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Just another gentle reminder: Don doesn’t care about anyone but himself, except for extracting $$$$.

Be gentle and kind with your words. Most people are struggling. Life is hard. Lift people up if you can. Be less judgmental and more helpful..

Please watch this lovely & funny clip.👇 Gorgeous Penny Mordaunt larking about with much loved Peter ‘Boner’ Bone. Their gentle humour though makes the serious point that #Brexit is a HUGE success. Forget Ant & Dom. Penny playing with her Boner is the best double act in town!😊🇬🇧.

If you ask me I will tell you that your enemies are those who hold matter against you and those you should fear. The Bible has a good advice for such people Be gentle and ready to forgive; never hold grudges. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others Col. 3:13.

@elzxbth @themiasandrist In similar news my 13 yo often responds to my gentle reprobations of her behaviour with “Your mum!” I couldn’t be prouder..

على الشخص أن يكون حنون ولطيف مع نفسه كل يوم وان لا يزيد من صعوبة الحياة بقسوته على نفسه، أخطأت لا بأس لقد تعلمت، خسرت إذًا ستعوض، توقف عن تضييق الحياة على نفسك بالحسرة والندم، الحياة قصيرة مثل لحظة لا تستحق ان تقضيها منطويًا على حزنك ✉️.

혹시 몰라서 인스타 뿌리고 가요 아무나 다 받음 :).

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Izzah minister material betul. She’s the mix of anwar and azizah. Firm but gentle. Aura dia charismatic ya..

@adeolami_w Awww it’s either you’re a rich kid or you’re very gentle as a kid 😂.

i treat you like shit because you’re so pathetic. you need it. it’s your fault i treat you this way. keep me pleased and i’ll be more gentle. (findom).

@seijitsu_gentle そのどちらかなら、ザギンすね🤔 ストしてるところを、遠目で眺めさせていただきに行こうかなと🥺笑.

Tanka Name the Disease #medtwitter #MedicineinBrief Digest cyclic code Crystal needles find abode MTP on fire Satan’s breath, a gentle blow Flares up ember stuck to toe.

@villain_gentle Amane, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Twitter HQ temporarily closing due to employees getting fired by the CEO. If this is the end, I just wanna say thank you for being Gentlu and Finale. Long live Precure!!.

@midnight_pals Honestly I thought your humor was very sophisticated and well done. You gave the fictional versions of real people their own distinct voices, and managed to be extremely funny with what was almost always very gentle satire..

@iamlariyadior im a gentle person who will ask you what you want and what you need, i aim to please and hopefully i can prove it to you.

There is nothing warm caring or funny or gentle — about brutally raping a long list of women @LeahRemini. What will it take for you to take responsibility for abusing your platform to incite violence and defend a convicted serial rapist while calling #MeToo survivors a hoax..

Biffy Bidet Universal: 8-STREAM NOZZLE SPRAY, Good Water Volume, Gentle, Highly Adjustable, Multi-Level Spray with Large Cove FC5RNOE.

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@TfTeeeSH الحبيب طالب خمر متخمر بالكبت سنين وامعفن،،،، اكيد سعرة بصير غالي ،،،، ويتشكى على هالسعر ؟.

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light..

@gentle_depapre_ おごってもらうからこそおいしく感じるものもあるんだよ!焼肉とか~回らないお寿司とか~!じゅるり.

옷을 입으면서 운전했더니 속도 위반이라고 벌금이 나와버렸구만.

17:30〜 桜田 大人の色気を纏った妖艶な美人セラピスト! スレンダーで細くて綺麗な長い手脚。 TEL 080 9697 2535.

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Gentle to have, but not compromise, I want to be in quiet, not strong. Make each day count. 🍔🥬🥕.

@JustStop_Oil Gentle reminder that terrorists should be locked up..

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도쿄 가고 이거 구매하실분중에 나고야랑 교환해주실분….

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@kenpohandsome まさか! どうりでしっかりとした指摘が来たのか! 僕としたことが、もっと修行します。.

@JustStop_Oil Gentle reminder we have to live for the now as well, oil stops the world stops, you should be putting your efforts into new energy sources not disrupting our lives, you are just arrogant.

You are so gentle, you take two steps, and the wind becomes sweet @milephakphum @Nnattawin1 #WanDayXMile.

@gentle_depapre_ おなかすいた(突然) ブンどった101万円で何かおごって!.


Does love look like knowing smiles and a gentle kiss to the forehead as your sister fades away, your hand coated in her blood?.

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