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⚡️ Third military volunteer in Ukraine missing. According to ABC News, the wife of retired Marine Grady Kurpasi last heard from him in April, after he arrived in March to fight with Ukraine. On June 16, two other citizens were declared missing in Ukraine..

It’s clear Blackford should resign/be sacked for the Grady cover up. But there’s also the question of what Sturgeon knew. The idea that the SNP’s party leader wasn’t kept aware of developments is simply not credible. So what did you know and why didn’t you act, @NicolaSturgeon?.

Ian Blackford and Patrick Grady both now facing calls to stand down. What an utter disgrace.

Scottish Labour calling for Patrick Grady to resign his seat and for Ian Blackford to step aside as SNP Westminster leader:.

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The 3rd American who the State Dept has been identified as missing in action in Ukraine is a former US Marine, Grady Kurpasi, his wife confirmed to CNN. He was last heard from at the end of April. @EllieCKaufman reports first.

The first instrument I learned how to play, at age 12, was the accordion. I quickly found out that accordions are not babe magnets. So I switched to the guitar..

What if the #Pyroraptor just wanted to keep Owen Grady warm and safe from the cold? #JurassicWorldDominion.

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Delmarva Shorebirds final: Delmarva 1, Lynchburg 5 (F/7) Conor Grady: 5 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 6 K Singles by Ryan Higgins, Mishael Deson, and Trendon Craig were the only hits in game two as Delmarva drops the DH..

Here’s how lineup for game two, presented by @preston_motor! Luis Valdez - 2B Ryan Higgins -LF Mishael Deson - CF Trendon Craig - RF Frederick Bencosme - SS Wilkin Grullon - C Anthony Servideo - DH Noelberth Romero - 3B Creed Willems - 1B P - Conor Grady.

This is the equivalent of when Cleveland traded Bartolo Colon and got Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips.

@jjones9 Reps former Davidson star Kellan Grady too. When dropped that it was surprising, not a ton of publicity about it.

ML All Star Caroline Higgins, ML All Star Sally Cashin, ML All Conference Jackie Malley, ML All Conference and League MVP Analise Grady!!!! Congrats to all of you!!.

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@STVNews Angus Robertson is not thinking about the real victim but shows his ugly side by defending the sexual deviate Patrick Grady, because it is all about protecting the SNP . He puts politics over sexual assault. Indefensible.

Patrick Grady affair shows SNP needs vital reform, say MPs. Someone on high is working the strings here and dictating what happens. Grady knows where bodies are buried. Could it possibly be Sturgeon covering her arse?.

@GallIain @theSNP If both these men Blackford and Grady have not learnt at their ages what is acceptable behavour and what is creepy sexual harassment then they never will. As for Sturgeon it seems nothing was learnt from the Salmond fiasco. She ignored it then and continues to do so..

Just so we are clear, if any dubious photos of me in sexual circumstances become public, they will have come from Patrick Grady and I will robustly and rigorously contest their authenticity. #patrickgrady #notasexpest.

@Grady_Booch Growing up in rural German/Polish Wisconsin, I would say there’s no better party band than a polka band..

@ver_kat @Grady_Booch Marc Andressen, Saylor, Musk, and all the other billionaire crypto-pimps don’t give a damn about the people they have ruined. I am more concerned to stop them cheating more..

@TommySheppard Snp trying to hold the moral high ground after choosing to side with and protect Patrick grady who sexually harassed two people while bullying the victim.

@AdamBienkov @Ianblackford_MP Talking about ethics, how do you Ian Blackford justify protecting Paul Grady and his sexual misconduct?.

@AmyCallaghanSNP You cheered the call to stand by Patrick Grady and stood by while his victim has continued to be bullied? Is that correct?.

@Grady_Booch If it falls below 100, I might by my first. Just for sentimental And for the fun 😂.

@Grady_Booch You seem to think this is related to Bitcoin? Your overlords are burning humanity to the ground, you better think again on what side you want to stand. The side of the oppressed or the side of the oppressors.

Exciting day for Grady getting to play with the Calgary Mavericks in Edmonton today! So strange to see another rugby Maverick in my family…. #fullcirclemoment #dauphinmavericks.

@BetsyLarey @WilmaBenton19 My little Grady was going to be a bait dog. His canines are shaved down. Dog fighting asshats like collies because they fight and run. The ring here in Des Moines travels from basement and buildings. Cops have been one step behind them..

@RhodaMiller14 @paulhutcheon Should Patrick Grady still be an MP? Should Ian Blackford still be WM group leader?.

@STVNews @Ianblackford_MP is more culpable than Grady who committed the sexual harassment. Why you might ask? The complaint was made to him & he royally screwed up by putting them in a room together, vilified the victim & supported Grady from the crime until now. Untenable he stays!.

FM does not sack Blackford & Grady she is, condoning their behaviour & should resign HERSELF, no apology for this because she is wrong on so many levels & she needs to take decisive action & sack them both. I abhor a hypocrite @NicolaSturgeon @danwootton #ResignSturgeon.

Some Nets team pregame in arena flavor. D Scott is doing color with Grady. Nets sideline reporter plus hype team right here. Good seats @Pacers, nice job Josh..

Coach Tweit Returns To Lead Baseball Program - Skagit Valley College Athletics.

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