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Heysel is trending. The planepointers are out tonight. I hope they fall off their flat earth

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Alex Mansfield ()

I’m sure nothing would make City as a club more proud than to see that Heysel is trending in the aftermath of their UEFA sanctions. That’s just what any organization looks for in its supporters, right? Who do these morons honestly think they’re avenging?

‎‏ ‎‏ ً ()

Manchester City fans using Heysel as a way to score points in argument about the ban for the Financial Fair Play case, disgusting. DISGUSTING.

Jarred ()

Liverpool fans: *banters city fans over their Champions League ban* City fans: Haha bin dipping murderers, remember Heysel? Hillsborough disaster was a huge dub🤣😂

🦊 ()

Manchester City get banned for Financial Fair Play and Heysel is now trending. They really are the worst fanbase in the league.

JB ()

And as for the all the Scousers taking the piss out of City getting banned, don’t forget you got us all banned for 5 years after what them Chelsea fans did at Heysel.

Champions of the world ()

Absolutely pathetic that a club being found to have cheated ends up with a disaster that happened 35 years ago trending. Educate yourselves on Heysel before using it to justify fucking cheating.

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Sal ()

fam how’s heysel being brought up in a issue about FFP rules, get to fuck you creeps

Anthony ()

Has @GaryLineker commented on his tweet yet. You know the one he deleted where he brought up the tragedy of Heysel again and began fanning the embers of it all again?

Terry Brown🔴⚪🔴 ()

@GaryLineker It was about City getting punished for cheating. With one tweet you have made it about Heysel with every Liverpool fan on this platform having to see vile comments from other fans including Hillisborough shouts. Well done Gary you continue to be a role model for us all.

TW ()

Man City get suspended for breaking rules and Heysel is trending hahahahahaha. I love it man, we run this sport

Millie ()

city fans are unreal. less than 24 hours after being banned and heysel is trending? worst fan base

Mutley ()

Heysel? Always good to remember the dead . Not so good to use them as a stick to offend others because your own club is under the spotlight

FRK ()

Heysel getting rolled out left right and centre because Sheikh Mansoor dropped 25 on big Wilf Bony and said it came from sponsorship by chicken cottage hahahhahahahaaaaahahhaha

Paul ()

Folk were held accountable for Heysel,they were jailed,and rightly were banned by UEFA,Thatcher led the ban on the other we know is another band wagon jumpin exercise for folk that really know fk all about stokin the fire doent help,the gimp.

Liz ()

City get banned from Europe for flouting FFP rules and they immediately drag up Heysel and Hillsborough with wankers like Gary Lineker adding fuel to the fire. I love football but parts of it are so fucking toxic 😡

Red Jurgenaut ()

Gary Lineker with the Heysel shouts. Knew Wayne wasnt the only nonce in that family.

Pretty Boy Guru ()

When the Scousers pipe up about rights and wrongs Heysel starts to trend and football unites against them. I love this app 😂😂

𝚐.𝚋𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚎𝚜 𝚡 ()

heysel is trending and all i have to say is i couldn’t imagine being so twisted and bitter as a football fan that you’ve to bring up the death of innocent people to make yourself feel better because your club got caught out, disgraceful

Marz #FPL ()

Genuinely don’t give a fuck about city’s ban,they will appeal,corruption is they get done fine,I feel for their real don’t care to laugh,then you have cunts bringing up Heysel, where those responsible got done, I just laugh in their faces. Not worth my time

Tottenham_szn ()

Why is heysel trending? Making fun of innocent people dying isn’t cool at all. If you’re getting bantered and the first thing you think of it to make fun of a tragedy then you’re a lowlife. This is aimed at all the idiot fans letting the other rival clubs down obviously.

Phil Bigelow ()

Normally I won’t respond to tweets about Heysel or Hillsborough for that matter, but this one is really is ill judged. I think Gary really ought to know what he was saying and using Heysel to point score is out of order. People lost their lives, there’s no correlation with FFP.


Pathetic seeing some of the plastic City twats giving it large with Heysel and Hillsborough shouts because of their ban. Worst fan base in the league.

Friday Nights Chippy Night ()

@Horwichbloke19 after v city hooligans. get off your high horse prick.

Stella fan, IRA stan, antifascist man ()

let’s not act like it was just liverpool fans who turned up all over Europe and terrorised cities. heysel was just the straw that broke the camels back.

Paul Corrigan ()

@truemagic68 FFP from Platini desire 2 stop hegemony of Prem clubs in the CL. From 04-05 to 12-13 only 1 year without an English club in Final and one all English final. So Platini began review in 2009 after Man U v Chelsea final. Same as Heysel ban, disproportianate way 2 stop Eng dominance

Cityzen Michael ()

Liverpool kill fans at heysel, they killed fans at hillsborough, they hack other clubs illegally, are in debt and owners convicted of money laundering, but @UEFA love them and find that acceptable what absolute 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Billy Campbell ()

Man City breaking UEFA’s rules has suddenly developed into Heysel trending nationally . No surprise there

Joe ()

Man City get banned and Heysel starts trending. Good to see City keeping up with their reputation of being a weird lot.

Riz (•_-) ()

Man City get banned from Europe because they lied and cheated. Yet, the top trend is about And people then wonder why Scousers/Liverpool fans want nothing to do with this country 🙃

Tony Evans ()

Heysel is trending. The planepointers are out tonight. I hope they fall off their flat earth

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