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Here’s the best Graham Norton one-liners SO FAR #Eurovision.

Mika: “I don’t even know what you‘re drinking or how much you are drinking.” Graham Norton: “Not enough for this“ Never change. #Eurovision ..

Truly Graham Norton presenting/giving his perfectly cutting comedic commentary on Eurovision, is truly one the best nights of the year. He was born for this. May his reign over Eurovision never stop. #Eurovision.

Graham Norton Photo,Graham Norton Photo by Dr. Jennifer Cassidy 🇺🇦,Dr. Jennifer Cassidy 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Graham Norton Photo

Here are the best Graham Norton one-liners during #Eurovision this year..

🇺🇦 Ukraine’s commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest will work from a gloomy bomb shelter on Saturday night, worlds away from the contest’s glittering stage in Turin.

Graham Norton Photo,Graham Norton Photo by The Telegraph,The Telegraph on twitter tweets Graham Norton Photo

“A big, big, big, big kiss and hug from all Ukrainians. We now see our real friends, our real brothers, and it’s not the Russians. It’s Polish people, British, Americans.” ⁦@djknowles22⁩ interviews Kyiv’s #eurovision host. More on the podcast..

We are only 10 minutes in and Graham Norton’s commentary is already on 🔥 #Eurovision.

Graham Norton: “in space nobody can hear you scream at your hairdresser” “it’s gravity proof ladies and gentlemen, she should do ads!” I AM DECEASED 💀 #Eurovision.

Graham Norton Photo,Graham Norton Photo by Laura Leslie,Laura Leslie on twitter tweets Graham Norton Photo

Fair play to the pro activity of the UK racing authorities After closely monitoring Twitter last night, they have introduced a public vote element to the 2022/23 NH Trainer’s championship They’re hoping Graham Norton will be available to present at Sandown in April.

Watching back the final with graham norton commentary And wow, France were nervous wrecks.

Los comentaristas de #Eurovision están para aportar datos objetivos desde una perspectiva neutral, no para hacerse los graciosos (creyendo ser el peak del humor) ni los adivinos. Por eso no me gustaba nada Uribarri o Íñigo ni me gusta Graham Norton, por ej. No hacen ningún favor..

Goedemorgen! Dat je wakker wordt en ziet dat Graham Norton trending is en denkt dat hij is overleden maar gelukkig blijkt dat hij weer hilarisch was in zijn commentaar op #ESF22 Ik heb niets gezien vanwege drukte en desinteresse maar ik geloof dat ik niets gemist heb😄 Fijne dag!.


not rlly obscure but i always find myself watching clips from late night talk shows 😭 graham norton is the best.

Graham Norton: it is 1062 days since the UK last received a point at #Eurovision 💀💀💀.

Mika is left red faced after mixing up countries TWICE and being corrected by Graham Norton druring #Eurovision.

Did Graham Norton just say it’s 1092 days since we received a point 😂😂😂?#Eurovision.

Along with great fame, comes great fandom. Along with great fandom, comes great weirdos. - Graham Norton..

video EUROPEAN SPACE STATIONIST ja graham norton teeb väga negatiivse kommentaari naise juuste misogyny is still here🤦🏼‍♀️ kas sina suudaks astronaudiks saada, kibestunud briti vanamees?.

“All the glory with none of the expense” Graham Norton on UK coming 2nd #Eurovision2022.

Graham Norton was so not used to the UK doing well, he started individually thanking every country that gave them points hahaha..

Graham Norton in a Kevlar vest & NATO helmet will be interesting. Will he glitz them up or will he stick with the media blue? #Eurovision.

I hope my fellow bisexuals enjoyed the amazing dancing from Spain #Eurovision 😍 Not Graham Norton being a prude at the beginning 💀.

Sam Ryder has helped the UK fall in love with Eurovision again 🥲 What an amazing job Graham Norton did taking us on that journey. How he kept it together is unreal! #Eurovision.

Congratulations Ukraine and well done Sam Ryder. Great night. I need a lie down and some oxygen. Thanks Graham Norton for typically fab commentary #eurovision.


Many feared for the future of #Eurovision when Terry Wogan left but Graham Norton took up the baton and it turned out to be one of the more seamless transitions in TV history. A genuine affection for the show - but the gentle ridiculing of the more absurd elements is joyful.

@The_Red_Mare @ellie_made Graham Norton is *the* reason many people watch Eurovision..

I used to email the togmeister most days and he read my contributions out all the time. We met in Leeds along with Pauly Walters at a book signing and we had such a giggle. Will never forget. Graham Norton is the only person who could have replaced the togmeister ❤ #Eurovision.

Graham Norton stating how long its been since the UK got a vote. Not a win. Not a top-five finish. A vote..

Graham Norton dragging a literally astronaut is not at all how I expected this night to go 🙈 #EUROVISION.

‘Emotional because Ukraine have won and Emotional because…. LOOK AT US’ - Graham Norton #eurovision.

Graham Norton Photo,Graham Norton Photo by Peter J Holland 👨‍🚀,Peter J Holland 👨‍🚀 on twitter tweets Graham Norton Photo
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