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3️⃣6️⃣2️⃣2️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ ENGLAND HAVE WON THE CRICKET WORLD CUP! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 New Zealand can only score 15 runs in the Super Over as Guptill is run out going for the second by Buttler! #Believe.

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@ICC injustice with NZ to give 6 runs on guptill over throw. it should 5 runs. fuck the ICC rules..

“Look lads, I’ve spoken to Boris and ’ve done my best but he says that in October at least half of you will be out of here faster than Martin Guptill’s run-out.”.

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Roy - another misfield, wrong end or poor throw & he loses the WC. Guptill - all he is thinking is, run as fast as you ever have in your life to win the WC. Archer - hoping his over is gonna win the WC. Morgan - desperately shouting which end. Root - helpless. Umpire - 👀.

The cricket in our hearts: Guptill, sprawled on the ground with 5 million people lying next to him. My @nzherald piece on the cricket was Premium online yesterday and is in the paper today..

Also if you watch @JofraArcher ‘s last ball, it was missing leg stump by a foot. #Guptill leaves it, it’s a wide and the scores are tied with one ball left. #FineMargins.

See this and think twice before abusing him. Karma works only for bad purposes. Karma is when you do something wrong and you get paid back. Guptill did nothing wrong by that direct hit. Hatsoff, you are a real champion. ❤️ 😭 #CWC19Final #Guptill.

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Sent in to open the innings, Guptill lasted seven overs, out lbw on 19 to Chris Woakes..

@ICC Poor Decision to Send Guptill Ahead of Williamson or Taylor in Super Over .... Cost World Cup.

Taking off for home. Each of us will remember the World Cup differently. How will Guptill remember it? Running Dhoni out and taking his team to the final or getting running out of the last ball?.

[THREAD] One thing I thought of yesterday. If an overthrow goes for a boundary, then its the boundary plus the run for which the batsmen have already crossed at the time of the throw. Did Guptill make the throw after the batsmen crossed for the 2nd run? Is there video? 1/x.

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NZ - Tough game . Eng - You played well, hard luck. Aussie - You played well , Deserved to win. South africa - You played well , tough luck ;) Indians - Aur karo dhoni ko run out karamjale guptill , shi hua tere sath 😡.

Guptill was run-out due to Karma of running out Dhoni who was run out due to Karma of running out Mustafizur Rahman in 2016. This is like Karma within a Karma within another Karma. Interstellar of Karmas 🔥🔥.

Guptill. Guptill. Guptill. What goes around comes ! #CWC19Final.

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Why #Karma is trending for no these people respect #Guptill for the way he is playing cricket without his toes which lost in is limit for stupidity.

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The top-2 run-getters of #CWC19 were separated by just 1 run Rohit 648 Warner 647 It is the smallest difference in the top-2 scorers of a WC edition. Prev 2015: 6 runs; Guptill 547 Sanga 541 1983: 17 runs; Gower 384 Viv 367 2011: 18 runs; Dilshan 500 Tendulkar 482 #CWC19Final.

3️⃣6️⃣2️⃣2️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ ENGLAND HAVE WON THE CRICKET WORLD CUP! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 New Zealand can only score 15 runs in the Super Over as Guptill is run out going for the second by Buttler! #Believe.

Aaj guptill ki aatma ka khoon nahi khaul raha kya buttler ko direct hit se udana nahi hai kya.

My #CWC19 XI 01. Chris Gayle 02. Martin Guptill 03. Mayank Agarwal 04. Mushfiqur Rahim (c & wk) 05. Mohammad Hafeez 06. Glenn Maxwell 07. Shoaib Malik 08. Thisara Perara 09. Rashid Khan 10. Liam Plunkett 11. Rubel Hossain RT, If You are impressed #CWC19Final.

Only thing Guptill did this world cup, Running Dhoni out with a direct hit 😢 #ENGvsNZ.

Guptill was there in the NZ squad just to carry out that one job Running out 😕 #ENGvsNZ #CWC19.

Guptill asks for his review (that will eventually burn Rossco) and ruin the final. #ENGvsNZ.

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Well, after that spectacular first-delivery swish by Guptill, Black Caps are building a good old-fashioned innings..

@urs_Rajcherry Aa Guptill gadu elagu aadi savadu eedu vadni captain ga pettadu dream 11 lo😭.

Fun fact. Guptill and Williamson both exceeded their scores in the last World Cup Final.

GUPTILL GONE! Early breakthrough for England. Just as he was looking dangerous #CWC19.

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