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RIP Grumpy Cat. Thanks for bringing us all the memes and joy over the years..

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I cant believe it, my favorite cat and meme is gone. FOREVER😭 Grumpy Cat..

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Трамп открыл сайт для жалоб на соцсети; петиция, требующая переснять последний сезон Игры престолов, набрала миллион подписей за неделю; нас безвременно покинула неповторимая Grumpy Cat - и другие необычные новости недели:.

El mundo llora a Grumpy Cat, la gata cabreada a la que todos querían DEP Grumpy via @elespanolcom.

Grumpy Cat will not be forgotten. But what about Staten Island Chuck?.

Grumpy Cat: internet’s most famous cat dies aged seven – video obituary.

It could be argued that Grumpy Cat was one of the most well-known animal phenomena ever birthed by the internet.

In 7 years, Grumpy Cat accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime.

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RIP Grumpy Cat. Sharing my favorite Grumpy Cat meme here. Simple, direct, and widely applicable. #grumpycatRIP.

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@HamillHimself Their is debate over their next cat. Do they go grumpy cat 2 or happy cat? ;).

Never forget the time Obama impersonated Grumpy Cat to drag the GOP.

Listening to Touché Amore and just found out the grumpy cat has died. Arguably the most depressing sandwich break I’ve had.

minecraft turned 10 today and then Grumpy Cat a legend died so another could live 😔.

where were you when you found out grumpy cat died? i was violently hungover in my friend’s childhood bed.

Kabar menyedihkan bagi para netizen yang mengidolakan Grumpy Cat, kucing seleb yang dikenal dengan wajah galaknya ini mati di usia 7 tahun..

“Grumpy Cat” murió pacíficamente y nos dejó un hermoso legado de memes.

@toonces_lives @BuckInEars Sorree for your loss, Buck the Cat and Buck In Ears Remember the grumpy times.

Grumpy Cat — the internet sensation just passed away at age 7.

Internet-famous feline Grumpy Cat passes away at age 7: via @AOL.

The world is saying goodbye to one of the most popular animals of all-time: Grumpy Cat. The famous kitty who had millions of followers on social media has died at the age of 7, her family announced..

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grumpy cat is an icon who normalized resting bitch face for women everywhere and we should always be grateful to her for that.

Grumpy Cat, the grouchy-faced furball who launched a thousand memes, has died.

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RIP Grumpy Cat. Thanks for bringing us all the memes and joy over the years..

Grumpy Cat, whose permanent scowl spoke for all of us in our dark moments, died at 7. She helped millions of people smile all around the world — even when times were tough..

Had the pleasure of meeting Grumpy Cat at a charity do once. She was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny..

The internet pet sensation fondly known as Grumpy Cat has died..

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