️‼️.

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