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Graeme Le Saux feels sorry for Gareth Southgate because his players aren’t playing regularly for their club sides. Well, select the players that are playing & playing well for their club sides then. You reap what you sow..

Graeme Le Saux is not a bad co-commentator. Not heard him before but quite impressed. Agree with him that Bellingham is only player trying to play forward..

Graeme Le Saux just said Harry Kane isn’t the type to go down, another fucker on the kool-aid he’s one of the biggest cheating cunts in the game #ITAENG.

Graeme Le Saux is not the man you want to be talking when the game is as dull as dishwater. We need our boredom levels to be reduced not increased. #ITAENG.

Dear TV production companies, Ex-footballers do not automatically make good commentators or pundits. Graeme Le Saux is the latest example in a long list. Thanks, Football fans x #itaeng #england.

Graeme Le Saux Photo,Graeme Le Saux Photo by Kevin Harvey,Kevin Harvey on twitter tweets Graeme Le Saux Photo

No wonder we haven’t seen or heard from Graeme Le Saux for 25 years … dull as fuk As for the other geezer 💤💤💤.

Graeme Le Saux actually said, “Harry Kane isn’t one to go to ground without being hurt” He does it every single game!!! #ENGITA.

Watching England is boring enough but having to listen to Graeme Le Saux commentator over it is criminal 😴.

Graeme Le Saux saying “take a chance” regarding England. Not a chance under Southgate. #ITAENG.

GK P. Schmeichel Man U RB Dixon Arsenal CB Rio Ferdinand Leeds CB Sol Campbell Tottenham LB Graeme Le Saux Southampton CM S. Gerrard Liverpool CM F. Lampard West Ham CM Kevin de Bruyne Manchester City AMC Wayne Rooney Everton FC Alan Shearer Blackburn FC Didier Drogba Chelsea.

I’d rather play Graeme Le Saux at LB in World Cup than have to listen to his voice commentating. Jeysus. Dull..

Graeme Le Saux is GENUINELY watching a different game to every other person. I swear. #ENG 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

Graeme Le Saux telling us he’ll go through his list of England starters during the second half like it’s something to look forward to #itaeng.

What on earth have is England fans done so wrong to end up with Graeme le saux on commentary. He’s shite.

Solid Green Day vibes from Steve Bower and Graeme Le Saux in the commentary box #NationsLeague #England.

Graeme Le Saux Photo,Graeme Le Saux Photo by Jamie Allen,Jamie Allen on twitter tweets Graeme Le Saux Photo

@oldnorthroad Gawd, I clicked through to his profile and could not deal with how much he’d changed with age… and then realised I’d got him confused with Graeme Le Saux 😆😆.

Graeme Le Saux is almost as bad on commentary as Reece James is at free kicks And this England team at playing football.

Thought Martin Tyler chatted some shite and then I listened to Graeme Le Saux for 82 minutes 🙃.

The Channel Four coverage of this England match is worse than the actual game. And, I’m sorry to say, one of the young ladies on there is talking absolute rubbish. Although to be fair, Graeme Le Saux is as bad..

Sometimes I can’t tell when Steve Bower is saying anything. His voice merges with Graeme Le Saux. Think I’m nodding off. #engita.

@lisaian3008 @Mattytargett All I remember about Graeme Le Saux is him turning his back to a challenge during Euro 2000. Soft shite.

If this England team wasn’t depressing enough, then listening to Graeme Le Saux on channel 4 will do it….

It actually hurts to listen to graeme le saux speak about Saka. Like the guy didn’t get 10 assists when he was 18 from LWB/LB. Shut up man.

@ethanhunt1961 @rebekkarnold Nope he’s not on here. In addition to Drury we have Lee Dixon, Graeme Le Saux, Stephen Warnock, Jim Beglin.

If you subscribe to the thought that women are catty, you clearly haven’t heard Peter Drury and Graeme Le Saux announce for NBC Premier League..

@Footymac I have no cats. Do I need to get some asap? My longstanding love for Graeme Le Saux can finally be expressed in written form..

Graeme Le Saux excluding Bellingham from his list of ‘starters’ for this England team, Joe Cole even going as far as to call it a ‘disgrace’ that he was England’s best player tonight… the only real disgrace is the disrespect the English media continue to show to non-PL players.

@umirf1 That’s Graeme Le Saux, unsurprisingly bad football knowledge from him, feel like our media, doesn’t want to criticise our players accordingly. Same goes for Southgate criticism, far too relaxed after this run of games..

@rebekkarnold And graeme le saux sees the positives! Jesus what a day! #SouthgateOut.

Watching the latest England lullaby and Graeme Le Saux talks more reactive damaging drivel than Kwasi Kwarteng. Melts..

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