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[email protected] has big Broadway dreams and @juliannehough’s #GoldenBuzzer is her to make them a reality. 💛🎶🌟 .

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#agt That guy with the circling act, he was REAL! His story felt real enough. Not some measly singer that earned a #goldenbuzzer Brad Paisely made a HUGE mistake..

Really @AGT another singer for the #GoldenBuzzer ?! Well NOT really a singer , a “talker” 🤷‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.

@AGT #AGT #GoldenBuzzer iin 10 Jesus Christ with the bullying.

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That was a waste of a #GoldenBuzzer I’m sorry for who won’t go through because we had to reward teenage angst. #agt.

The best #GoldenBuzzer this season! I was hoping it was going to be @SophiePecora. So well deserved! 👏🌟 #AGT.

Congratulations @SophiePecora; you’re so special, don’t ever forget that!!! Thank you so much, @BradPaisley!!! #AGT #GoldenBuzzer.

The #GoldenBuzzer for Sofie had @Lauren_Daigle “Rescue” playing in the background. Powerful Christian music artist on a powerful stage..

I’m crying I’m literally so happy @SophiePecora got the #GoldenBuzzer!! I’m so happy and just moved by her performance!! Congrats Sophie!! ❤️❤️❤️@AGT #AGT.

Welp. #GoldenBuzzer keeps its streak of making me cry every time. @AGT @SophiePecora.

#agt The moment that #goldenbuzzer was meant for a singer, I raged inside a dark room developing anger inside. WHY CANT THEY PICK ANYONE FOR THAT BUZZER WHO IS NOT A SINGER?! WTF?!.

@SophiePecora_ your songs speak to thank you!! #GoldenBuzzer @AGT ♥️♥️♥️.

She got better. She’s not a #GoldenBuzzer. She’s a fringe live shower. I think she’s like a mid-major bid stealer. Once less spot for a better act to be in the tournament. #AGT.

This young girl is overflowing with talent. Well some of the other #GoldenBuzzer on #agt.

I knew it!!! I knew @SophiePecora would get the #GoldenBuzzer before @BradPaisley started talking. I had a hunch. Girl, YOU ARE AMAZING.

When I was predicting who was gonna be the Golden Buzzer Tonight of course Brad Paisley went with a Singer! What a shock again! #AGT #GoldenBuzzer.

I was sure the tambourine guy was going to be @juliannehough #goldenbuzzer on @AGT. 🤔.

Happened to catch this kid from Garden City on AGT tonight. Loved it Luke. #GoldenBuzzer. Well deserved! (@juliannehough is one of my favorites too).

Did you catch @TheLukeIslam on @AGT - Gosh!!! #GoldenBuzzer tonight - Broadway tomorrow.

@TheLukeIslam Congratulations! What a great performance! You deserve that #goldenbuzzer !.

He is the cutest and that VOICE! Congrats on your #GoldenBuzzer @TheLukeIslam !!.

[email protected] has big Broadway dreams and @juliannehough’s #GoldenBuzzer is her to make them a reality. 💛🎶🌟 .

@katharinemcphee you seriously need to see the AGT audition. The boy sang from The Waitress. It was amazing!! #AGT #goldenbuzzer @juliannehough.

This kid is seriously amazing and is so deserving of the golden buzzer! 15/10 for an awesome theatre kid #AGT #GoldenBuzzer.

Literally not a dry eye in our house!! Thank you for showing the world the beauty of Broadway. This #GoldenBuzzer moment was so spectacular, @juliannehough!!.

#GoldenBuzzer @juliannehough Awesome Choice!!! My daughter and I were both crying!!! Beautiful voice @TheLukeIslam #AGT.

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