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Who on Earth Do You Think You are Gina Miller?.

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@MaraudingWinger Who the fuck does Gina Miller think she is???? Why should she be told ANYTHING by the Government! She’s a nobody!!!!.

@BrexitCentral @thatginamiller Oh fuck off! (va)Gina Miller is unbelievable! #brexit #NoDeal.

Does anybody imagine, for one second, that if Jeremy Hunt had the slightest chance of becoming PM, we would now be hearing reports that Gina Miller had crawled out from under her stone?.

@Janice4Brexit @SP_015 Gina Miller, the human equilivant of a shit stain that will not wash out.

Gina Miller in legal threat over no-deal Brexit! via @YouTube.

Gina Miller launches legal fight to stop next PM suspending parliament – Sky News.

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interesting article about Gina Miller, Boris Johnson & Brexit.

She is so full of her own importance. The question she said referring to Boris was who do you think you are the real question is who does she think she is..

@RidgeOnSunday @thatginamiller Gina Miller, if you were a Brexit supporter, would you still be campaigning the way you are - about the pillars of justice around proroguing Parliament?.

Shit face at it Miller will take government to court if it closes Parliament via.

@robpowellnews @BorisJohnson John Major did it in 1997. No legal problems there. It was Gina Miller that made No Deal possible. If her last case hadn’t succeeded, Theresa May would have pushed her deal through..

Odd that Gina Miller gets the bigger headlines for the same action as John Major. Seems she is put up as the enemy to Brexit and that Brexiteers could never do the same to their old PM..

@itvnews Gina Miller is a force to be reckoned with, remained consistent even after the abuse directed at her! Strong lady 👌.

“Miller said that she and her legal team were “absolutely ready to go” to prevent what would be an outrageous attempt to bypass parliament”.

Gina Miller’s lawyers, Mishcon de Reya, have written to the likely next prime minister, saying that such a move would be not only “constitutionally unacceptable” but also unlawful, and would lead them to mount an urgent challenge in the courts..

Who the F**K is Gina Miller? Since when does a pvt individual have right to shut down Govt if they don’t like their policies? Gina Miller vows to take government to court if it tries to shut down Parliament | Daily Mail Online.

Gina Miller: Bypassing Parliament over a no-deal Brexit is beyond a PM’s powers | Bailiwick Express UK.

@carolecadwalla @DavidLammy Are you referring to Gina Miller? once again attempting to use her wealth & public influence to stop a new Prime minister from delivering on the 2016 referendum result..

@BrexitCentral @thatginamiller apparently he has to tell the lady who runs the local fish and chip shop (or is that Gina Miller?) and the Sainsburys delivery man too.

Gina Miller will take government to court if it closes Parliament via @MailOnline MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS THIS WOMAN IS VILE!!!!.

Gina Miller is going to use her legal team to stop parliament from being perogued. She is trying to sop Brexit ☹️.

Who on Earth Do You Think You are Gina Miller?.

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#Brexit is the longest withdrawal in #history, even longer than Napolean returning from Russia, so what is Gina Miller worried about; I doubt it will happen..

Businesswoman and anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller tells Sky News she will fight a legal case to prevent a future Prime Minister proroguing Parliament.

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