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The erasure of black commentary in this is really telling. Gogglebox has to explain why they did not provide room for the only Blackfellas on this show to speak!.

Meet the newest Malone member Tilly 🐶 Stand by for another special reveal on tonight’s #Gogglebox at 10PM 🕙 #GoggleboxReady @Channel4 @TheMalonesGB.

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Meet our new Goggleboxers, best friends Danielle and Daniella. #newbies #Gogglebox.

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‘Sad day for him isn’t it?’ ‘Yeah, he’s lost his fuckin job!’ 😂😂🤣 #Gogglebox.

You know it’s serious business when Pete’s crying 😭 #Gogglebox.

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Jenny: “That’d have been a sad day for him wouldn’t it (the bagpiper at Windsor Castle)” Lee: “Well yeah he’s lost his fucking job” Dead. #Gogglebox.

Welling up again at The Queens funeral on Gogglebox 😭 #Gogglebox.

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The majority of public opinion in the UK is not represented by BBC News, the tabloids or Gogglebox..

“Sad day for him” well yeah he’s lost his fucking job” 🤣🤣🤣 #Gogglebox.

I love this country. But a no country can do it like we do it is just condescending. My Portuguese Mum would agree, but in reverse. Each to their own. #Gogglebox.

Giles and Mary are completely oblivious to the filthy chair that Giles sits on. How can they not be embarrassed? #gogglebox.

I really think that #gogglebox should do like an “inside the goggle box homes” like I wanna see the kitchen Sophie and Pete store all their mugs in, I NEED to see Nuttys other decor, I wanna see how Ellie decorated her other rooms etc. @C4Gogglebox please make it happen 🙏🏼.

I may have shed a few more tears watching #Gogglebox the Corgis 😢 well done Gogglebox, well done 👏🏻.

I have to say #Gogglebox handled the coverage of the Queen’s death perfectly 👌🏻 A masterclass in television.

Boring fact. We (work) made Jenny and Lee’s caravan curtains, other soft furnishings and upholstery #gogglebox.

The editors of #Gogglebox did an amazing job of making a satirical programme respectful and emotional.

Gogglebox stars were reduced to tears as they watched the announcement of the Queen’s death on BBC News 💔.

Christmas speech still going: Charles III will be there, 3:00pm on the 25th of December #gogglebox.

Jenny has literally destroyed me tonight. Bloody balling my eyes out now love 😭😂 #Gogglebox.

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Just watched @Googlebox - to see how the reaction to the death of the late Elizabeth II went down with their participants. Well the Scots two days were ignored, I really would like to know what was said, by the Gogglebox crew during the Scotland days.

#Gogglebox That was disrespectful. The pipes have led the men of GB into battle in all wars,they were the first over the top. They mean a lot to Scots,not so much to the English apparently..

I might be a cynical twat, but all that fake grief on #Gogglebox was fucking vomit-inducing 🤮.

Me watching Gogglebox and the royal love-in tonight #Gogglebox.

How can #Gogglebox supposedly represent the entire nation when everyone on the show seems to be a toadying royalist weeping crocodile tears for a woman they never met..

My ideal world would to have @Petesandiford experience my life before me then show me how to react. #Gogglebox.

Jenny calling King Charles a naturist on #Gogglebox has literally been the highlight of my week lmao.

“Doesn’t Meghan just look stunning” “Awww Harry just looks devastated man” “It feels weird saying king man” #queensfuneral on #Gogglebox.

He’s upset. Of course! He’s lost his effing job. Perfect ending to an emotional scene #RIPQueenElizabeth #Gogglebox.

I doubt Nutty will be half as sad at Nutty’s funeral. She’s an emotional wreck. #Gogglebox.

All the English people featured on #gogglebox are like, oh he’s becoming the Prince of Wales it’s so emotional 😭. Meanwhile the Welsh be like…..

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