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.@mikasounds celebra su 5 aniversario de éxitos Love Today, Happy Ending, Grace Kelly y, muchos más, en #Eurovision ¡Escucha lo mejor de su carrera en este enlace! ▶️.

@bikedebigode Menina, eu uso na suvaca e na perna, amo d+. Não sinto mais dor também. Fui tentar usar na Grace Kelly mas não deu certo.

Is the Mika my eurovision moots are talking about the same MIKA as the Grace Kelly one.

My life has been improved immeasurably by this choir version of Grace Kelly #Eurovision.

I got my first mobile phone for Christmas in 2006. It was one of those where you had to slide up the screen to reveal the keyboard. Anyway, it had a small memory and I was only able to have one full song on it - Grace Kelly by Mika..

🤣 This is libel! But yes, just do Grace Kelly on loop, Mika..

あー🖤好き!! 途中のSay what you wan~t to sa~tisfy yourse~lf♪の後は一緒に「HEY‼️」言ってくstyle🤘🏻www MIKA - Grace Kelly を YouTube で見る.

@MrDraperMaths Grâce Kelly always reminds me of Paris as it was the first song I heard the first time I went on my own at 17 🥰.

@bernygodoy El paciente Inglés . Secretos de Estado Las horas más oscuras . The Post , los oscuros secretos del Estado. Grace Kelly , su alteza real. The Manchurian candidate. Conspiración y poder . Morning Glory. Oblivion..

Whoever worked on SJA and put Grace Kelly by MIKA (a song about changing yourself for a loved one) in the background of MotB (S2E7&8) when Clyde saw his dad again I LOVE YOU 💙💙 @bbcdoctorwho.

Mika se ve más guapo ahorita que en la época de Grace Kelly #Eurovision.

Grace Kelly Photo,Grace Kelly Photo by Mauricio,Mauricio on twitter tweets Grace Kelly Photo

Poco se habla de la pedazo de actuación de Mika. He vuelto a mi infancia con la canción Grace Kelly #Eurovision.

@KodeKostiainen Nyt menee liian pitkälle. Ehkäpä hetkensä huipulla oli lyhyt, mutta ei voi olla yhden hitin ihme, kun en pysty arvaamaan mitä biisiään sillä yhdellä tarkoitat. Grace Kelly, Big Girl, Lollipop, Relax Take it easy, Love Today..

@wonhoer KEN JE GRACE KELLY NIET?? hij is de presentator nu ook MAAR HIJS ZOOO BEKEND VAN ZIJN LIEDJES.

@maryleen90 @mikasounds Great set from him there - loved hearing Grace Kelly again!.


@SvenniMar Hahahahahahah grace kelly var mitt mest spilaða lag a spotify siðustu 5 ár. Rétt á eftir levan polka.

I love you Mika I’m gonna listen to your albums all day tomorrow pls do a tour I want to scream Grace Kelly with you @mikasounds.

Nada, me voy a poner en pedo, estoy indignada Por lo menos ví a Mika contando Grace kelly.

¿Mi hermana ha empezado hablar justo cuándo Mika cantaba Grace Kelly? Si, mi hermana se ha puesto hablar 😒😒😒😒.

@hxrrysyndrome Purtroppo si, negli ultimi anni è stato quasi dimenticato in alcuni posti. Alcuni lo ricordano solo per grace kelly. Questa cosa è tremenda per un artista che crea tantissime cose come Mika.

(Coventry Telegraph):Host #Mika impresses fans with #Eurovision performance : The Grace Kelly singer shared hosting duties with Laura Pausini and Alessandro Cattela - and Twitter users were impressed with the 38-year-old ...

I’m only sorry that apparently I missed Mika singing Grace Kelly… I LOVE that song ☺️.

Just noting that Mika started Grace Kelly tonight at Eurovision with the Grace Kelly Challenge harmonies. I fell over laughing and had to explain to my friends why it was funny..

I dj this at my #80s Parties in London. Daughter of Grace Kelly, #2 in Ger 1986, big Hit in France, too! 🤠.

@srtapinkcat @bikedebigode GRACE KELLY 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Interval: Mika Medley (Love Today / Grace Kelly / Yo-Yo / Happy Ending) ... via @YouTube.

👍 on @YouTube: Jump Up Super Star! - Full Big Band/Strings cover ft. Grace Kelly (The 8-Bit Big Band).

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