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How great was Rickey Henderson? Only three players born after 1890 have even HALF as many stolen bases as he does. I said three guys. I said half. Think about that..

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Thank you Josh Henderson - can’t find you on Twitter 👍🌟❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I was in the Question Time audience in Glasgow - the atmosphere was poisonous | The National.

Skull and Bones Still Struggles to Resonate With Playtesters - But It Should Release Anyway.

HBD shoutout to our GA @jace_henderson! Have a great day Jace! 🥳🎉.

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That Hibs win is a win for Harry (McKirdy) and the Henderson’s. It is a win for a having a wee nap when you score a goal. A win for pink Mohawks, for cabbages. A win for spilling onto the pitch for a laugh, for balls being round. A win for me & for you. A win for the good guys..


who remembers when fsg didn’t want to pay henderson 200k a week because he was getting old and a certain section were in uproar calling them stingy.


По данным Тома Хендерсона, многие тестировщики Skull and Bones не в восторге от игры и жалуются на критические баги. Тем не менее, компания всё равно планирует выпустить свой пиратский экшен.

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Fabinho - out of form Virgil- injured Konate - injured Firmino - injured Salah - out of form Henderson - legs gone Gakpo - new to team Jota - injured Diaz - injured Nunez - new to team Trent - out of form Any manager would struggle in this situation Back the manager..

Henderson Nunez and Fabinho nearly made me end it all blud they were fucking atrocious.

@ThfcTylerr @FabrizioRomano Keylor navas is coming in because Henderson is injured and 3 strikers? We have awoniyi who is injured, surridge who is meh, Chris wood, and I’m not including Dennis guy is the biggest flop ever.

@AnfieldWatch Alisson- in Trent Alexander-Arnold- bench Gomez- Sell Andrew Robertson- in Joel Matip-sell Vvd-bench Konate - in Thiago - sell Henderson - sell Milner - retire coaching staff Kieta - sell Ox - sell Fabinho- sell Elliot - in Salah - sell Darwin - bench Gakpo - sell.

A strange end to the game, almost a mutual respect between the fans and players but complete agreement between everyone that Webb has no clue. Only one reason for that - Henderson. @YorkCityFC #ycfc.

“Reforming the entire immigration system needs to be done, and there are lots of challenges with it,” Henderson said. “But in this particular instance, the good news was: we could do this.”.

Reminder: Michael Harris is younger than Wander Franco Julio Rodriguez MLB #2 prospect Corbin Carroll ...and only a few months older than MLB #1 prospect Gunnar Henderson.

What….a……night……!!!!!! Kat Henderson did some AMAZING things!.

Woy fsg ajg kasih duitlah buat beli gelandang baru kesel gua ajg ajg ajg Dan lagi kenapa klop malah beli striker mulu sih bukanya beli gelandang, pertandingan malam ini jg malah masukin Lord jones sama henderson yg udah tau bapuk puk puk puk dahlah ajg #lfc #LiverpoolFC.

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Hogar de los Henderson 2021/2023 No se ve completa, pero actualmente tiene 3 pisos en lugar de 2 XD.

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@Redfellas_ Henderson is good as a squad fabinho looks like a championship midfielder.

Earlier this year, we talked with Rabbi Sanford Akselrad of Temper N’er Tamid in Henderson. While he was in Krakow helping Ukrainian refugees, he met with the leaders of Krakow, Poland’s Jewish Community Center. We spoke with them both:.


@fullpremiersv a mi  Henderson se me hace un gran portero, no sé por qué la necesidad de banquearlo🥺.

@DragoonCeleste @_Tom_Henderson_ Je parle de Tom Henderson,lui il est plutôt fiable. PhonAndroid eux non 😅.

@ScouseRepublic I must admit on Fabinho and Henderson I got that wrong. I thought bringing the fresh legs on would help us really turn the screw, but it did the opposite. Think you kid yourself into expecting the old Fab and Hendo. Tough times..

Your job is to produce results you’re not sleeping with the players. About loyalty and this and that. Be quiet and get back to winning games mate I couldn’t care less if you and Henderson spooned in 2019.

@UMFanAugdahl @aaronmike03 Definitely take Henderson. Pistons guards aren’t good enough to not pick someone like him.

Henderson gave us a wee spark, fair play a gee him it tight. Good fae LJ to change to a 352. Defence solid again. What a win.

Guardiola is all about business Aguero, Fernandinho, Cancelo could still be at City warming the bench if he was all about sentiments but the man is ruthless, while Klopp is about family extending contracts of useless players like Henderson and.

Paul Henderson recounts path to becoming leadership mentor @Liams_Hockey.


@alpiharden @Brilqh Does that mean Nix is better than Scoot Henderson bc nix is already in the league.

@APoTSBT Henderson is not even the midfielder to be worried about. Fab looks like a ghost. Maybe his power was always Bolsonaro’s fascist propaganda 😂.

@mwversager @BlackYellow this is so cruel how you get jude bellingham and we get jordan henderson, fabinho and curtis jones as impact subs😭.

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