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Just found one of my holy grails at @LAVideoGames1 😮😮😮 #Goldeneye.

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ICYMI - We’re celebrating 25 years of GoldenEye 007 at #EGX2022! 🎉🤵➡️ Join us for the ultimate tournament and an exclusive panel at the EGX Theatre on Saturday 24th September. (Remember: Playing as Oddjob is cheating) Get Tickets ➡️.

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Got the back end of GOLDENEYE on here and thinking how this and CONTACT are among our few cinematic records of the now-destroyed Arecibo radio telescope.

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Still to this day, one of the very best frames in any movie.👏 Phil Méheux #Goldeneye 😍.

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I’m pretty sure Famke Jansen in Goldeneye is responsible for about 20% of my kinks..

Goldeneye was a generational game. So was Starfox imo.

Goldeneye is a top tier film. But come on, you’d be mush if you fell at that height? #goldeneye.

Long day at Newton Town Show, relax and soak my feet, and Goldeneye is on ITV! Perfect! Stat; Trevelyan’s armoured loco in the film was actually a Class 20 Loco built at the Vulcan Works in 1967, D8188. They just stuck false panels on it and filmed it at Nene Valley Railway 🇬🇧.

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To my partner, @PierceBrosnan is his fave James Bond. To me, Pierce is the guy who got a lime thrown at his head in a “run by fruiting” in Mrs. Doubtfire 🥰#goldeneye.

#goldeneye Got to be the the absolute worst end credit tune of any film, not just a Bond!.

Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) @ Pensthorpe Natural Park - August 2022.

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Perfectly serviceable Bond film. Nothing wrong with it. #JamesBond #Goldeneye.

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I go into the cinema to watch Goldeneye and I come out to this slander! I’ll see you in court, Slag..

@Tarmac492v2 The problem with the post Goldeneye Brosnan films is that all the villains are basically low scale until Die Another Day, which is fundamentally terrible. Casino Royale is the only Craig one that isn’t total dogshit..

@AZ_BOLTGANG @sdjoe21 You’re def not kidding, especially if they’re still sealed… I saw a sealed copy of N64 goldeneye go for like 5 grand the other day..

At the end of #Goldeneye James Bond is basically sent to #Guantánamo. That was in 1995. James Bond is the original terrorist?.

One of the Top Four. The others being On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Casino Royale, and The Spy Who Loved Me #GoldenEye.

Hello @ITV - could you show the unabridged version of Goldeneye at some point? #goldeneye.

My ★★★★ review of GoldenEye on @letterboxd. Not quite as good as I’d remembered, but still a solid Bond flick;.

Because the incredible Goldeneye is back in UK theaters this week and I love it so much I’m reposting the insanely goofy GoldenSean redub I did:.

@JonathanWoodhe2 @jamesjhistory I regard Goldeneye as overrated (though good) and has somehow aged poorly compared to Brosnan’s later films. TND great, TWINE criminally underrated and DAD absolutely atrocious, albeit with a strong PTS..

Where the hell is that Goldeneye remaster that has its achievements keep appearing?? Thought it would’ve been announced ages ago..

@jamesjhistory Brosnan was a Roger Moore type Bond with ridiculous slapstick humour in his films. The Ferrari 348 struggling to overtake the Aston Martin DB5 and the T62 tank doing handbrake turns were ridiculous scenes in Goldeneye.

That house they’re staying at, it’s Ian Fleming’s house in the Caribbean and it’s called …Goldeneye #goldeneye.

@superseveriano Congrats it was a fantastic day by the way (also watching Goldeneye obvs).

Another ad break that is annoying, and this is why the film is being cut to ribbons. If it is about the watershed, fine, but it isn’t. It is about not properly planning a TV schedule #GoldenEye.

Sean Bean being a posh villain on a massive train in #Goldeneye. Shame that he got typecast from this as he played a posh villain on a massive train in #Snowpiercer too..

Legendary special effects designer’s, Derek Meddings, final work. Particularly worked on Gerry Anderson production (puppet and live action), Superman and Bond. Died during post production . #goldeneye.

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@Cryptocoinhunt8 My list says a lot about my age. In no particular order: Street Fighter 2, the Madden franchise, Goldeneye, Counterstrike, and Diablo..

I am never sure who I felt about Pierce Brosnan as James Bind but seeing #goldeneye at Vue this evening I felt he was very impressive. Sean Bean was also an excellent bailable. #Bond60.

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