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@BeesterGee @lewis_goodall I think a great deal can be drawn from “people voted across a variety of traditional lines because #GTTO/#JohnsonOut has become more important to the average voter than Leave/Remain or party loyalty. Even those who could not stand to vote against the Tories stayed home.”.

@RJT347287 Exactly! They seemed to see them as the enemy! If everyone wants a more equal society, and reduce the ever-widening gap between rich and poor, ALL public servants need a good deal. Fair pay and conditions. Withdrawing their labour is their only weapon. #GTTO #SupportTheStrike.

@andrealeadsom And the nation gives you its answer which is #GTTO !!!!!! Busted flush.

Can’t wait to hear the “Fck the Tories” chant at Glastonbury over the weekend 😂#GTTO #Glastonbury2022.

@andy_morbey @Wulf_Helm They don’t need to work together too much, or so it seems. People found the driver (#GTTO) to organise themselves to vote tactically..

Tactical voting really works to #GTTO Very good summery of what the by-election results mean 🧵.

Haha Boris nursing a by-election pummelling. Long may it continue. #GTTO #FollowBackFriday.

Good day tweeps! It’s #FollowBackFriday and I’m pitching in for just the second time. Everyone who wants to #GTTO, please consider following..

Operation Save Big Dog didn’t quite go as planned. #GTTO #JohnsonOut.

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Today is a day to celebrate, take confidence and use this as a springboard to build the narrative, develop the policies towards a GE win. Hoping people can work cooperatively between factions and also with other parties and work together to #GTTO. 🙏 #TacticalVoting.

@Sue_Eustace A glorious day Dowden has left the deceitful,lying,duplicitous miscreant Boris Johnson and MORE by-elections lost. Whoohooo 🥳 #GTTO #followbackfriday.

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